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June/July 2023 Issue

June/July Contour theme: 

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

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Sustainable dentistry in action

Harvard dental school’s Green Team intends to impact the environment by developing and implementing a variety of sustainable practices throughout the campus.

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Caring for the oral health of exotic animals

Dr. Charles Dyer, president of Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation, discusses his experience providing dental care for exotic animals and animals in captivity.

Tearing down the barrier of disparity

Dentists must work to eliminate implicit bias, teach cultural competency, and increase community engagement and activism to decrease disparities in oral health care outcomes.

What happens to dental equipment when its no longer needed?

Although equipment is arguably one of the most important parts of a dental practice, there is little discussion around what happens to it when it needs to be replaced or disposed of properly.

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The effects of climate change on community health

CAD/CAM and the use of digital workflows in dentistry

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