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And The Winners Are...
Nominations were received and deliberated by the jury for the 2019 Preservation Achievement Awards and we are proud to announce this year’s award recipients. These noteworthy projects are outstanding examples of how historic buildings can be reused and adapted to fit modern needs. 

Congratulations to this year’s winning projects: Ullman House on Moreland Avenue, Greer House on Canterbury Court, The Shack on Abrams Road, 414 North Windomere Avenue, Hamilton House on Avalon Avenue, Elliott House on Potomac Avenue, Tyler Street Baptist Church (Cliff House), Kessler Steps, Lakewood Theater, Mid Elm Lofts and Stone Tables Pavilion at White Rock Lake.

In addition to award winning projects, we will be specially recognizing contributions to preservation. Nancy McCoy will receive the Dorothy Savage Award, Casci Plaster Studio will receive the Craftsmanship Award, Communities Foundation of Texas will receive the Stewardship Award for Caruth Homeplace, Braniff Airways Foundation will receive the Spirit of Preservation Award, Paula Bosse will receive the Education Award for Flashback Dallas and the Opal Lawrence Farmstead project will receive the Gail Thoma Patterson Award. And, as announced earlier, Merriman Anderson Architects will be our 2019 Awards Honoree.

The Awards ceremony begins at 6 p.m. in the stunning Carlisle Room at the historic Lone Star Gas building downtown on Wednesday, May 15.
Slave Dwelling Project Coming to
North Texas February 28th
Dallas Heritage Village and the City of Irving, Department of Arts and Culture will be hosting the Slave Dwelling Project from February 28 to March 2, marking the first time for the Project to come to North Texas. The event will bring forward the stories of the enslaved African Americans at Millermore, now located at Dallas Heritage Village, and the story of life after Emancipation in Bear Creek in Irving. There will be two public events in conjunction with this visit: a public lecture on February 28 at the Irving Arts Center and a full day of programming at both Dallas Heritage Village and the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center in Irving on March 2.

Based in South Carolina, The Slave Dwelling Project’s mission is to identify and assist property owners, government agencies and organizations to preserve extant slave dwellings. This is done primarily through public programming, including sleeping overnight in these buildings. 

The Slave Dwelling Project is part of ongoing work to reinterpret Millermore and include all of the people that lived and worked there, throughout the house’s history. The partnership on this project also enables both organizations to tell a broader history of life in North Texas for African Americans. In addition, they are partnering with the Dallas Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation project to help keep the conversation going in the community.
Historic House Specialist Seminar
 is Next Month
Become an authority of historic Dallas neighborhoods! This popular two-day seminar returns March 6 and 7. It includes lectures from local experts on architectural history and styles of Dallas, the preservation ordinance, property tax incentives, how to research the history of a building, and more! It also includes a bus tour of historic neighborhoods in Dallas. Participants receive a signed copy of Virginia McAlester's  A Field Guide to American Houses and a complimentary one year Individual membership to Preservation Dallas. Don't delay! Enrollment is limited to 25 people. The past sessions have sold out with a wait list!

The workshop is $230 and includes lunch and a light breakfast on both days. Anyone is welcome to attend but realtors will receive 8 hours MCE credit. Register with MetroTex Association of REALTORS or at
TriArc Construction Company
Corporate Partner Profile
TriArc is a family of construction professionals whose vast experience as industry leaders yields a nimble, savvy company grounded by the traditions of the business. Co-founder and President, Shane Deville, leads a company that prioritizes relationships and servant leadership as the foundations for success. Every TriArc project, from luxury highrise finish out to a quarter billion dollar redevelopment, draws upon the five core values of gumption, enthusiasm, do the right thing, stick-to-itiveness and DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do.)

Downtown Dallas is evolving from a “12-hour city, to a 24-hour city” where people live, work, play and shop. TriArc Construction is proud to be a part of that evolution. The growth of downtown is a combination of new buildings, and the renovation and preservation of our historic structures. It is a mixture of urban growth with apartments, lofts, grocery stores and restaurants as well as businesses who choose to make Downtown their home.

Two projects that TriArc is honored to have the pleasure of adding to this downtown landscape is the restoration and renovation of The Statler Hotel & Residences and the Dallas Morning News (originally the Dallas Public Library). The Statler Hotel & Residences is an iconic hotel of mid-twentieth century design which opened its doors in 1956 as the Statler Hilton Dallas. Later renamed the Dallas Grand Hotel, it closed in 2001 and reopened in 2017, after three years of renovation and restoration completed by TriArc Construction.

