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New Board Members Elected at Annual Meeting
New Preservation Dallas Board members elected at the Annual Meeting include (l to r) Nick Brooks, Jason Harper, Morgan Harrison, and Chris Bowers. Not pictured is the other new board member Juanita Nanez.
The Preservation Dallas Annual Meeting was held last month at The Cliff House which is located in Oak Cliff. The building was constructed in 1936 for the Davis Street Baptist Church by the pastor Virgil Hunton and church volunteers. Good Space acquired the building in 2008 and in 2016 the church was leased by an event and wedding services firm, Boxwood Hospitality, after an extensive renovation. The revitalized building, now called The Cliff House, hosted its first wedding in 2018 and is now a regular venue for events, adding to the life and vitality of Oak Cliff. At the meeting, Thomas Bain of Boxwood Hospitality talked about the building's history and recent rehabilitation, which won it a 2019 Preservation Achievement Award from Preservation Dallas.

During the meeting five new board members were elected to serve a first term and one current board member was elected to serve a second term. New board members elected for a three-year term included: Chris Bowers, Nick Brooks, Jason Harper, Morgan Harrison, and Juanita Nanez. Dustin Gadberry was elected to serve a second term. Board members whose terms ended were recognized and included: Buddy Apple, Nicky DeFreece Emery, Alicia Quintans, Alicia Schroeder, Katy Slade, and Julie Travis. Thank you to those board members rolling off the board for their service to Preservation Dallas!

After the meeting the new board elected the officers for the 2019-2020 year. The new officers are:
Will Stovall – President
Leigh Richter - VP, Preservation Issues
Dave Millheiser - VP, Membership/Development
Vanessa Baker - VP, Education
Jamie Slagel – Treasurer
Joanna Hampton, AIA - Past President

Our gratitude goes out to Thomas Bain of Boxwood Hospitality for hosting the meeting at The Cliff House!
Summer Sizzlers is underway!
The 2019 Summer Sizzlers series started this month with two great programs. There are still four programs to go in our popular series of educational lectures and tours, offering insights into preservation topics, architecture and history!

Programs remaining include: Abandoned North Texas, The Evolution of the Lakewood Shopping Center, The DeGolyer House, and What's in Fair Park's Basement. Beat the heat and join us as we learn more about Dallas history throughout the rest of the summer!

Free parking is available at each location or on the street.

Each session will be held at 6pm at various locations. Sessions are $10 for Preservation Dallas members and $20 for the general public. Free parking is available at each location or on the street.
Letter from the new Board President
This organization is extremely fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated and hard-working staff, as well as an endowment that has allowed us to meet our financial obligations over the years. However, we as an organization are overly reliant on these vital resources.

No less important than our staff and endowment are our members. The general members of this organization are its lifeblood -- the very reason it exists in the first place. And what an incredibly talented group they are! In my opinion, the wealth of experience and passion among our general members is underutilized. It is my goal to make it easier for general members to get more involved with carrying out the work of Preservation Dallas.

A more engaged general membership means more people power to take on some of the tasks that have been left to staff over the years -- including raising funds so PD can be on a sound financial footing for the future.

Soon we will be hiring a director of development to help coordinate our fundraising efforts. That will include helping the board and general members get more involved in the fundraising process. By including our members in more aspects of our organization, we will be better equipped to advocate for preserving Dallas.

I ask you to help take preservation to the next level by getting even more involved than you are now. Take a second after you finish reading this to send an e-mail to Irene at and let her know your availability to come in and volunteer. While you’re at it, tell her which committee you’d like to join. The following four committees need more people: (1) Education, (2) Finance, (3) Membership & Development, (4) Public Affairs & Community Relations.

I’m so very honored to be the newly elected president of PD and look forward to collaborating with you to continue the important work of our organization. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for preservation.

Proposals for the Legacies Dallas History Conference are due July 31
The organizers of the 21 st Annual Legacies Dallas History Conference welcome proposals from both professional and lay historians on the theme, “Disasters: Natural and Man-made.” Topics might include natural disasters such as the severe drought of 1951-1957 or the 1980 heat wave; fires, such as a spectacular one that destroyed the Golden Pheasant Restaurant in 1954; explosions like one that rocked the Baker Hotel in 1946; pandemics such as the 1918 influenza outbreak, or a meningitis and encephalitis outbreak in 1966; the Elm Street cave-in of 1967; or the mass shooting at Ianni’s Restaurant and Club in 1984. Proposals should be accompanied with sample images if possible.

All papers must be based on original research and must not have been presented or published elsewhere. The best papers will be published in a subsequent issue of Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas . Those interested in presenting papers should submit a brief summary of their proposal by JULY 31, 2019, to “Dallas History Conference, 1515 S. Harwood St., Dallas, TX 75215,” or by email. Those selected will be notified by August 31, 2019. The 21st Annual Legacies History Conference will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020.  
Registration open for Braniff Conference!
Your Braniff International Super Jet is ready! On Saturday, September 14, 2019 the third Braniff History and Architecture Conference will take place. Sponsored by Braniff Airways Foundation and Preservation Dallas, this exciting event at the Braniff Place World Headquarters will feature Braniff International Art Fashion Design and highlight the Designers and Architects of Braniff.

