Hi Leanne,

Every single day in Summit County, lives are forever changed by acts of violence and crime. The profound ripple effect extends beyond the individual, leaving families shattered and communities in despair. 

At VAP, we understand the complexity of these experiences and the urgent need for support. Our mission is to stand beside each person affected by crisis, violence, and tragedy, providing a steady hand of compassion in their darkest hours. That’s why our team is dedicated to always being just one phone call away; ready to offer the help and guidance needed to navigate the road from hardship to healing. 

This work that we’re able to do, the lives we’re able to impact, are only possible because of you. Thank you for your continued support, which acts as a source of hope for those who are hurting. 

As you read this month’s Advocate, we hope you are reminded of the vital role you play in our mission. Your support is the foundation by which we are able to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Yours Truly,

Leanne Graham


Thank you for your generosity which allows us to provide strength, support, and a path towards healing for victims in crisis. It is because of your support that survivors are able to share stories of resilience and transformation. Read the stories here...

For the past year, we have had the privilege of supporting families with children who are seeking court protection orders through our Children Who Witness Violence (CWWV) program. CWWV has allowed our dedicated Victim Advocates to address any concerns parents may have about the effects trauma can have on children. 

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At VAP, there are a number of exciting things unfolding, and one of the most noteworthy initiatives is our Internship Program. Year after year, our team at VAP eagerly awaits the arrival of new interns to partake in this extraordinary opportunity.

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We are excited to announce that Victim Assistance Program has been featured on the Plain Dealer’s Top 100 Workplaces for the second year in a row! This incredible achievement reflects the dedication and passion of our exceptional team who work tirelessly to support ALL victims of ALL crimes, and make a difference in their lives.  Read more here...

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