EVLT's New Video (Best one yet?)
"In a world of constant change, one thing remains the same: our collective need for nature." We invite you to dive into our newest video that explores the future of the Eagle Valley Land Trust's mission, which is guided by one simple question: How can we best serve this great community? Capture the Action, the artists behind this storytelling masterpiece, have outdone themselves again...Click here to watch.
Your Opinion Matters and You're Invited to the Community Forum
Change can be shaped, cultivated, and planned. As the Eagle Valley Land Trust approaches its 40th birthday, we want you to help build a vision for our community’s next 40, 80, and 100 years. EVLT’s new strategic direction will begin, proceed, and end with listening to all the people that call this area home. Please join us for a series of conversations focused on the future of our community and EVLT’s role in it.
Donations Fuel Conservation
Colorado Gives Day is Here!
Donations from advocates like you have funded the majority of EVLT’s conservation work in our community. Those dollars have created a 13x return in terms of conservation value, and every donation given has been integral in leveraging additional funding from local, state, and federal partners that comes right back here to our home.

EVLT’s conservation work hasn’t stagnated in the face of the pandemic because right now we need open spaces and nature’s benefits more than ever. To keep it up in an uncertain economy, we need your help. Will you make a donation right now to help EVLT protect more land in our community? Click here to make a donation online or schedule a donation for Colorado Gives Day to give your donation a boost!
Trust Our Land: Stimulus through conservation
As the pandemic continues to reorient how we look at our socio-economic structures, conservation work is taking center stage. For good reason, too. Rural areas don’t often have as robust of safety nets as urban areas and are therefore more susceptible to economic downturns, be it spurred by drought or pandemic. So financial stimulus from ACEP not only gives immediate help to struggling areas, but it also diversifies local economies away from exposure to such shocks. Well, heaps of federal dollars are certainly nice but where does local level conservation funding usually...Continue reading.
Shop Local & Support Conservation
As you know, local businesses are one of the most important pieces of our local identity. That's why this season, we hope you'll join us in shopping local at businesses that actively support conservation via the Land & Rivers Fund. Click here for a complete list of participating businesses.

Do you want to help us support local businesses that support conservation? Follow the Land & Rivers Fund on Instagram and Facebook (seriously, that will really help).
Did You Know...
...Sweetwater Lake was purchased?
The Conservation Fund purchased the 488-acre Sweetwater Lake property, marking a significant milestone in the permanent protection of the lake and surrounding land. The Conservation Fund’s purchase ensures the property will not be developed and allows time to obtain necessary funding required to transfer the land to the U.S. Forest Service...read more here.
...Ridgway Ranch was protected forever?
“Ridgway Ranch is the heart of the Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space,” said EVLT Executive Director Jessica Foulis. “Protecting this parcel for our community and wildlife is the realization of a conservation vision that has been in the works for decades.”...continue reading.
How to Support Eagle Valley Land Trust
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  • Send a check made payable to "Eagle Valley Land Trust" to P.O. Box 3016, Edwards, CO 81632.
  • We accept donations of land, please contact us for information.
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Planned Giving
Have you included Eagle Valley Land Trust in your will? If so, please let us know so that we may thank you during your lifetime.

Thinking of leaving a legacy of conservation? Consider adding EVLT as a beneficiary of your IRA.

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