SCSW Youth Gathering Update

April 2, 2024

Hi! 👋

I hope this message finds you well and that you had an inspiring Holy Week and Easter Sunday. As we move into April we know that the business that preceded the Easter season may have wained but that does not mean that we are no longer busy as the summer is fast approaching.

In this email you will find information on how to order Gathering Synod "Swag" along with updates from the Gathering, final deadline reminders, and an app called "Goose Chase". As always, if you have questions or need anything as you make your final registration details and payments please reach out.

Pastor Jason Poole-Xiong

Gathering Synod Champion or (608) 387-8560

First, a plug for our next Alive Youth Night coming up on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mt. Horeb. You can find out more and RSVP your group on our website at

Synod "Swag" Orders

There is a long tradition of synods wearing matching custom t-shirts as a group at The Gathering. We are now ready to take orders for our synod t-shirts along with clear bags and clear water bottles that meet Gathering security polices for entry into the Smoothie King Center and Convention Center.

The cost for each is as follows:

  • Synod T-Shirts: $10.00 each
  • Clear Bags: $5.00 each
  • Water Bottles: FREE - Yes, free thanks to a generous gift from our Synod Women of the ELCA (WELCA) Organization

You can find all the details and place your order on our website by clicking the button below. I encourage all congregations to strongly consider the synod t-shirts so we can have 100% participation. Even if you choose not to order t-shirts or bags know that the water bottles are completely free and available to all, just place your order accordingly.

Order Here

Deadline to place orders is April 30, 2024!

Synod Day Worship

Last month I shared an email with you all inviting youth to sign-up to help during our synod -> regional day worship service on Friday. I am pleased that several of you have shared that with your congregations as I am already receiving interest.

Please continue sharing the link:

Sign-ups are open until April 30. Let me know if you or your youth have any questions.

Flying with the synod?

If you are flying with us to New Orleans the Primary Adult Leader received an email from me on February 12 that contained your flight information and final invoice. If this email was not received please let me know ASAP. Note that your list of travelers will be due April 15, 2024 and final payments due April 30, 2024.

Note that after April 15 there can be no changes made to your flight arrangements.

Final Reminders

  • In addition to your receiving information, please SHARE information with your adult leaders who are accompanying you. I am receiving emails from adults going to the Gathering who are asking questions that have been shared widely by either the Gathering itself or by me. Please keep them informed because less information can breed higher anxiety unnecessarily. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Registration is open until April 15 and then you have until April 30 to make any other changes needed. After that date everything is considered final and locked. All balances must be paid by April 30.

  • All adult leaders attending The Gathering will be required to complete two online training courses. Links will be sent to all registered adults in early-May. You will not be able to register at The Gathering unless all adults complete this training by the deadline.

Goosechase App

You are going to start hearing more from The Gathering about an app called Goosechase. Goosechase is a scavenger hunt app that The Gathering will be using both in New Orleans and during your travel to and from. There will be interactive hunts developed by The Gathering that will be fun and engaging for your youth. To learn more about how Goosechase works visit the link below: