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The 1937 Anton Korn designed Hillcrest Mausoleum on Northwest Highway is a perfectly preserved structure of such immense proportion, it looks like a Fair Park building that calved and drifted northwest. Maybe that is the reason for the Highway moniker.
On Halloween weekend, Preservation Dallas will present something different in the spirit of beautiful fall weather and social distancing. Behold The Cemeteries Of Dallas tour and explore all those places that have long piqued your curiosity, in a one day showcase. For instance, the Landry & Landry Architects designed Mausoleum for Temple Emanu-El Cemetery… have you ever experienced its serenity? You should.
We all drive by the Uptown cemeteries in wonderment, peeking through the fences at 40 miles per hour. Give yourself the gift of time and see what you are missing. Each cemetery’s experience is enhanced by knowledgeable wayfinders and docents. We will keep you busy and usher you to significant sites, so you are not walking around aimlessly. This will not be boring.

Children are welcome, and encouraged on the tour. And given the number of private family tributes, they will feel at home amongst the small scale mausoleums. Have fun with it and tell the kids that the Harry Potter professors live in them.
The beautiful fall weather in Dallas is a catalyst for outdoor activity and your step counter will thank you for letting us docent you throughout the day’s exploration. There is a serious number of structures to see at each cemetery and we cannot wait to show you. With Halloween candy abound this weekend, you will thank us for the extra steps.

Oak Cliff Cemetery is a movie scene. Approaching and entering through the gates conjures an image of Tom Hanks doing the same. Our tour guests will experience the same vicariousness on our self driving tour as they approach and enter each tour stop. Cemeteries are like a box of chocolates.
Oakland Cemetery has some of the most beautiful historic tributes in Dallas. Period. Families that purchased at the cemetery were elected officials, commerce leaders and developers of the city. The massive selection of their superbly crafted mausoleums and grave markers await your oohs and ahs.

And, who can forget one of Dallas’ most coveted gravesites that has its own label on Google Maps… that of Clyde Barrow. This smaller cemetery packs a huge punch. A Dallas cemetery tour would be incomplete without a stop at this cemetery.
Tour day will begin at the Hillcrest Mausoleum with a lighthearted discussion highlighting cemetery evolution and the built environment. Do not worry, there is not a test following the discussion. Speakers will enhance your tour with the prelude and make you really smart. This entire day will be filled with beautiful structures and stories, and the great outdoors, and you do not want to miss it. And you definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to take so, so many pictures.
North Texas Giving Day Was a Success!!
Wow! North Texas Giving Day was an incredible day for nonprofits across North Texas and for Preservation Dallas! Over $66 million was raised for 3,366 nonprofits and we had such amazing support for preservation this year with $16,130 in donations to Preservation Dallas!
We greatly appreciate everyone's support during Giving Day as it helped us to surpass our goal for the day once again! That will really help us with our efforts to preserve the historic places that people love and make Dallas such a special place to live.

Thank you so much to all of those below who gave during North Texas Giving Day:

Norman Alston, Paula Peters and John Armstrong, Vanessa Baker, Elizabeth Bentley, Mil Bodron, Tom and Virginia Bonifield, Patrick and Tom Boyd – Lloyd, Colleen Brainerd, Marie and Pete Brookhart, The Brooks Family, Charles Brower, Deborah Dobson Brown, Makalah and Trevor Brown, Joe Buskuhl, Karen Casey, Brittany Causey, Michael A. Cheever, Victoria and Charles Clow, Deb and Scott Coldwell, Chris Bowers and Veronica Cuadra, David Griffin & Company Realtors, Erin Dempsey, Adrienne Dominguez, Eagle Ford Schoolhouse, Echelon Leadership LLC, Jean and Nate Eudaly, Connie Gilliam-Harris, Elizabeth and Bob Gunby, Joanna and John Hampton, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Hansen, David and Carole Harper, Jason Harper, Grant Harrell, Morgan Harrison, Michael V. Hazel, RuLan Hebeler, Philip Henderson, Henneberger Construction Inc., Pam Hernandez, Sydney Herndon, Kathy Hewitt, Katie Hitt, Kathryn E. Holliday, Megan Horan, Erika Huddleston, Carl Hunermund, Linda Jebavy, Gregory Johnston, JQAQ Atelier LLC, Steve and Heidi King, Robert J. Kucharski, Yolanda Lawson, Stephen Lucy, Jann Mackey, Lex Mathews, Judy McMillen, Becky and Craig Melde, Peggy and Dave Millheiser, Kelly Mitchell, Mark Mohanna, Brady Moore, Lisa Moreno, Juanita H. Nanez, Laura Noe, Brian Keith & Koko Nomura, Scott O'Connell, Larry Offutt, Corey Painter and Family, Daniel Huerta and Steven Park, Fred and Ashley Pena, Maribeth Messineo Peters, Joyce and Al Preisser, David Preziosi, Patricia and Al Preziosi, Marcel Quimby, David Rardon, Réunion Racing, Paul and Leigh Richter, Paul E. Ridley, Carol Roark, Mark and Darla Roden, Pamela and Jonathan Rollins, Juan Sanchez, Alicia Schroeder, Nancy Shelton, Ron Siebler, Doug and Jamie Slagel, Charles W. Smith, Danelle Baldwin Smith, Nicole Smith, Stephen Smith, Heather Stevens, Daron Tapscott, Douglas Taylor, Beth Tiggelaar, Cori and Patrick Todd, Margaret Turlington, Ambrosio Villarreal, Michelle Walker, Howard J. Weiner, Claudia Worme, Andrew Zeitman.
Preservation Dallas Library Named in
Honor of Virginia Savage McAlester
Virginia Savage McAlester was a driving force behind making the library at Preservation Dallas a reality when the organization moved into the Wilson House in the mid-90s. Since then, the library has served as a resource for staff and visitors with a large collection of books on Dallas and Texas, preservation, architectural styles, architects, interior design, neighborhoods, and more. The library also now holds Virginia’s dining room table and chairs from her house, which were graciously donated to Preservation Dallas last year by Virginia's family. The table is where the Historic Preservation League (now Preservation Dallas) was founded and where many preservation battles were planned and preservation meetings took place over the years.

