Anything harder to get than tires?

Try getting in to see a vet. Poor Jasper wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the cat doc. Imagine my sister-in-laws surprise when she found out that vets and vet techs can be added to the lists of things you can’t get anymore. It seems that during the Wuhan flu days so many people rushed out to buy pets that the vet clinics can’t even dream of keeping up with the demand for their services. Jasper had to wait at home sick for days and then when called in he faced many more hours of waiting to be seen. He’s on the mend now. And we still have tires... well mostly.

Is this another cause of inflation?

Is Cooper giving away TOO DARN MUCH MONEY and in the process super-heating the global economy? When you hear the word inflation do you think PSI before high prices? Enough questions already! On to the:
Indispensable Propoganda

Cooper’s late summer consumer rebate deal runs from August 18th to September 5th. $70 on the AT3 Family, STT Pro, S/T MAXX and Rugged Trek.

Cooper counterperson rewards runs July 11 to Aug 31. AT3 family, Rugged Trek, CS5'S, Endeavor and Endeavor Plus.

Falken Fanatic sales spiff continues until August 31on A/T3W for $5 per tire and $10 on A/T Trail. The rewards go on a reloadable Visa card and for more information click HERE or if you want to get on the Fanatic program please call or email me.
Are these adjustable?

Ah my old Boss Mustang. Of all the cars this is the one I wish I still had. I purchased the BFGs on this car back in 1983 and it’s nice to see they are still holding up so nicely. 235/60R15 Radials T/As (I remember every tire purchase, Rain Man for tires). Got them at Delaware Tire in Dover. Called them up one morning and checked to see if they had four in stock. All done without the aid of the internet of course. Man, were they an upgrade over the bias ply Goodyear Polyglas G-6015s! They were one size bigger than the O.E. F-60s of course and rubbed the front fenders a little. I sold the car later that year for the princely sum of $4900. It just turned up for sale down in WV. They want a little more than what I sold it for. $74,100 more to be exact. The tires only accrued about 10,000 miles in all this time. Are they cracking? Slippery when wet? Can Delaware Tire get them ‘adjusted?’ What would Consumer Reports say?
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