Hello! Happy holiday weekend! I imagine many of you are gearing up for some of your biggest sales days. PA Veggies is always rooting for you and just a quick call or email away if you need special marketing and promotions support. In the meantime, let's remember to keep folks excited about the upcoming PA Produce Month.

Best wishes for a bountiful weekend! Until next time!
Here are some new square graphics to use on your digital platforms or in your print materials to kick things off. You can download them directly from this email. They are also available via the Farmers Toolkit at paveggies.org .
Here are two NEW educational graphics in the 8.5x11 format . These can be used digitally, as we demonstrated in our webinar earlier this month ( watch the tutorial & get up to speed here ) but they are also ideal for printing in-house or sending to your local printer. See the two new additions below, then explore the full inventory and download PDF files here .
In need of messaging inspiration or just some content to re-share? Try these posts from paveggies.org .

Here's a fun video created for last year's PA Produce Month. Feel free to share it and let your audience know PA Produce Month is "on deck".

Please consider forwarding this to a PA farmer friend as well.