Virginia's family was in attendance (pictured around the table, which also has Virginia's publications laid out) for the dedication of the room. It is now officially known as the "Virginia Savage McAlester Preservation Library" in honor of a truly amazing person who helped to grow the preservation movement in Dallas and worked to save so many historic places in Dallas that we cherish today.
Preservation Dallas Executive Director Receives Hon. AIA Dallas Designation
Preservation Dallas’ Executive Director David Preziosi was awarded an honorary membership into the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects at the 2021 AIA Dallas Awards and Honors Breakfast. This distinguished honor is given each year to those who have exhibited a long-term relationship with architects and architecture in providing a better quality of life in Dallas. He was one of three to receive the distinction this year.

In addition, Preservation Dallas friends and preservation contractors Phoenix I and Leeds Clark Restoration both received the AIA Artisan Award which recognizes Dallas artists whose talent, technique, diligence, and creative insight makes great architecture possible. Andres Construction Services, also a friend of Preservation Dallas, received the AIA Contractor Award which recognizes excellent qualities of construction work, outstanding professionalism, and the demonstration of superior working relationships between the contractor, the architect, and the community. All three groups have done award winning preservation work on numerous projects in Dallas and we congratulate them for their recognition by AIA Dallas!
Advanced Historic House Specialist Seminar is November 10
Six realtors were designated last month as Historic House Specialists after completing the virtual Historic House Specialist (HHS) seminar offered through Preservation Dallas and MetroTex. They were Ty Duncan, Susan Georgeson, Lee Lamond, Rebecca Levy, Jacob Smith, and Bart Stockton.

If you have already taken the regular HHS seminar, you will have a chance to take the Advanced version of the seminar on November 10th! The Advanced HHS is one-day and covers: materials and methods of Post-WWII housing in Dallas, the economics involved in historic preservation, appraising and evaluating historic properties, historic landscapes, and how to do advanced research of a historic building.

At this time, the class will be held virtually. Should meeting restrictions be lifted by MetroTex and the Meadows Foundation before November 2nd, the class will be held in person at the Wilson Carriage House located behind Preservation Dallas at 2922 Swiss Avenue.
Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute
An amazing tribute event was held for Virginia Savage McAlester on Saturday, October 2 in Savage Park in the Swiss Avenue Historic District. Over 100 of her friends, neighbors, colleagues and supporters were in attendance for the memorial to Virginia and the unveiling of a sculpture to commemorate her life and many contributions to the preservation of buildings, neighborhoods and the history of Dallas. Many more also joined by live feed from the event where family members, colleagues and friends lovingly spoke about Virginia, her life and amazing work.

After a year-and-a-half of planning and work, the tribute sculpture for Virginia is now in its new home in the Aldredge House garden and looks spectacular. The commissioned sculpture was created by Kat Warwick and according to Kat, it represents Virginia’s journey through life. The rectangular marble base is the strong foundation she came from, including her parents, education, friends and family. The swirling clouds with wind represent the ebb and flow of life with all of it’s twists and turns, joys and challenges and its silver lined surprises, all of which Virginia navigated so gracefully. After having navigated this life and having brought so much joy to others, at the top Virginia is represented by a powerful and graceful bird. The sculpture is Italian Carrara marble, 3200 pounds of it, that was cut from the mountain where Michelangelo harvested marble for his famous works.

The Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute fund will continue in order to perpetuate her mission to educate and provide opportunities to get involved in historic preservation for Dallas neighborhoods and historic places. You can be a part of the Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute to create programs that preserve and enhance the quality for neighborhoods, places, and landmarks in Dallas. Click the button below to find out more.
A special thank you to the following contributors
to the Tribute Fund to date
Clementine Adams & Virginia Adams
James Adams & Audrey Maxwell
Serra Akboy Ilk
Amy Aldredge
Ellen Amirkhan/Oriental Rug Cleaning Company
Jim Anderson & Sara Bloch
Ann Bagley
Caroline Giles Banks
Debra Barrios
Suzanne Bartolucci
Zaida Basora
Beth & Rick Bentley
Bernbaum/Magadini Architects
Kathryne S. Bishop
Larry E. Boerder
Tom & Virginia Bonifield
Steven Lee Bourn
Bill & Jody Bowers
Chris Bowers & Veronica Cuadra
Kelly & Scott Bradley
Marie & Pete Brookhart
Sandy Brothers & Mike Holub
John Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Bumpas
Joe Buskuhl
Dealey Campbell
Roger L. Carroll
Karen Casey
Cal & Clare Buie Chaney
Jane Chapman
Scott Chase
Steve Clicque
Gary C. Coffman
Philip & Melissa Crew
Kyle Crews
Michelle & Peter Darby
Barbara Davidson
Carrie Davis
Bess Dickson
Sally Dobbie
Jan Doherty
Sharon Dorsey
Angela Downes
CJ Early
Maureen Eason
Harryette Ehrhardt
Jane Ellison
Nicky DeFreece Emery
Jean, Nate & Daniel Eudaly
Chaitan & Courtney Fahnestock
Laura Freeland
Ross & Lois Finkelman
Friends of the Aldredge House
Wilson & Betty Fuqua
Woodrow & Susan Gandy
Monty Garretson
Ann Gaspari
Mary Geisler
Sam & Shannon Gilliland
Lester Godwin
Peggy Lubben Gould
Erin Granberry
Mike & Debbie Gray
Suzi & Jack Greenman
Mary & Clifford Grum
Elizabeth Gunby
Lynn Hamilton
Joanna & John Hampton
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Hansen
Jason & Alisha Harper
The Harvard Club of Dallas
Michael V. Hazel
Bill & Debby Heathcott
RuLan Hebeler
Martha Heimberg
Katy Ehrhardt Henderson
Philip C. Henderson
Barry Henry
LaRue Howell Henry
Dealey Hendon
Sydney S. Hicks
Barenda Hino
Katherine Homan
Kaki Hopkins
Daniel Huerta & Steven Park
Walt & Bea Humann
Carl Hunermund & Kara Murphy
Debora Hunter
Carl & Claire Janak
Alfredo & Margaret Jimenez
John E. Johnson
Greg Johnston
Dr. & Mrs. R. Ellwood Jones
Teresa Musgrove Judd
Mike Judd
Christopher & Katie Kelsey
Paula Lambert
Gary Lawler
Ann Addyman Lawrence
Veletta Forsythe Lill
Julie Lowenberg
Susie Lowry
Steve Lucy
Kay Lunceford
David G. Luther, Jr.
Jay & Virginia Macaulay
Alfred Martinez & James Prothro
Elizabeth Mast
Pauline Mayfield
Keven McAlester
Arch C. McColl, III
Nancy T. McCoy
JoAnne McCullough
Linda McFarland
Judy McMillen
Patricia & Robert Meckfessel
Mark & Sheri Miller
Peggy & Dave Millheiser
Norma Minnis & Gary Gray
Josephine Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Anna Mod
Evelyn Montgomery
Carol D. Morse
John & Anne Mullen
Kara Murphy
Randall Naegele
Mary & Weldon Nash
Michelle Nichols
Laura Noe
Mike Northrup
Beth Offutt
Glenn & Larry Offutt
Marcel Quimby
Alicia Quintans
Dan Patterson
Ann Piper
Katherine Power
David Preziosi
Melissa Prycer
Terri M. Raith
Skikha & Ganesh Raj
Ralph M. Randall
Linda Rayes
C. Angelique Reagor
Paul & Leigh Richter
Paul & Joan Ridley
Carol Roark
Lisa Ricci Rofsky
Debby & Kevin Rogers
Lorie & Keith Routh
Janice Salmon Interiors LLC
Rene R. Schmidt
Steven Schuyler
Cynthia Scofield
Scovell Family Foundation
Diane & John Scovell
Katherine D. Seale
Mrs. William Seale
Dale Sellers
Belinda Senevey & Adele Malpert
Nancy Shelton
SHM Architects
Mrs. George A. Shutt
Danelle Smith
Gary Smith
Suzanne Naomi Smith
Linda Solomon
Carolyn Speed
Tricia Stammberger
Susanne Starling
JIm Stone
Mary K. Suhm
Summerlee Foundation
Glenna Taite
Amy Talkington & Robbie Adams
CM "Carty" Talkington
Olive Talley
Halden Tally
Richard E. Thacker
Patrick Thuemmel
Shawn & Cheryl Todd
Julie Travis
Molly Van Ort
Eloise Vellucci
Katherine D. Seale
Fen & Sharman Vesecky
Lynn Vogt
Liz Wally
Joan & Alan Walne
Mike Warren
Evy Kay Washburne
John C. Weber
Chad West for Dallas
Bonnie Wheeler
Shirley Whitfield
Marsue & Bill Williams
Willis & Jan Winters
J. Mark Wolf
Mattias Wolf & Dorothy Buckley
Janel Broussard Wood
Ed & Kathy Zahra
Has your online research hit a brick wall?
Exciting news for those that would like to research in person again! Now that the public libraries are open again, patrons are able to schedule an appointment to do research in the Dallas History and Archives. Appointments will be required and you can set one up by emailing to start the process. They will send you information on how to make the appointment, preparing for your visit, what to expect with your appointment, and a form to fill out. For more information on the library openings go here.

