Spider Veins: What You Need to Consider Before Paying for  Treatments  
Spider Vein Treatments: What You Should Know
Spider veins are those tiny red, blue or purple veins that are easily visible through the skin and are most often seen on the legs and face. The causes of spider veins can include: occupations that require a lot of standing, heredity, the use of birth control pills, obesity, a history of blood clots, hormonal issues surrounding puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, hormone replacement, and trauma or injury to the skin. In some cases, spider veins can cause aching or burning pain when standing for long periods of time. When considering spider vein treatment, the following are a list of facts you should consider before selecting a treatment method or injector:

-No treatment works 100%.
-Spider veins (even if they itch, swell, or cause pain) are considered a cosmetic problem by
 insurance companies.
-Experts agree that injection sclerotherapy and laser treatments are the best treatment options.
-Treatments are outpatient and occur while you are awake.
-Sometimes numbing medicine is used for laser treatments.
-Both treatment types lead to an inflammatory response so your veins look worse before they
 look better.
-The laser treatments that work best are the Nd:YAG, KPT, and Pulsed Dye
-The injection medicines that work best are polidocanol, sotradecol, and glycerin. Saline is not
 recommended due to it's tendency to cause wounds of the skin.
-Compression stockings are recommended following sclerotherapy.
-1 to 4 treatments may be needed with either method. Sessions are spaced 4-8 weeks apart.
-Laser treatments are generally more costly than injections.
-Because of the higher cost and higher level of discomfort of laser treatments and the need for
 just as many repeat sessions with the expensive laser as with injection sclerotherapy and
 because of the experience of Totality's injector, a registered nurse, we recommend injection
 sclerotherapy over laser treatment for spider veins of the legs. 
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During the month of March, Totality will be extending it's offer of sclerotherapy treatments for $40/syringe when treatments are purchased by March 31, 2017. Get those legs ready for your summer beach vacation! Call for your sclerotherapy appointment today at (405) 739-6596.

Our Injector

At Totality, our sclerotherapy injections are provided by Connie Fogarty, RN. Connie has many years of experience, not only as a nurse, but as an injector, and is known for her warm, caring personality. If you are considering sclerotherapy for your spider veins, call us for a FREE vein screening to assist you in determining the best treatment option for you.  

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