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July 2020
What you don't feel can hurt you
Anyone who's seen the movie Titanic knows what can happen when we blindly forge ahead, unaware of dangers lurking beneath the surface. Hundreds of innocent lives were lost, because the priority was getting ahead quickly, instead of being fully aware of the environment. Warnings were missed and disaster struck. 
How often this happens with our bodies as well. We've been taught to just focus on symptoms to determine whether we're "sick" or "healthy." Yet, by the time symptoms show up the ship's already sinking. If you wait for a cavity to have a symptom, your tooth is already pretty rotten. In a large percentage of cases the first symptom of a heart condition is a fatal heart attack. By the time cancer becomes symptomatic it's been developing for years and has caused major damage to the body in some cases. The list of diseases and illnesses which only become symptomatic in their later or end stages is long. Do we really want to wait that long?
Subluxations are usually silent as well. Spinal misalignment and nerve interference are rarely painful. By the time symptoms actually show up (if they do at all), damage to the spine and its structures have often occurred. Also, the body has been operating with less than normal nerve supply. This means that it's been slowly dying from the inside, with little to no symptoms.
Why wait for symptoms to occur? Taking an active approach to good health means doing what it takes to keep your body at its best. A healthy diet, regular exercise, plenty of rest, a positive mental attitude, etc., all help steer us clear of the icebergs of ill health. Regular adjustments also keep us on the right course by helping to allow your body to be its best--to work at its maximum potential.
Thank you Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, DC for this article 
25 Powerful Dale Carnegie quotes
That's a fact!
The science is clear that the spine is NOT just a hard protective covering around the soft delicate nerve structures with movable segments and discs in between that allow us to move.

The spine constantly send critical input into the brain every milli-second that we are alive. This occurs so that the brain and nervous system can properly assess and adapt to its environment four ultimate survival of the organism.

This means any alteration or abnormailites to the spine will wreak havoc to the brain, its ability to comprehend and respond to its internal and external environment, and thus....the healthy expression of the individual THAT'S A FACT!

Excerpted from an article by Dan Sullivan, DC
Today's quote

Givers advance the world. Takers advance themselves and hold the world back.

Simon Sinek