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Children and youth living in The Redwood’s Emergency Shelter cycle into summer!  

 The Redwood shares anti-gender-based violence resources at Pride Toronto!

 Our Mobile Healing Centre makes a stop in Brampton!

Will you help make Summer Fun for children living at The Redwood? 

Children and youth living in The Redwood’s Emergency Shelter cycle into summer!  

Each summer for the past three years, all children and youth living in the emergency shelter have had the opportunity to join Redwood Bike Club, where they learn to safely ride a bike and follow the rules of the road. 

Every child receives a new bike in the correct size, along with a helmet, lock and bell that they can take with them when they move from the shelter.

An increased awareness of the natural world and a commitment to green living are part of the Bike Club experience as the children explore local parks.  

This summer, the children launched Bike Club with a celebration of the Summer Solstice. Participants reflected on the changing of the seasons, and the importance of this day to Indigenous peoples.   

Children also learned to make Fry Bread, a staple in many Indigenous cuisines. After mixing their own dough, the children went to a nearby park to practice their riding skills. When they returned, they enjoyed their cooked Fry Bread with maple syrup and strawberries. As one child shared:  

“This is the BEST DAY EVER! Can Bike Club be everyday? PLEASE!!!!!!”

The Redwood is grateful to the Alva Foundation for once again funding Bike Club, helping children to develop a new skill that will keep them healthy, both physically and mentally, throughout their lives – and for giving them the best day ever!

The Redwood shares anti-gender-based violence resources at Pride Toronto!

Redwood staff were loud and proud at the Pride Toronto Street Fair and Parade, contributing to the celebration and sharing our anti-gender-based violence resources with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Redwood staff and friends proudly carried our banner in the Pride Parade, providing our crisis line information to an estimated 2 million spectators! 

Our counsellors connected with over 1,500 visitors to our Street Fair booth – distributing fans with information community members can use to connect to a Redwood crisis responder around the clock via telephone, live chat, or text. 

Left to right: Redwood staff Victoria, iDetermine Crisis Line Responder and Hannah, Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator.

Our Mobile Healing Centre makes a stop in Brampton!

The Redwood Mobile Healing Centre, housed in a custom-outfitted RV, brings anti-gender-based violence counselling and basic healthcare services to survivors throughout the GTA. 

Last month, Mobile Healing Centre staff worked with Tinu Ark of Mercy, a Brampton-based organization serving women and men of African descent who experience barriers to well-being, to bring our trauma-informed counselling, risk assessment and safety planning to individuals who may be living with abuse.  

Over 50 participants met with Lourdes, The Redwood Mobile Healing Centre Wellness Counsellor/Caseworker and Bisi, the Primary Healthcare Nurse to learn how to keep themselves safer from intimate partner abuse. 

Left to right: Abi, The Redwood’s Executive Director, Tinuola, Executive Director of

Tinu Ark of Mercy with the Mobile Healing Centre’s Bisi and Lourdes.  

The Redwood is deeply appreciative of all those who have contributed to keeping the Mobile Healing Centre on the road including the Estate of Helen Allen Stacey, the Lang Family Foundation, Doug and Moira Ward, the guests of Redwood Palooza 3, donors to the Redwood Board’s peer-to-peer appeal, and The Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park-Humber. 

Please read more about The Redwood Mobile Healing Centre here.  

Will you help make Summer Fun for children living at The Redwood?

Children living in The Redwood’s emergency shelter are nearly bursting in anticipation of the fun activities this summer will bring! We have exciting plans in store – with opportunities to play, learn new skills and venture around the city. 

But we need your help to make it happen!

  • Outfit a child for Splash Pad Fun! $50 

  • Thrill a child with trip to Canada’s Wonderland! $200 

  • Throw an end of the week BBQ in Redwood Park! $300 
Donate Here

For more information please contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Marie Colucci, at 416-533-9372 ext.249 or She'll be happy to hear from you!

Thank you to all of you who have already made a gift to our Summer Fun appeal!

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