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Family Engagement Resources & Updates - April, 2023
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Cambria Russell
Cambria Russell
Director of MASFEC
MASFEC needs your help! Please take a few minutes to complete our family engagement survey, and then pass it along to your networks.

By participating, you'll help us understand the barriers to family engagement and uncover best practices that schools and districts can implement.

Whether you're a parent, guardian, professional, or caregiver, we want to hear from you. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, but the insights you provide will help shape policies and practices that impact students across the state.

Together, let's unlock the power of family engagement.

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Resources from MASFEC
Ramadan is a month for self-reflection and spiritual revival, when Muslims all over the world have an opportunity to reconnect with their faith, regardless of whether or not they choose to fast. Regardless of your religious background, Ramadan is an opportunity for you and your child to learn about Islam, and to articulate what values are important to you and your family. As the month of Ramadan comes to a close, check out some fantastic resources. An introduction to Ramadan is available in multiple languages:

School Options in Massachusetts
Looking for a quick overview of the many kinds of schools available in Massachusetts? Career & Technical, Charter, Virtual Schools and more are covered in this blog post from the School Finder Help Line!

I Don’t Know What To Do this Summer!
Are you struggling to find activities for your child this summer? We know it can be difficult to navigate the changing guidelines and opportunities for the summer. Here are some steps you can take to find the right fit for your family. Good luck!
We Need to Talk About Teacher Burnout
Have you ever felt mentally exhausted, dreaded going into work, and found your work troubles were negatively affecting your personal life? If you answered yes, you might be burnt out. Mikayla Metcalf offers recommendations for ways to address the dramatic increase in reported educator burnout. Read more about burnout here.
Workshops & Trainings
Positive Solutions: Train the Trainer
Do you have a passion for social emotional learning and want to promote it in your community? If so, then consider signing up for the FREE Positive Solutions For Families train the trainer series, where you will learn about resources to share with your professional and caregiver communities. Read more here!

Five sessions are offered each month from January through June of 2022. Contact Bridget Koetsch at bkoetsch@fcsn.org more details or Learn more and register here!

Space is still available in the June cohort: June 6, 7, 8, 13, 15 from 5-7pm
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You Can Be the Presenter! Submit a Workshop or Activity Proposal for the next Family Engagement Summit.
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is pleased to host the 2023 Better Together: Strengthening Family-School Partnership Summit on Thursday, October 26 at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center in Marlborough. Administrators, educators, family members, community partners and student groups will be invited to participate.

The Department is seeking workshop and activity proposals for the summit. Please submit any proposals through this link by Friday, April 28, 2023.
ICYMI: Family Engagement Practices for IEP Teams
The Federation for Children with Special Needs has partnered with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and other organizations as part of the IEP Improvement Project. Included in this work was the development of a course to support school staff in meaningfully including students and families. The course can be completed at your own pace and includes many MASFEC resources.

Family Engagement News!
Capitol building in Washington DC
The dueling parents’ rights proposals in Congress

Two bills, with differing goals, have been introduced in Congress concerning parental rights in public education. The “The Bill of Rights for Students and Parents” introduced by Representative Suzanne Bonamici, a Democrat from Oregon, focuses on the importance of inclusive public education for democracy, while the “Parents Bill of Rights Act,” introduced by Republican Representative Julia Letlow of Louisiana, is focused on public transparency around education content and resources. The debate in Congress mirrors similar debates occurring in state capitols and school boards throughout the United States. The article highlights the importance of relational trust between parents, educators, and schools in promoting the well-being and academic outcomes of students.

Check out the article from Rebecca Winthrop here.
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