Landmark Designation process initiated for two significant west Dallas properties. 
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February 2017 News & Updates
Congratulations to the
2017 Preservation Achievement Award winners!

Preservation Dallas has presented almost 200 Preservation Achievement Awards to date and this year we are so proud to add another 11 projects to our remarkable inventory!  Congratulations are in order for the 2017 Award winners: Cupaioli House, Gables Residential State-Thomas Townhomes, Geotronics Building, Hamilton Park Pavilion, Highland Park Town Hall, Jefferson Tower, Lee Park WPA Roque Courts, Mayflower Building, Sidell House, Typo Campus and Wheatland United Methodist Church.
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 31, for the 18th annual Preservation Achievement Awards!  The Awards will take place in the iconic Statler Hotel ballroom and with Lawrence and Ivy Sweeney Chairing the Awards, and Ken Downing as Honorary Chair, this years ceremony will prove to be magical.  W e are proud to be the first to open the doors for you as the project nears final stages of rehabilitation by Centurion American. Additional information is available here .
Two more Historic Buildings to begin the
 Landmark Designation Process
1923 N. Edgefield Avenue 
Eagle Ford School
At the Landmark Commission meeting last week two more buildings were considered for initiation of the Landmark Designation process. Public hearings were held for both at the meeting and there was a great turnout of support for each case. 

First up was the house at 1923 N. Edgefield Avenue. The circa 1885 house is located in west Dallas and has ties to James Flanders, who laid out the neighborhood where the house is located, and Henry Struck, who owned the house for a period of time and is tied to the early history of Dallas and the Sons of Hermann Lodge. Several groups, including Preservation Dallas, Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, Dallas History Guild, along with others spoke in favor of initiating the designation process. There was no opposition to the initiation. After the testimony and discussion by the Landmark Commission they unanimously voted to approve the initiation of the Designation process. 

The Eagle Ford School, constructed in 1923, was considered next. The Gothic Revival style school in west Dallas served the Eagle Ford community, Trinity Portland Cement Company's residential villages, Arcadia Park (an unincorporated community) and rural residents in that area of the county.  Several groups spoke for the initiation including Preservation Dallas, Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, and the Dallas Mexican American Historical League. In addition several former students spoke on behalf of the building and the time they spent there. Speaking in opposition to the initiation was the lawyer for the owner of the property, an engineer for the property owner, and a representative of the cell phone tower company which owns the tower directly behind the former school. After hearing testimony from both sides the Landmark Commission entered into a discussion, asked questions of the speakers, and then voted unanimously to approve the initiation of the Designation Process. 

Both properties will be forwarded to the Landmark Designation Committee who will work with the owners to prepare the Designation Report and Preservation Criteria for the sites. The city has two years to Landmark the property and during that time any changes to the exterior of the properties must go before the Landmark Commission for review and approval. These two join the others currently in the queue for designation including One Main Place, Forest Theater, Meadows Building, McAdams Cemetery, McCree Cemetery, Interurban Bridge and the Bianchi House. 

The 2017 Preservation Texas Summit is the premier statewide grassroots historic preservation gathering in Texas. This year preservationists will meet in historic downtown Waco, a city that is in the midst of a downtown renaissance with important investments being made in long-neglected historic resources and many new opportunities on the horizon.
This year's multi-day Summit will include receptions, full and half-day regional field sessions, educational presentations, workshops, the 2017 Preservation Texas Honor Awards, the 2017 Most Endangered Places announcement, and plenty of opportunities for networking and sharing of new ideas.

here for more information or to register. 
   Preservation Issues

DART D2 - After the DART Board committed to a subway line for downtown Dallas, the D2 line, DART staff has been busy working on alternatives for the line through downtown Dallas. Last month at a public meeting at DART headquarters they presented 14 different options. Click here for the presentation from that public meeting. S ince then DART staff has narrowed the options down to about 4 for further vetting. DART staff also met with Preservation Dallas last week to review those alternatives and get feedback. Another stakeholder meeting is planned for the end of the month or early March. For general information on the DART D2 line click here
    Director's Letter
    David Preziosi
When growing up one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books was The Lorax and often times I find myself in a similar position to the Lorax. Instead of trees though I'm speaking for the historic buildings of Dallas that don't have a voice and are often at incredible odds with redevelopment. Of course in the book the trees were cut down for their highly prized foliage to make garments and to the point where there were no more trees left. I see a parallel in that as our historic or even just "old" buildings are being torn down for their highly prized locations and often upside down situation where the land is more valuable than the building on it. We have certainly seen that happen way too much recently in north Dallas and the Park Cities. For me the moral of the Dr. Seuss story is that unless people care and speak up the situation will never change and we will go down the same path as in the book to an end where nothing important is left. 

At the Landmark Commission last week, I got to play the role of the Lorax once again and spoke up for two important buildings in west Dallas and the initiation of the Landmark Designation process for both. Thankfully though I was not alone at the podium and had several groups there with me to speak on behalf of the buildings and people in the Council Chamber to stand in support of them. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in emails or letters of support and for those who attended the Landmark Commission meeting. Believe me all of that support has a huge impact on the Landmark Commission and greatly helps them in making the decision to initiate the Designation process. I want to also thank our partners the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League and the Dallas Mexican American Historical League for speaking on behalf of the buildings along with all of those individuals who made passionate statements in support of landmarking. The more organizations and people speaking up for the historic resources of Dallas the better!

With the already landmarked buildings and districts in Dallas, and those in the process, we won't completely end up like the fate of the trees in The Lorax; however, there are still many wonderful historic places in jeopardy that we need to speak up for lest they be lost forever to the new.
After writing this I'm amazed to think at how much that story parallels with historic preservation and holds so much relevance today. It has certainly impacted my work and drive for over twenty years in the fight to save historic places. The story must have rooted itself deep in my subconscious at an early age and I am glad it did so that I can bring out the Lorax each time I need to speak for a historic place that has no voice.  
Young Professionals Happy Hour
Wednesday | February 22 | 5:30-7:30pm | 500 South Ervay

Join the Young Professionals (PDYP) for a tour of the newly renovated Butler Building! Alterra will present a history of the building, as well as give a tour of the restoration and redevelopment of the property. Complimentary valet and light snacks and beverages will be provided by Alterra and  Cafe Izmir.  The tour is free for PDYP members and new members can "pay your age" at the event. Register here.
InTown Outing - St. Joseph's Church
Thursday | February 23 | 6 p.m. | 2712 Swiss Avenue

Built in 1911 as St. Joseph's German Catholic Church and most recently the home of Ronnie Claire Edwards, the 
building down the street from Preservation Dallas is about to take on a new life. Come tour with us and hear about the next iteration. You do not want to miss it! InTown Outings are free for current members, $20 for the general public. Register here.
Historic House Specialist seminar
Thursday and Friday | March 2-3 | begins at 8:30 am | Wilson Carriage House

Become an authority of historic Dallas neighborhoods! This popular two-day seminar includes lectures from local experts on architectural history and styles of Dallas, the preservation ordinance, property tax incentives, how to research the history of a building, and more! It also includes a bus tour of historic neighborhoods in Dallas. Participants receive a signed copy of Virginia McAlester's Field Guide to American Houses and a complimentary one year membership to Preservation Dallas. Don't delay! Enrollment is limited to 25 people. The past sessions have sold out with a wait list.
The workshop is $230 and includes lunch on both days. Realtors will receive 8 hours MCE credit. Register online with MetroTex Association of REALTORS or at 214-540-2751.

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