2018 Awards and Spring Architectural Tour Next Month!
Photography by Tracy Allyn
Art Deco Spring Architectural Tour
A most distinctive architectural style, Art Deco is a rarity in Dallas, especially in residential design. Prevalent in the 1930s, the streamlined designs by the likes of Luther Sadler and Reynolds Fisher still hold a special place in our historic fabric. Join us on Saturday, May 19, for our Spring Architectural Tour as we visit five of the most iconic Art Deco homes in Dallas. Check in will be at the Art Deco style Robert E. Lee Elementary where you can pick up your tickets and self guided route maps (there is no symposium for this tour). Tickets are only $35 for members and these distinguished gems are not to be missed! More information and tickets are available here.
Preservation Achievement Awards
Make sure to join us on May 16th to hear about the 2018 Preservation Achievement Award projects and see the Brown Cracker & Candy Company building (formerly West End Marketplace) brought back to life as Factory Six03. This years ceremony will pay homage to some spectacular preservation projects and people, and the rooftop reception will take guests to spectacular new heights. The new rooftop patios afford the most impressive views of downtown, uptown and the Trinity River.

For more information and reservations visit here.
Photography by Charles Davis Smith, FAIA
Rosenfield House on the Move!
The Rosenfield House started its journey to its new home on April 3rd after a kick-off event celebration. Speakers at the event included Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem Adam Medrano, Mark Lamster from The Dallas Morning News, Katherine Seale the Chair of the Dallas Landmark Commission, and Mark Martinek the developer who is moving the house. The house built in 1885 is an important part of the history of the Cedars neighborhood and was almost lost for a parking lot; however, efforts of the preservation community helped save the house from demolition. Spectrum who needed the lot for parking decided to fund the relocation of the house to save this important landmark. The house will be staying in the Cedars and is being moved to its new home at the corner of Browder and Beaumont Streets. The house had to be cut into four pieces in order for it to be moved to the new site. The move of the remaining pieces will be complete in about a week. The house will then be stitched back together and rehabilitated with completion scheduled for roughly a year from now. See below for pictures of the kick-off event, removal of one pf the top pieces of the house, house on its way to its new home and the first section placed on the new site and foundation.
Expansion of Demolition Delay Area Proposed
In 2015, a Demolition Delay Ordinance was passed by the City Council for Dallas which included downtown Dallas and a portion of North Oak Cliff. City Council is now considering expanding the original Demolition Delay areas in both East Dallas and Oak Cliff. The Demolition Delay creates a waiting period to give staff the opportunity to review demolition applications for buildings 50 years or older and meeting certain criteria. This will allow an opportunity to explore alternatives to demolition when appropriate. However, the ordinance does not prevent demolition; it only delays the issuance of a demolition permit.

As part of the process if a building qualifies a 45-day hold will be placed on the property. During that time the city will schedule a meeting with the owner to discuss alternatives to demolition. Interested organizations, such as Preservation Dallas, public and stakeholders are invited to attend the meeting. If no viable solution is agreed upon within 45 days, the city will issue the demolition permit. This process has helped to save three historic buildings in Oak Cliff.

The City Council will vote on the expansion of the Demolition Delay area at the City Council Meeting on April 25th. Please contact your City Council member to let them know you support the expansion of the Demolition Delay areas. Click here for a link to contact your Council Member. Below are the proposed expansion areas with Oak Lawn and East Dallas on the left and Oak Cliff on the right. Click on the images to get a larger version of the maps.
Planning Underway for a Fall Archives Bazar
Local archives groups here in Dallas are working on putting together an event during Archives Month in October of this year to include: outreach to the general public about archives, access to analog and digital preservation advice, and spreading the word about the many archival offerings available in the DFW area. Other metropolitan areas have offered a large, free, open-to-the-public fair focused on archival education, and they are hoping to find out if there is interest in doing the same in the Metroplex.

They would like help in identifying ideas for this event, interest in participating, and logistical and financial challenges and solutions. If you would like to contribute your ideas please fill out a survey by clicking here.
If you would like to view other archives bazaars for inspiration, you can find examples at the links below.

You may also email here with your questions.
HHS and AHHS Spring Classes
Over the month of March and April, Preservation Dallas hosted the Historic House Specialist and Advanced Historic House Specialist seminars for thirty realtors, adding the special knowledge of historic neighborhoods, Dallas architectural styles, Dallas architects, and historic designation criteria to their professional skills. We want to say welcome to all these new members and look forward to seeing more realtors receive this special designation in the fall.
Preservation Issues
McCree Cemetery - The City Council last week approved Landmark Designation for this important historic cemetery dating back to 1866 in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. This has been a project of Preservation Dallas for four years after receiving a grant from the B.B. Owen Trust. The grant paid for hiring a firm to research the history of the cemetery and its occupants and the inventory and mapping of the markers left in the cemetery. The small cemetery is 2.6 acres in size and has a European American and African American sections.

