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Tips for getting the most out of the ARS website
The American Recorder Society website is a door into heart and soul of the ARS!  Come inside and explore our community of people who play and enjoy the recorder and its music.
Intr oducing Our Members  
The first thing you see on our website is a rotating slideshow of our member groups, including Chapters, Consorts, and Recorder Orchestras.  Did you know we have over 100 member groups? If you're a member of an ARS-affiliated group, we'd love to feature you!    Send your group photo to us , and we'll get it posted! And if you're an individual member with a wonderful photo, send it along as well - we may find a place for it!

Member Directory Search
Our member community is concentrated in North America, but we  have members across the globe.  When traveling, you can use our Member Directory to find and connect with other recorder players.  Log in to the website with your username and password (forgot?  Click the "Forgot Password" link or contact ARS for a forgotten username ) and look under the Our Community menu item.  The Directory search function was recently improved to make searching even easier. You can even search directly from the map.

If you're not yet an ARS member, you can use our General Directory Search to find Chapters, Teachers, and Business Members near you.

The Our Community menu item also includes a link to our Business Members and Workshop Partners , with descriptive info for each.  If you're starting to think about summer workshops, you can follow links from this page to each of our partners' websites.

"Our Community" drop-down menu
Community News
About half of our members belong to ARS affiliated Chapters, Consorts, or Recorder Orchestras.  We've invited you to share your local news and happenings with the rest of us, and you've done that!  Check out Community News under the Our Community menu item to see and read reports from all over the country.  But there's more!  Are you curious about workshops offered by other chapters?  Type "workshop" in the search bar and click Search to learn more about workshops near and far.  
Finally, use My Member Account to make sure your personal information is accurate and up to date.  You can also post calendar events from here.

Our Recorder Community is made up of each one of you reading this message, as well as your recorder-playing friends who may not yet have made the decision to join ARS.  Like all communities, ARS is stronger when we have more members, and especially when those members pitch in with support -- whether by sharing news, helping with projects, or contributing to our fund drives.  We are so grateful for all of you who have helped in these ways and more. ARS is a great community!
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