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What to do when big data gets too big
It's possible to hit a point of diminishing returns with big data collection

In the 1950s, scientists proposed that the human brain can only recall a list of about seven items. Brain power hasn't changed much since then-but the amount of data that we are getting bombarded with certainly has. "We have all of the data that we need, but what is missing in companies is people with the business acumen to take what they learn from data analytics and truly create breakthrough opportunities for the business," said Don Sullivan, product line marketing manager for VMware.  + Read More
How to Break Into Data Science
The need for talent is increasing

Data scientists become masters at accessing, cleaning, organizing, structuring and presenting data that help business owners make important decisions to get ahead of competition. This soft skill set has become a must have in businesses that collect a huge amount of data and need a team to figure out what it all means. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a data scientist is over $120,000. Not too bad. While the field of data science may seem overwhelming, it's easier than you might think to break into it and gain an understanding of the discipline.  + Read More
What is Big Data?
A buzzword explained

For years, people ask all-knowing Google how big data can help businesses to succeed, what big data technologies are the best, and a wide range of other important questions. A lot has been written and said about big data already, but the term itself remains unexplained. To be fair, we do not count a widespread definition "big data is big." This concept raises another question: what are the measures for "big" - 1 terabyte, 1 petabyte, 1 exabyte or more?  + Read More
How companies are creating data scientists in-house
Companies launching programs to develop internal data science talent

Ten years ago, companies were buzzing about big data, but few organizations beyond giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Google actively recruited IT pros with deep data chops. That has changed in the past few years thanks to improved tools and training, as well as evidence that data can drive business value. Now data science skills are in high demand in nearly every industry.  + Read More
Big Data, Big Deal!
5 Ways It's Going to Be Revolutionized In 2018

Big data is a big deal. From reducing their costs and making better decisions, to creating products and services that are in demand by customers, businesses will increasingly benefit by using big-data analytics. There's a reason for the prediction that the big-data market will be worth $46.34 billion by 2018: It's constantly evolving, changing the ways that we find, understand, and use data and data analytics. Next year will be no exception.  + Read More
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