Knights of Pythias - The City Council also approved the expansion of the boundaries for the Knights of Pythias historic district last week to include the section of the site where a new addition will be built to the building. The historic building will become a hotel and meeting space with the original ballroom for the building being restored. More hotel rooms will be added to the rear of the building in a compatible addition. The work to remove the paint off of the original building has been completed getting back to the original brick color. The building was designed by William Sydney Pittman, the first African American architect in Texas, and served as the home to the Knights of Pythias, an African American fraternal organization. The building also had offices for African American professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and insurance agents.

Lake Cliff Historic District Expansion - The City Council held a hearing earlier this month to decide if the Landmark Commission erred in their decision to initiate the designation process for the expansion area of the existing Lake Cliff Historic District. Eleven properties were proposed to be added in the district expansion and ten of those property owners appealed the decision of the Landmark Commission. The Council heard from staff and the appellants regarding the case and were presented the designation reports on the significance of the properties. After much discussion the City Council decided to grant the appeal. The properties will no longer be considered in an expansion of the historic district. One of those properties, 834 Blaylock Drive, received a demolition permit last fall and with granting of the appeal there are no protections for the other properties on Blaylock Drive, Marsalis Avenue, and Crawford Street at the entrances to the Lake Cliff Historic District.

Meadows Building - The architecture firm Gensler has announced plans that they are moving their Dallas office to the Meadows Building, more specifically the rear wing of the building which was threatened with being removed a few years ago. The building owners have decided to keep the wing of the building and are also redeveloping the site and courtyard. The Meadows Building is still going through the Landmark Designation process. To read more about the project in The Dallas Morning News click here.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
May is fast approaching and with it so is National Preservation Month! Kicking off the month will be the unveiling of a new set of markers for Ferris Plaza just like the ones we installed back in 2012 around Main Street Garden. These markers are a project of the Education Committee at Preservation Dallas and they did a great job making the project happen by selecting the buildings to be highlighted, researching them, and working with the Park and Recreation Department at the city to get them approved for the park. We hope to continue the marker program to other parks in downtown Dallas in the future.

Of course we will have our two big events during Preservation Month - the Preservation Achievement Awards and the Spring Architectural Tour. Both will be great this year with the awards being held at Factory Six03, or as many of you might remember it, the old West End Marketplace. If you remember the interior of the building when it was the West End Marketplace you have to see it now that it has been rehabilitated back to more of its original appearance. This year we have a record 22 awards to give out for projects along with several special recognition awards. The tour this year will feature Art Deco style houses, of which there aren't many in Dallas, but the ones that were built are truly unique and definitely worth checking out.

There will be other events throughout the month and as we get close to the start of May the full list of activities for the month will be released. Hopefully you will be able to join us for the many of the events during the month and be sure not to miss the tour or the awards!
PDYP Members Only Happy Hour and Tour
Tuesday, April 24, 6 p.m.

PDYP members will get an exclusive tour of the 1939 Charles Dilbeck home on Chatham Hill built for Mr. and Mrs. Carence, owner of Manor Bread. The house was a gift to Mr. Carence’s wife on the occasion of their wedding and they lived in the house until the late 1970s. Typical of Dilbeck, the historic house uses a variety of materials and surface planes, giving it an additive appearance. It is as if the house grew over several periods of construction as the needs of its family changed. The current owner will give the group an informal talk about the house and her work as the chair of the Dallas Landmark Commission. Click here for more information and to register.
InTown Outing - Dilbeck Homes
Wednesday, April 25, 6 p.m.

In 1962 Charles Dilbeck designed two very large homes nestled into two adjacent cul-de-sacs in Russwood Acres. Both the Mathews House, at 6,500 square feet, and the Lobello House, at 8,800 square feet, were his boldest contemporary designs while still comprising Dilbeck’s idiosyncratic ranch style. Most unfortunately, the Lobello House was destroyed by fire in 2016. Fortunately, the passionate owners discovered the original blue prints and are rebuilding from the ground up. Come tour the Mathews House and see the progress at the Lobello House. These are two truly special residences and you do not want to miss them! Reservations are required and can be made here .
Ferris Plaza Markers Reveal Ceremony
Tuesday, May 1, 5:30 p.m.

Preservation Dallas will begin Preservation Month by unveiling seven signs around downtown’s Ferris Plaza that highlight the architecturally significant buildings surrounding the park including the Dallas Morning News building, Film Exchange buildings, Reunion Tower, Terminal Annex Post Office, Union Station and WFAA building. The signs will be dedicated in memory of Gail Thoma Patterson, past president of Preservation Dallas and historic preservation leader. These markers are a continuation of the historic building markers similar to the those at Main Street Garden. Please join us for this important event at Ferris Plaza.
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