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Upcoming Conferences

ESACT Frontiers Retreat

  • Date: October 18-21, 2023
  • Location: Bedford Hotel- Brussels, Belgium

We continue our successful series of ESACT Frontiers Retreats and invite you to the

4th edition taking place in Brussels, Belgium, in October 2023. The retreat is dedicated

to early career scientists working on the advancement of cell technologies and

related fields across biologics, viral vectors and cell-based therapies.

• Excellent scientific program, with sessions focused on early career speakers

• Dynamic workshops on transferrable skills and personal development

• Inviting atmosphere for networking and interactions

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Training and Workforce Development

Industrial Bioprocessing Training 2023

  • Date: July 31 - August 4, 2023
  • Location: UMass Lowell North Campus, Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Instructors: Industry professionals from BMS, Pfizer, MilliporeSigma, UMass Biologics and UMass experts.

Course Description:

This course teaches key principles and concepts of industrial bioprocessing of protein, cell and gene therapies. The course covers recent technologies and practices of upstream, downstream, and analytical tools in the bioprocessing industry. In addition, FDA initiatives of PAT (Process Analytical Technology), Quality by Design, and Emerging Technology will be covered.

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Metabolic and Bioprocess Modelling for Animal Cells Course 2023

  • Date: October 15-19, 2023
  • Location: Llafrank, Spain

Coordinators: Dong-Yup Lee, Sungkyunkwan University (Republic of Korea), Cleo Kontoravdi, Imperial College (UK), Emma Petiot, Université de Lyon (France)

Course Description:

This is an introductory course intended to cover the main modelling approaches relevant to animal cell systems. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Kinetic and stoichiometric modelling
  • Flux balance analysis
  • Chemometrics and their use to support integration of Process Analytical Technologies
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics of cell bioreactors
  • Machine learning approaches for analyzing multiomics datasets

The course will consist of lectures on the topics and computer-based hands-on workshops with case studies.

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Recent Publications

From CellCAN (Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Network):

1.    Gupta S., Shah B., Fung C.S., Chan P.K., Wakefield D.L., Kuhns S, Goudar C.T., Piret J.M., “Engineering Protein Glycosylation in CHO Cells to be Highly Similar to Murine Host Cells”, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology - Bioprocess Engineering, 11:1113994, 2023.

2.    Rangan S., Wong R., Schulze H.G., Vardaki M.Z., Blades M.W., Turner R.F.B., Piret J.M., “Saline Dry Fixation for Improved Cell Composition Analysis Using Raman Spectroscopy”, Analyst, 148:2745-2757, 2023.

3.    Schulze H.G., Rangan S., Vardaki M.Z., Blades M.W., Turner R.F.B., Piret J.M., "Rapid Vector-Based Peak Fitting and Resolution Enhancement for Correlation Analyses of Raman Hyperspectra", Applied Spectroscopy, doi:10.1177/00037028231176805, 2023.

4.    Braam M.J.S., Zhao J., Liang S., Ida S., Kloostra N.K., Iworima D.G., Tang M., Baker R.K., Quiskamp N., Piret J.M., Kieffer T.J., “Protocol development to further differentiate and transition stem cell-derived pancreatic progenitors from a monolayer into endocrine cells in suspension”, Scientific Reports, 13:8877, 2023.

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