Registration includes the morning history section, afternoon architectural section, the highly anticipated Braniff fashion show, and a magnificent lunch. 
Corporate Partner Highlight - Andres
Founded in 1991, ANDRES Construction Services is an employee-owned Construction Manager based in Dallas. ANDRES has created a name for themselves in the local industry over the years, and has since expanded to Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth. ANDRES prides themselves on consistently delivering quality products for repeat clients. Over the years, their client’s visions have included commercial spaces, institutions, private residences, churches, multi-family housing, residential towers, mixed-use complexes, student housing, continuing care retirement communities, and adaptive reuse projects.

ANDRES’ journey in transforming downtown Dallas began over 20 years ago. Since then, ANDRES has found a niche in bringing new life to vacant shells that once held rich history. ANDRES has completed more adaptive reuse projects in downtown Dallas than any other general contractor, and they recently took on the largest one yet; First National Bank Tower. First National Bank Tower will be undergoing a $450 million redevelopment which will include a hotel, residential units, parking, and retail space. During this transformation, ANDRES will also be revitalizing downtown’s newest neighborhood; East Quarter. The East Quarter project consists of more than a dozen buildings spanning across 20 acres, and will result in 200,000 square feet of office, restaurant, and retail space upon completion. In addition, ANDRES has recently completed projects in the Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum, two Dallas districts that can now house residents and welcome entrepreneurial small business. 

ANDRES is wholly committed to the continued success and flourishment of Dallas; their journey and mark on Dallas has only just begun. 

You can learn more about ANDRES here .
Landmark Review Process Changes to Preservation Ordinance - Last month the City Plan Commission (CPC) heard the results from a CPC Ad-Hoc Committee on potential changes to the process for initiating the Landmark designation process for individual structures and expansion of or creation of a historic district. The CPC discussed the case and decided not to follow staff recommendations to hold the case under advisement. Some small changes were introduced at the CPC hearing to add to the recommendations. CPC passed the recommendations with the changes and the case will now move to City Council with three sets of recommendations on changes from staff, the Landmark Commission and the City Plan Commission. The City Council will then decide to accept, reject or come up with new language for the changes. The case has not been scheduled yet for City Council when they return from recess in August.

McAdams Cemetery - This month the City Plan Commission recommended Landmark Designation for the McAdams Cemetery in Oak Cliff. Now the application will move to the City Council for final approval of City of Dallas Landmark status for the historic cemetery dating back to the 1880s.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
The height of summer means a new fiscal year for Preservation Dallas! This month we began the new fiscal year and with that we have several new board members and a new board President, Will Stovall. He is taking over from Joanna Hampton and is a lawyer by profession, breaking the architect streak as the last three presidents in a row were architects. Will has been on the Preservation Dallas board for several years and served as secretary and VP of Membership/Development before moving up to President. I look forward to working with him more in the next year as he serves as president and helps in guiding the board and finding solutions to the many issues we face in trying to preserve our built heritage.
As Will gets going as President I have to thank Joanna for her wonderful leadership and dedication to the position. As any former board President can attest,it is not always easy to serve in that role with so many wide ranging issues to deal with including those during Joanna’s term such as Monuments, Kalita Humphreys Theater, Tenth Street, Preservation Ordinance changes, and more! She did an excellent job of keeping the Board and organization on track through all of that. Her responsiveness and attention to detail on the issues was greatly appreciated not to mention all of our emails, texts, phone calls and meetings where we discussed the various issues, planning for events, board and committee work and more. It is a huge commitment for someone to be the President of an organization like Preservation Dallas with all that we do and the small staff that we have. Joanna certainly stepped up to the plate to help me and the organization in dealing with many difficult issues in the past year. I really enjoyed working with her and greatly appreciated her support and service. Thankfully, Joanna has another year left on the board so she can stay involved!
I am also excited to work with our new board members who were just elected last month including Chris Bowers, Nick Brooks, Jason Harper, Morgan Harrison, and Juanita Nanez. With all of their wonderful qualifications and experience between them they will make great additions to the current board. 
And, don’t forget to beat the heat and join us for our wonderful Summer Sizzlers programs going on through August! The first two have been outstanding and we have four more to go. We also working on planning some great InTown Outings for the next few months and a wonderful Fall Architectural Tour on October 26, which the Events Committee is hard at work on selecting amazing houses. There is also the Braniff History and Architecture Conference in September, whcih you won't want to miss, along with other events through the fall and spring. Stay tuned for more about the great upcoming programs and events! 

Keep cool out there in this heat!!
Summer Sizzlers #3: Abandoned North Texas
Tuesday, July 23
WIlson Carriage House

For the past decade, Shane and Jessica Steeves have traveled the roads of Texas in an effort to capture as many of the abandoned buildings before they disappear. What started out as a side hobby, quickly evolved into a passion for photography, architecture, and history. Join us as they discuss their adventures. Copies of their book, Abandoned North Texas , will be available for purchase.
Summer Sizzlers #4: The Evolution of the Lakewood Shopping Center
Tuesday, July 30
Full Ciurcle Tavern, 6341 La Vista

Have you ever been curious of the history of the beloved Lakewood shopping center that has been with us in some form since 1912? Join us for a pint as we hear Teresa Gibson discuss the history of the Lakewood shopping center followed by a short tour to see some of the sites mentioned.
Please Welcome our New Members!
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