Youth/Confirmation Retreat Update
There are NEW DETAILS about the upcoming youth and confirmation retreat! I know you’ve been waiting for them…I can finally share them…Keep reading…
After thinking about the course of the weekend and brainstorming various possibilities, the planning committee for the retreat is excited to share the theme of the weekend and the focus of the workshops that will be offered!
….,,,,,…..,,,…DRRRRUUUUMMM RRRROLLLLL…..,,,,,,…..,,,,,
[Every]Body of Christ!
And why the “[Every]”? Because EVERYBODY is welcome to be the body of Christ and, more particularly, EVERY YOUTH from grade 6 thru 12 is invited to this weekend of creativity, activities, reflection, and — YES — fun!
Christmas is coming! Consider giving the gift of the retreat to your child — or supporting one in your congregation or in another — this holiday season!  
As a reminder, the retreat will be held from March 18-20 at Camp Nawakwa, located near Gettysburg. The weekend will begin at 7:00 on Friday evening and end with a closing program at 10:00 on Sunday morning. Cost is $100 for 2 nights of lodging and 4 meals (3 on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday). The gift of Christian fellowship and nurturing is worth way more than any dollar amount. Okay, so, think about it for a minute….and then…just decide to give it!

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