You may also submit reserach requests online if you don't want to go into the library just yet. To do that, use the same email above and send in your research request with the information you are looking for and they will get back to you.
Streamlining Certificate of Appropriateness Process - The Office of Historic Preservation will be holding a public hearing on November 1 at the Landmark Commission meeting at 1 p.m. to review the Ad-Hoc Committee recommendations and Staff recommendations for streamlining the process. If you would like to speak at the public hearing you must sign up with the Office of Historic Preservation by October 28 no later than 5 p.m. For more information on the hearing or instructions to sign up to speak go here.

Geneva Heights Elementary School – DISD is considering the replacement of the school with a new one, which means the demolition of the 1931 school. Help is needed from the community to show support for saving the historic school and incorporating it into a new campus. Email DISD Trustee Dustin Marshall with a request for DISD to preserve the original school. Go here to find out more about this effort. DISD will also be hosting a public meeting on November 3 to discuss plans for Geneva. You can go here to find out more about the meeting and to register.

Hensley Field - There will be a public meeting on October 26 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. to discuss the Hensley Field Master Plan. For more information and to sign up go here.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
Thanks so much again to everyone who supported Preservation Dallas during North Texas Giving Day last month! We had an incredible 113 gifts this year of small and large, which helped us to surpass our goal for the day once again! We are so pleased with the wonderful support and number of givers to Preservation Dallas, especially with so many other worthy nonprofits in North Texas that participated in North Texas Giving Day. 

We are heading into the home stretch for Fall Tour at the end of the month, and are excited to debut a new tour of historic cemeteries in Dallas, which we haven’t done before on this level. Donovan and his tour committee have been working hard on putting together a great tour of some of the really amazing cemeteries we have in Dallas. And, I’m so glad to have Donovan back working with us again on events! It is nice to hand the planning off to some who knows what to do. Although, with branching out from houses to cemeteries it took us a little bit to figure out how to structure the tour. But we did it and have come up with another not-to-miss tour.
We are so pleased that we will be able to start off tour day at the Sparkman Hillcrest Mausoleum with our check-in and symposium. Like me, many of you probably have driven by Sparkman Hillcrest on Northwest Highway a thousand times with not knowing there is an amazing, and huge, 1937 mausoleum designed by Anton Korn sitting in the cemetery. Starting out the tour in the building and hearing from experts discuss Dallas cemeteries will be an amazing experience. Then we have an incredible collection of seven cemeteries across Dallas to visit. That is just a small sampling of the great cemeteries we have in the city. We have already had lots of requests to tour other cemeteries and if this tour is successful we will certainly look at doing it again featuring other great cemeteries.
I also want to thank Versar, our title sponsor for the tour. They are a great company that we have been working with for years on documenting and preserving the McCree Cemetery, which you will be able to see on the tour and with a live demonstration of marker cleaning. And thank you to all of our other wonderful sponsors of the individual cemeteries on the tour and to Sparkman Hillcrest for being a sponsor and hosting us for the start of the tour. We couldn't do the tour without them. Get your tickets now as you won’t want to miss this great tour.
And speaking of tours, let me put in a plug for two other tours this weekend if you are itching for more touring! AIA Dallas will be holding their fall home tour this year with a mix of in-person tours and virtual tours. Go here to find out more about their tour. Like Preservation Dallas, Heritage Oak Cliff decided to forgo a house tour this year and instead is doing Passport Oak Cliff. The weekend long program will feature many unique neighborhoods in Oak Cliff and highlight special features in each of them. They will also have concerts and evening parties on Saturday and Sunday. To find more about Passport Oak Cliff go here.  
I hope that everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, at night at least, and hope to see everyone on the Cemetery Tour! 
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