Careful consideration was given to preservation and restoration of the historical structures throughout the hotel, including; the terrazzo floors and marble walls in the lobby and first and second floors of the hotel. The wood handrails and glass railings on the main staircase to the ballroom and meeting rooms were restored, as were the marble columns, stage stairs and full stage platform. The original ballroom Pergo wood flooring was painstakingly restored. All the elevators throughout the hotel and residences are original. The hotel front desk showcases a restored mid-century mural by New York artist, Jack Lubin. The mural was hidden behind a wall and uncovered during the renovation process. The “Wishing Star” statue, by the same artist, was also restored and is located on the hotel deck.

In building the Dallas Morning News (formally the Dallas Public Library), a priority once again was preserving as much of the original structure as possible. Beginning with the entry and exit doors, to the DMN reception desk, which is the original library reception desk, to the original library shelves across the back walls of the building. Other restorations include the terrazzo flooring, and laminated flooring, elevators, granite walls, the mezzanine and center stairs, as well as the preserved wood and metal handrailing of the stairs. Additionally, the auditorium was restored, along with a floor to ceiling teak-wood wall inside and outside the auditorium. There are two clocks from the original library. Also preserved was the library’s granite wall which stretches from the first to fourth floors and is engraved with historical data. Moving to the outside of the building, the exterior glass was preserved, along with granite planters, and the two original flagpoles.

This is an exciting time of growth and expansion for Dallas. TriArc is blessed to be a part of not only the growth, but the preservation of our city’s rich history.
Top Photo - The Statler Hotel & Residences
Bottom Photo - Dallas Public Library (Morning News)
Off To New Adventures For Donovan!
With one week left at Preservation Dallas, I have commenced cleaning my office and desk of all their deposits from the last 16 years. I have until March 24th to do the same at home before movers uproot me and our fur family from Dallas, and relocate us to join Greg in Toronto. I am learning that I do not dust a lot.

It would be an understatement to say I adore my job, my work and my work family. I hope that was obvious at our events and in my interactions because I will miss y’all. I find that preservationists work collaboratively with some of the most intelligent, passionate and balanced people. I have also met some of the most interesting characters and over the years, become a culmination of it all. Thank you to everybody that shaped me, and made me easily love our organization, our work and our many supporters!

Over the years at my post I have witnessed the beginning conditions, the progress and the final product of our largest and smallest preservation projects. While there is always work to do, Dallas has some of the most beautiful historic architecture that needs a voice and I enjoyed being part of the collective conversation. On my return visits to Dallas I look forward to seeing how that conversation is going and to catch up with friends and colleagues. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line anytime a Dallas will seem less far away if I keep in touch.

I have spent one-third of my life getting to know the city and its people through Preservation Dallas, and this has been the best adventure. Thank you for joining the adventure!
Tenth Street Demolitions - Sadly this week another house in the Tenth Street Historic District is being demolished due to a Court Order for demolition. Unfortunately, the Landmark Commission is powerless to stop the demolition if there is a court order for it. Last month, Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas filed a lawsuit on behalf of the homeowners in the Tenth Street neighborhood against the City to halt the demolitions. According to Legal Aid attorney Jeorge Jasso, "Tenth Street homeowners are concerned about the city’s decision to pursue demolition as opposed to less drastic options that would preserve their homes, such as assisting them with obtaining home repair funds.” Among other things, the lawsuit seeks permanent injunctions aimed at preserving and protecting the historic district in the same way the city has protected its other historic districts. “Dallas’ aggressive demolition program in the Tenth Street area, when compared to the treatment of nonminority historic districts, amounts to the intentional eradication of the Tenth Street Historic District, one of the last remaining intact Freedmen's Towns in the nation,” says Jasso.

Confederate Monument in Pioneer Cemetery - This week the City Council passed a resolution stating the Confederate Monument in Pioneer Cemetery is a noncontributing structure to the historic overlay district of the cemetery and instructed the City Manager to secure approval from the Landmark Commission to remove and store the monument. The monument removal will be placed on the April 1 agenda of the Landmark Commission for consideration. Due to the Landmark Commission being a quasi-judicial body they are not allowed to discuss the case.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
As many of you already know, and if not know now from the article above, Donovan is leaving us for greener and colder pastures to move to Toronto. Donovan has been with Preservation Dallas since 2003, minus a couple of years when he was in Denver. He started under Dwayne Jones and successively worked with Katherine Seale when she replaced Dwayne and with Carol Roark as interim Director before I started in 2012. Donovan was a big help when I arrived and aided me in getting acclimated to the organization. He also filled me in on the many folks in Dallas involved in preservation and the numerous wonderful historic places in Dallas. He has an encyclopedia knowledge of them by the way.

