The UCWDC® General Council met virtually February 22 – 25 for its semi-annual business meeting. Thirty-four of the organization’s thirty-six member events were represented in the discussions and decision-making that guide our global dance organization.

News from the Council meeting

New sanctioned event:

·        Indonesia Open in Bali; event director: Risma Yulana, May 19-20, 2023

New event directors:

·        Shaun Parr added to the German Cup

·        Gary McIntyre added to the Dallas Dance Festival

·        Crystal Thompson added to the New Mexico Dance Fiesta


·        Worlds Director 2024 and 2025: Anthony Lee

·        Ethics Committee: Bill Robinson, Sue Boyd, Karen O’Leary, Randy Jeffries, Pam Butler, Kathi St. Jean, Todd Longsworth, Ann Cunningham (alternate)


·        Associate Membership Director: Chad Graber

·        Data Manager: Jennifer Allen Egl

Director Emeritus

Congratulations to Monique Rouleau, named Director Emeritus! Monique has a long, winning history with the organization as a dancer, including World Championship titles.

Her event director history includes Arizona Dance Classic (8 years), South Bay Dance Fling (13 years), and Dallas Dance Festival (16 years).

We look forward to seeing her accomplishments in her Director Emeritus years!

Reminder! Be sure to read the updated rules!

Just a few highlights...

·        Couples Gold I/II has been split into two divisions: Gold I and Gold II

·        Line Dance Platinum is now an option in Newcomer and Novice divisions

·        Line Dance Crystal Advanced competitors must dance all six dances for an overall placement beginning July 1, 2023.


Reminder: If you danced in ProAm Newcomer or Couples IV last year, you would compete in ProAm Newcomer I or Couples Newcomer I this year.

Strategic Review:

UCWDC is undertaking a significant strategic review as we map and align our path forward. Change is constant! Recognizing that we are in a period of transformation and global growth, we engaged a third-party consultant to work with us in establishing our Essential Story. Maria Ford of Phrase Strategy is working closely with our leadership to review, evaluate, align, articulate, and operationalize the Council's vision, mission, differentiation, and values. Her work includes market research, interviews, analysis, and working sessions with Council members. Maria's professional guidance provides the process and discipline required to establish the foundational Essential Story that will guide us into the future.

European Open Championships

Get ready to dance in Belgium!

Plans are underway to make this the best European Open Championships yet! There are NO qualifiers required to compete in 2023.

Visit our website for more information!

Everything is bigger in Texas!


Spring Events

Tulip Challenge

Peach State

Calgary Dance Stampede

San Diego Dance Festival

Hiatus 2023

Italian Country Western Dance Classic

Oklahoma Dance Rush

MidAtlantic Dance Classic

Texas Classic

German Dance Cup

Indonesia Open May 19-20

Event Calender

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