Site Ready
Great Safety Expectations
If you are new to working in construction and looking to build your career, safety is vital to your journey. No matter the type of work you do or the different sites you encounter, you need to work safely every step of the way.

We’ll walk you through what to expect in your first few days on site and emphasize the critical role of safety training and awareness throughout your entire career. From labourer to supervisor, safety professional or leader - safety should be your expectation, not an afterthought.
Instructor Led Training
Essential Courses to Stay Safe on Site
You'll love our instructors and the training that gets you home to enjoy what you love most.❤️ The February schedule is so packed we're making use of that extra day.

Feb. 9 - Contractor Training
Feb. 12 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Feb. 13 - Fall Protection & Prevention
Feb. 13 - Effective Claims Management
Feb. 20 - OHC Level 1
Feb. 20 - Confined Space Monitoring & Entry
Feb. 21 - Fall Protection & Prevention
Feb. 23 - Safety Administration
Feb. 27 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Feb. 27 - Safety Auditor
Feb. 28 - Ground Disturbance for Construction
Feb. 29 - WHMIS Train the Trainer

Feb 14 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Feb. 20 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Feb. 22 - Confined Space Monitoring & Entry
Feb. 27 - Fall Protection & Prevention Training

Feb. 12 - General Scaffold Safety Training
Feb 14 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Feb. 21 - Safety Auditor
Feb. 21 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
Rigging Safety Webinar
Learn the Myths and Misconceptions
Join us for this free webinar on rigging safety with guest speaker Brayden Sikora of Cranemasters.

February 14, 2024, 10-11 a.m.

You'll learn more about these topics:
  • Know which loads your rigging equipment can lift
  • What it takes to be competent and qualified for load handling activities
  • How to avoid complacency and errors
  • Employer and worker responsibilities under OHS legislation
  • Company and prime contractor policies and procedures
  • What you can do to make challenging decisions easier and reach positive outcomes
Swift Current AGM and Guest Speaker
Attend the event or watch online
If you hold a valid Fall Protection & Prevention certificate, you can recertify with a new On Demand course. Make sure you are eligible by emailing before you register.
Be prepared for whatever February throws our way with these topics: Slips Trips and Falls, Site Access, Winter Site Safety. and just for fun Working in Cold Weather and Working in Hot Weather.
Got a great idea for a new Tool Box Talk? We'd love to hear it. Suggest a topic here. Then check out the newest addition on recognizing hazards with the Energy Wheel.
If you are an industry leader or business owner interested in serving on our board of directors, we want to hear from you. Send us your expression of interest and plan to attend our AGM in March 2024.
Linguistic Lessons. There is an "r" in there isn't there? hmm.
Going big on electric means we'll have to go big on builds. Find where you fit. Like these folks.
You'll need to hire some people if you are going after those big builds too. Or keep the people you got.
Not into the latest TikTok dance craze. Follow Aaron Witt on YouTube for some construction content.
Lessons learned from experienced construction women and how to keep them working.
Guess the SCSAWordle
Leadership Essentials Program

The Edwards School of Business is offering a discount to SCSA members for the Leadership Essentials program in Regina and Saskatoon.

Discount Code: SCSA25
The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) is a non-profit organization funded by the construction industry to provide quality, affordable safety training, programs and advice. The SCSA serves companies that employ workers in building construction and are registered with the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) for residential, commercial & industrial construction or construction trades.