August 23, 2023

Dear Village Resident,

With the start of school and August being Back-to-School Safety Month, the Spring Grove Police Department offers these tips for staying safe around schools and beyond.


  • Slow down and be especially alert in neighborhoods and school zones.
  • Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs.
  • Enter and exit driveways and roads slowly and carefully.
  • Watch for children on and near the road in the morning and after school hours.
  • Reduce any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings.
  • Put down your phone and don’t talk or text while driving.
  • Obey school zone speed limits and follow your school's drop-off procedure.

Staying Safe During a Heat Wave

The National Weather Service's Hazardous Weather Outlook indicates that heat risks will be on the rise in the coming days. Dangerous heat is expected across the area this week. Stay informed and take necessary precautions during these heat emergencies.

Some critical steps to follow:

Stay Hydrated

Limit Outdoor Activities

Check on Vulnerable Individuals

Know the Signs of Heat-Related Illness

Ensure your pets have access to shade, fresh water and a cool place to rest

Never leave pets in parked vehicles

Stay Cool! For a list of cooling centers in McHenry County, click here, the Village of Spring Grove Municipal Centre and Spring Grove Fire Department are cooling centers in this area

For the McHenry County Heat Advisory Press Release, click here.

Spring Grove Fire Explorers

The Spring Grove Fire Explorer Post 1800 is accepting applications for new members for young men and women ages 15-21. Applications are available here or for more information contact the Spring Grove Fire Department at (815) 675-2450.

Fire Department Steak Fry

The Spring Grove Fire Department's Annual Steak Fry fundraiser was held last Saturday evening at Horse Fair Park. The Richmond/Spring Grove Rotary was in attendance and donated $3,205.00 to the Fire Department's fundraising efforts for safety equipment.

Photo of the Week

Beautiful butterfly photos sent in by our residents. If you have a photo of Spring Grove you would like to share email it here.

Monarch Butterfly sent in by Ginny Larson

Butterfly in my garden sent in by Sue Biegon

Village Stickers

Vehicle sticker applications will be mailed out at the end of August. You can make any corrections or updates directly on the form and mail back, drop off, or come in to purchase. If you don't receive your application, please call the Police Department at 815-675-2596. New vehicle stickers must be purchased by October 1! This year's photo features the Oxtoby House which is the location of our new Main Street Park.

Crossing Guard Needed

NOW HIRING... Dedicated Citizens needed!

Crossing Guards for Spring Grove Grade School

· Serve the community and keep the children of Spring Grove Grade School safe!

· Work a BRIEF shift in the morning and in the afternoon.

· Training provided.

For more information see the flyer here or contact the Spring Grove Police Department at 815-675-2596.

Recreation Department Horseback Riding

Sign up here for horseback riding lessons, new programs are on the way!



The Village of Spring Grove Public Works Department has a full-time position available.

View more information here.


The Village of Spring Grove Public Works Department has a crossing guard position available.

View more information here.


The Village of Spring Grove has a part-time administrative position available.

View more information here.

Blast from the Past - 1816 Main Street

1816 Main Street was next to

Paul Weber's Garage

Tillie Kattner May and children

on the front porch in 1941

William Kattner standing on East Street

Emma Kattner with grandson Arnold in 1923

1816 Main Street in 2006

1816 Main Street today

William and Emma Oeffling Kattner lived at 1816 Main Street from about 1923 – 1946, after they retired from farming. (William’s father was August Kattner. He died in a tragic farming accident in 1878. August was living on the Overton farm on South Solon Road and one day was helping a neighbor butcher hogs. While standing on a sled pulling the hog in and out of a scalding barrel, he slipped, lost his hold, fell over backwards and struck his head, killing him almost instantly. One report said his neck was broken, while another said, “his head was all mashed in”. He was only 48 and left behind a wife and eight kids, including William who was 16.) 

William and Emma had six children who were all grown by 1923. Daughter Matilda "Tillie", her husband, Frank May, and their children lived around the corner on East Street. In 1932 Emma had “an illness” which left her “an invalid” and caused her death 14 years later in 1946 at age 83. William's son, Arthur, and his family moved in with William after her death and he died three years later. They are buried in St. Peter Cemetery.

The house was located next to Paul Weber’s Garage, and you can see his tow truck in one of the pictures, which is a screenshot of a home movie Paul made in 1941. The house was probably built around 1902 and originally had an open front porch with railings and pretty fretwork along the top of the porch roof. The porch was closed-in at some point, but still had windows until the house was rehabbed around 2010. The double hung windows and small attic vent at the front peak were replaced at that time also.

Other families that lived here were the Engles family in the 1940s, the Shaefer family in the 1950s and Pat & Jean Kagan in the 1960s – 70s.     

Story by Laura Frumet

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