December 2022
Lucy and I wish you a Happy Holiday and look forward to 2023 planning new ways for us to stay connected and committed to a strong and vibrant LGBTQ women’s community in spite of all the situations that would hold us back.
Since we have spent a lot of time this year thinking about and talking about all the things that ail us and keep us in a state of distress, I thought it would be a good idea to end the year on a high note. Here’s some events to close the year that will hopefully bring in 2023 with a little joy and happiness.

Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 13, 3-5pm.
In the bar at Eight4Nine.
For members only and a friend.  Music, appetizers, and some holiday cheer. We had planned a New Years Eve party outside, but the  expected cold weather caused us to cancel that idea.

Please RSVP for Holiday Party below~

Karen Williams

Monday, December 19, 11am. Lunch at Eight4Nine
This event has a $15 charge and the cost of lunch which is what you choose to spend. The always interesting and entertaining Karen Williams will do a session on humor and the healing arts offered by her popular HaHA Institute. She will talk about how humor plays an important part in giving you a sense of  well-being and the capacity for compassion and wisdom.         
Olivia Cruise 50th Aniversary Caribbean Cruise
This cruise is being auctioned off by the PS Women’s Jazz Festival with a starting bid of $5000 for two which is about 40% off the $9100 price. Women Circle members who bid on this cruise will be given an opportunity  to pay for the cruise is 3 equal installments  between now and the cruise date in February. If you bid let us know if you want this payment plan.

Your Women's Circle Breakfast
January 2023
Join us for our monthly breakfast meetings 
Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 10:30am~
Eight4Nine Restaurant
in Palm Springs.
Seating is limited.
Members Only.

You must rsvp to Lucy and

~Must bring proof of vaccination. 

 Your Women's Circle
An organization for women looking to connect and benefit from an exchange of information and ideas with LGBTQ women who aspire to improve their professional, business and personal interaction.

Join the Women’s Circle. $25 for the year. We meet once a month and renew our faith in women to save the world.   

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