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"The Temple Beautiful"
We invite you to join Rev. Thomas DeSchutter, to enter the Temple Beautiful; to cross the threshold and bask in the glory of Faith and Love.
This divine space of Faith and Love, two of our 12 Powers, is a shared connectedness that envelops each of us when we allow our life to flow.
Our talk will include a metaphysical discussion of Acts 3:1-10 Peter Heals a Lame Beggar.

Meeting ID: 861 5374 8964

Passcode: 585500

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This Week's Spirit Cafe' Guest Martha Creek

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It's Happening!

An In-Person Book Study Group

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Hosted by Unity Kitchener Member, Tracy Ann Neitzel

In Kitchener

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Get ready to meet up again!

"Breaking the Ten Commandments"

Join Debbie Leland, LUT Candidate, in the exploration of this intriguing topic, through a metaphysical lens.

Meeting ID: 825 1851 0697

Passcode: 853929

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To everyone who currently receives hard copies of the Daily Word in Kitchener and Waterloo Region, this year has cost Unity Kitchener 12.57 per copy. kindly e-transfer what you can, or make payment to Jean, when you see her next.

Thank you Jean Herzog for making it possible!!!

Please note the special for Canada is different:

1 year: $23.95

2 years: $42.95

 (GST included)

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Unity Kitchener will be accepting nominations for your Congregants' Choice for 2024

  • Nominate a local charitable/non-profit organization for 2024, by completing the form by February 25th.


  • A survey will be sent out at the beginning of March for you to vote for your top three choices. The top 3 congregational choices: will receive a portion of our tithes for each month of the 1st quarter. The remaining nominees will share in the following quarter tithes.


  •  Winners’ announcement will be made on Sunday, March 10th during service (We may invite them to a Sunday Service to talk about their work for a few minutes)

Note: Organizations cannot be nominated two consecutive years. However, past recipients can be renominated as long as they were not a recipient in 2023.

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