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To Be of Use  by Marge Piercy is 
one of my favourite poems.  
I'm grateful to my many clients
and community partners for
their example of 'being of use',
and 'doing what needs to be done'.    

" The purpose of life is not to be happy.
It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference
that you have lived and lived well."    

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Vital Time for Toronto Foundation
The Toronto Foundation has checked the pulse of our city and will once again report on Toronto's well-being at the Vital Signs 2016 Report launch hosted by the Canadian Club on October 6. 

The annual Vital Signs report offers insights to charities, philanthropists and other city builders on the state of our city and where philanthropy and civic engagement can make the greatest impact.

Recently appointed CEO Sharon Avery says, "Toronto Foundation has a powerful track record as a thought leader in city building as well as a catalyst for philanthropy. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about the Foundation's unique approach and work with the team to build on its success."  Join Toronto Foundation on October 6.

Richard Peddie's A-Game
Perhaps best known as the former business-brain behind the billion dollar Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment transformation, and author of two books on leadership, Dr. Richard Peddie is also a committed philanthropist and community builder. 

He credits his philanthropic journey to his involvement with the Toronto Foundation where he and his wife established the Richard and Colleen Peddie Foundation and he serves as Vice Chair of the board.  He is also engaged with the Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor.

His advice to aspiring philanthropists? "Jump in and get involved.  You will only make a positive difference, but there will be a personal return on your investment of time, energy and funds.  If you aspire to be a great leader philanthropy needs to be part of your leadership journey."


Richard, thanks for inspiring the leadership of others through your own leadership.   

You're the new Chair of the board...now what?

The role of board Chair is an exciting leadership opportunity as well as a tremendous responsibility.  Working in partnership with all board members, the board Chair carries some unique responsibilities to be embraced and fulfilled diligently.  

1.  Set the tone
Prioritize and model your organization's mission and values; exemplify and promote respect, consensus and transparency.  Emphasize the important role of p
hilanthropy in the organization, and be the first to give your annual donation. 

2.  Chair board meetings
Develop an appropriate meeting agenda with the CEO.  Utilize effective procedural and meeting management skills.  Help the board maintain focus on mission, strategy, policy and oversight. 
3.  Support the CEO
Act as the liaison between the CEO and board.  Deal openly and fairly with the CEO.  Share concerns, listen, and provide feedback.  Support the CEO with clear performance goals and evaluation.   

4.  Work with the Governance Committee
Be an advocate of robust board building functions such as board recruitment and orientation, director education, and evaluation.

5.  Communicate
Keep board members informed by sharing information candidly and appropriately, using the principle of 'no surprises'...you share equally in accountability for the organization's affairs.  And remember, communication is a two-way street.

Sharilyn works with boards to help them achieve governance excellence.  She is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, and a Certified Governance Trainer with BoardSourceCheck out BoardSource's terrific FREE library of governance resources for your board.  Note Watermark clients get 10% off other BoardSource products - contact Sharilyn for more information.  
Imagine Canada aims to increase philanthropy among
HNW Canadians

The Personal Philanthropy Proje ct is a new initiative led by Imagine Canada to identify Canadian levels of charitable giving, to better understand the triggers that incent personal philanthropy, and spur a robust and intentional culture of giving, particularly among high net worth (HNW) Canadians to make philanthropy a greater priority.

From their preliminary research, Imagine Canada notes that if all Canadians gave just 1% of their incomes (and current donors already giving above 1% maintained their giving) overall giving in Canada would increase by over $10 billion annually.  They also found that HNW Canadians (those with investible assets of $500,000+ and annual incomes of $200,000+) donate an average of $2,694 per year, and view their giving as significant and impactful.  Yet, these donors also indicate they have no giving budget or plan, and recognize the benefits of a more formal or strategic approach to giving.
Project Manager Michele Benoit says, "our project data and research has shown that the 'size of the prize' is potentially billions of additional dollars for Canadians which would have an incredible impact.  Imagine Canada is looking to share information, tools and resources to incent Canadians to increase their giving and build stronger communities through philanthropy."  We'll look forward to this in 2017.

Sharilyn supports philanthropists and their families with independent and objective giving advice and planning.  Contact Watermark for details.   

Navigating Board Governance in Family Foundations 
NEW DATE - October 13, 2016
Join Sharilyn and co-presenter Bonnie Lovelace,
Executive Director of the Waugh Family Foundation

Nonprofit Driven 2016

Ontario Nonprofit Network Conference
October 19-20, Toronto ON

October 28, Toronto ON

Looking Outward: New Horizons for Canadian Philanthropy

Philanthropic Foundations Canada
November 1-3, Vancouver BC

Lead from Where you Stand
Association of Fundraising Professionals congress
November 21-23, Toronto ON
Watermark congratulates Stella's Place on their grand opening!
Stella's Place has opened it's doors to young adults age 16 - 29 years who have mental health challenges.  
Brainchild of founder (and determined mother) Donna Green, Stella's Place has changed the landscape of mental health services for young adults in Toronto and advanced thinking and practice in how such services are shaped and provided.       

Watermark is proud to have supported Stella's Place with fundraising campaign and strategic counsel services
when it was just an inspiring vision.   Congratulations Stella's Place as you serve as an innovative beacon of hope and support.

Invite Sharilyn to help you raise more money,
give with purpose, and lead effectively.

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