Donovan has certainly been a fixture around here and his colorful personality has been a big part of Preservation Dallas. Who could forget his costumes during North Texas Giving Day and the many outfits at the Holiday Parties. He does love a costume change! Speaking of the Holiday Parties he also did the many wonderful Christmas trees each year hauling the tree out of storage, setting it up, stringing the lights and deciding on the perfect complimenting ornaments. He always had a color theme for the tree and they were all a success except maybe for the one with the red lights that made it look like a demon tree. I don't know who we are going to get to do the tree moving forward.

We also have him to thank for organizing our many wonderful events over the years including the Architectural Tours, Cocktails for Preservation, Preservation Achievement Awards, and many of the InTown Outings. He has done an outstanding job on getting us into some really great historic places though his amazing collection of contacts all over the city. It always amazed me that he knew exactly the right person to call to get us in those places. We have him working on transferring his Donovan contact list into one file so we have that valuable information for the future.

What about replacing Donovan? Well, for now we have decided not to replace him. Really how could you anyway? With his departure we are reevaluating that position and whether or not we may want to change it. Since we are not hiring a replacement right away, we have decided to cancel the Spring Architectural Tour and focus on the Preservation Achievement Awards in May. To do that we have engaged the services of Camille Barnes of CCB Events to handle the coordination of the awards ceremony. She has already been meeting with Donovan and going over the plans already in place for the event and what is left to do to make it a success. And Camille is also a Munger Place resident so she already has an affinity for preservation.

We will certainly miss Donovan, especially Irene and I as he has been a valuable part of the Preservation Dallas staff team. Staff meetings won't be the same without all of his crazy stories! We wish Donovan luck as he moves to Canada and I'm sure he will be happy to coordinate an "Out of Town Outing" for us up there!
Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
30th Anniversary Concert
The former Texas School Book Depository building is also the home of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which began on Presidents Day of 1989 as The Sixth Floor Exhibit with the opening of “ John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation.” While conceived initially as a temporary exhibit, over time it has matured into a significant historic site museum that has sustained changing generational interests in the life, death and legacy of President Kennedy for three decades. To commemorate this milestone on Presidents Day 2019, the Museum is presenting a 30 th Anniversary Concert today, Monday, February 18. “ The Sixth Floor ,” a commissioned work by Texas composer Jesus Martinez, will be performed by the Julius Quartet, the Peak Fellowship Ensemble-in-Residence at the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.

Neither the composer nor any members of the quartet were alive in 1963, but the act of creating and performing this composition has given them insights as to why younger generations continue to be inspired by historical events and the image and legacy of President Kennedy today.

This special anniversary concert honors the valiant preservation efforts of the civic leaders and volunteers of the Dallas community in the decades following the assassination of President Kennedy, as well as marks the launch of an innovative programming initiative, Beyond Now. This series incorporates the Museum’s mission and spirit to draw fresh inspiration from its vast set of historical narratives, original films, photographs and artifacts to stimulate new multi-disciplinary discourse and creativity, designed to touch all generations in meaningful and thoughtful ways not yet imagined. Tickets to the 30 th Anniversary Concert are available at . The concert will be held on the Museum’s seventh floor, and attendees will also be able to view 55 Years , a temporary exhibit depicting President Kennedy’s image on national, regional and local magazine covers from 1963 through 2018. On display through August 4, 2019, this installation shows how the memorialization of President Kennedy has evolved over the decades, while his life and legacy continue to influence and inspire people around the world.
Looking toward the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository building, this photo from the 1980s shows the area known as the “sniper’s perch.” Beginning shortly after the Kennedy assassination and continuing into the 1980s, souvenir hunters chipped away at the brickwork surrounding the window. Damage to the bricks can be seen on the lower left side of the window. Before the opening of The Sixth Floor Exhibit in February 1989, workers repaired the damage and returned the “sniper’s perch” to its appearance on November 22, 1963.

Photo courtesy of Eugene George Collection/The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Historic House Specialist seminar
Wednesday and Thursday, March 6 and 7
Become an authority of historic Dallas neighborhoods! This popular two-day seminar includes lectures from local experts on architectural history and styles of Dallas, the preservation ordinance, property tax incentives, how to research the history of a building, and more! It also includes a bus tour of historic neighborhoods in Dallas. Participants receive a signed copy of Virginia McAlester’s  A Field Guide to American Houses  and a complimentary one year Individual membership to Preservation Dallas.

Do not delay! Enrollment is limited to 25 people.
The past sessions have sold out with a wait list!
Advanced Historic House Specialist
Thursday, April 4
Have you taken the Historic House Specialist and are you ready for the Advanced class? April 4 will be your next chance to take the Advanced Historic House Specialist class. The class is one-day and covers: materials and methods of Pre- and Post-WWII housing in Dallas, the economics involved in historic preservation, historic landscapes, and how to do an advanced research of a historic building on site at the Dallas Public Library. Do not delay! This class fills fast!
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