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Perfect time for pine straw and mulch installation:

  • Now that most of the leaves are down, it is the perfect time to do pine straw and mulch installation around the bases of trees and shrubbery. Not only it gives a nice, fresh, clean look to your flowers beds, but mostly it will give your plants and shrubs a protection coat against the cold temperature.

Time to think about your Spring projects:

  • Are you looking to have your dream outdoor space next Spring and Summer? New plants? New deck, new patio, firepit, pool deck...? Or does your yard needs drainage solution, irrigation?
  • The winter months are the perfect time to fire up your imagination and to research and plan your vision for your outdoor space. As always, if you need a little (or a lot) of help, we are here for you. Give us a call and we will help you create the landscape of your dreams and perhaps create a bit of neighbor envy of your own. It is now the time to schedule a consultation and plan your installation. Check our website for inspiration.
  • Prioritize the features you really want. If you have a large list, and a limited budget, you may need to choose what you should do first. Landscaping is one of those projects that can be done in stages, even over several years if necessary. Determine what your absolute must-haves are for this season, and work within your budget to get it done.
  • If you are looking to finance, we offer to connect with Acorn Finance, a marketplace of lenders. We will provide your online estimate with the financing option button.

Contact us today for an estimate 678-851-2142.


End of Fall season, we are prepping the yards for the Winter.

Irrigation winterization has been done and your system should be turned off during the cold month. Let us know if you need help with winterizing your system.

Most of the leaves should be down by the end of the month. The crews will start focusing on cleaning out the beds from leaves and debris.

Some flowering shrubs will be done flowering and it will be time to trim them.

If you think your shrubs are overgrown and need to be deep pruned, let us know and we will send you the cleanup crew.

Fescue grass is cut as needed. Warm season grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda are going into dormancy and will not be cut during the cold month.

If you do not know what type of grass you have: if it is turning brown/yellow, you have a warm season grass. If it stays green year round, you have Fescue grass.

Small Crape Myrtles will be trimmed in January/February.

Feel free to contact us if you have special maintenance requests. We are happy to forward the message to your crew.

If you have questions about maintenance, please check our Q & A page and our last month Newsletter, we detailed how we deal with leaves, but your can always contact us if you have any more questions.


See come of the projects we did in November. Click on pictures for more...


  • Insurance work. This brick mailbox column was knocked down by a delivery driver. We removed the broken one, and rebuilt the column for the client with a new concrete footer. We also fixed the light fixtures. Perfect match with other column!


  • Sod installation for this rental property. Here we prepared and installed 4 pallets of Tiftuff Bermuda.


  • Wood work as we call it. On this project we did some repairs on this older deck to update and prolong the life of this deck.
  • We replaced the old railing, decking and steps. We did horizontal railing to give a more updated feel and added some black metal post caps.
  • We also added a concrete landing.


  • Small wall we made for a client. Wall made of Weston stone by Belgard color Avondale bottom, with graphite for the cap.

HOA drainage problems

  • This is a project was for one of our HOA Community’s we maintain. They were having drainage/water issues in this corner. We needed to correct the grade to get the water to drain away from the home instead of towards the home. So to fix this, we removed all the plants and the small existing wall. We added a wall and roof over a low dryer vent and back filled with crush run and egg rock. This raised the grade to drain the water towards the drains and away from the home. Then we cleaned out all of the drainage box’s. Water problems fixed.


  • This project, we expanded the beds to compensate for the shade, adding metal edging, egg rock, fieldstone stepping stones and mulch. Give it a modern, clean look.


  • Deck work. This project, we upgraded the decking to Fiberon composite decking, we also upgraded the railing and balusters.


  • We worked on JB Williams home plate batters boxes, installing some new plate mats. We fixed the hole over on field 6 at 2nd base. We also installed 21 plate mats over at field 5 as well. We are happy to support and help our community.
  • On the picture below, meet Luke, he is Missy's son. He finished his BSA Eagle Project and we were happy to help him with his project.


  • Pine straw and mulch installations,
  • Bermuda and Fescue SOD installation
  • Irrigation Winterization,
  • Irrigation repairs,
  • yard cleanups
  • And more...
  • See all the pictures of all our work on our Facebook page: HERE.


  • It’s that time of year. We are getting into the mood at Neighborhood Lawn Care. Come down and see us, we are ready for the Holiday season!
  • We have a fresh load of beautiful long needle pine straw.


Did you know that we sell long needle pine straw to the public.

$5/ bail long needle.

We also offer delivery* within 15 minutes of our location. Check our website below for rates or call us at 678-851-2142 for availabilities.

*Delivery and tax fees apply.

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You are dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space and would like to finance it?

Did you know that we offer homeowner home improvement Financing with ACORN Finance for landscaping projects.

Contact us for details.

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