What Went Right in 2023?

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Rev Barbara Jean (Schreiner-Trudel)

invites you to join her on

SUNDAY, DEC 31 from 7 am-8 am ET

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SUNDAY, DEC 31 at 10:30 am ET

The Burning Bowl ceremony offers a sacred and powerful way to release what no longer serves you & make space for new beginnings as a new year begins.

Have with you pen and paper (or toilet paper) to write on!!

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SpiritGroups Winter Season

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Rev Barbara Jean (Schreiner-Trudel) invites you:

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We extend heartfelt gratitude during this season of giving. We appreciate the kindness, shared moments, and generous spirit that unites us as a community. May our collective gratitude shine brightly, fostering connections and spreading love throughout our shared space. Together, we create a tapestry of warmth and goodwill that enriches spirit.


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