I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:15
Bless the Lord   I'm excited about your future. I am so overjoyed to be writing you today. Listen, I'm telling you I want to scream and shout at How Great and Good My God is. Listen, I got a quick personal testimony. So this week, I was financially low and was in need of money. I had been working hard over the last couple week for other companies and I just knew a check was coming so I could pay my car note. Well Monday came and God sent me a ninety dollar check. It wasn't enough to pay my car note but it was something. I went to pay fifty dollar on the car and took ten percent out for God and use the rest for gas. The whole time I spending the check, i'm thinking about what i once heard my pastor say "If it don't meet your need - it's a seed." Nevertheless, I took care of my bills ( Car & tithe) and mediated on how much more i need. All day i was slightly worried about if i would get more money to pay the bill off in time. Nevertheless, I went home prayed and then started writing prophecies via Facebook. Ashamed to ask for donating due to backlash in the past - I reluctantly posted the online giving link as my spirit was urging me to do. Well the next day I woke up to start my day and as i go to play my music I realize my YouTube subscription had been paid. I knew i didn't have enough money to pay it but it was paid. So i went to check my bank account and someone had send me a check for over thousand dollars for a job that I complete forgot about. Might I suggest, when you obey God, when you stay in the Word of God, when you do what God tell you to do. He will break the rules just to favor and bless you. Listen, Prophet Omarious doesn't have to prophesy for money because God is my source!  tell you're that. Repeat after me "God, is my source! I don't have to work for another man nor do I have to work in places that I don't like because God is my source!" Listen beloved, your faith defines your actions and your actions are what creates your value. In order to be valuable you need faith with value. If your faith has no value you will never afford to believe you deserve more. 

Someone said to me "your t-shirts are too high - $20 for a custom shirts is too much..." And all I could say it, Increase your Faith.!  At one point in life I thought I couldn't afford a $20 shirt but when I elevated my faith, my income and spending budget elevated as well. You can only afford where/what your Faith gives/takes you. My mother use to not be able to afford an $1000 mortgage but with faith and wisdom, she can now comfortably afford a house with $1200 mortgage in addition to an apartment in a nother state. Because her faith caused her to do what was necessary, like working naturally and spiritually. She worked her faith and her job.  Often times it not that we can't afford something, our faith limits us to what we believe can happen. Faith determines your actions. If you never believe you can afford a $20 shirt or a $50 monthly seed you will never act in a way that will dictate that you can. I believed that I was worst a $20 shirt therefore my faith caused me to work at a twenty dollar per hour capacity and then i started receiving $20 hourly when I worked. Same as if I was giving a $50 seed monthly. I believed I could afford it. I believed I had an extra fifty dollars a month therefore it came.  When you want to go to another level, you have to believe that you belong there. You have to act like you are worth it or belong there. Broke minded people will never have money as long as they keep a broke mindset. People who can't afford certain things will never be able to afford it unless they believe it and do it.  If you believe you can't afford to tithe or partner, you never will until You Raise Your Faith!
To Whom It May Concern...

"Truth seems like a lie until it come to the light." Recently, according to the national news reports the last election results are a part of a "collusion"  which in other words means an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, misleading others, or defrauding others of their legal rights. A past prophecy that seems to be a missed prophecy is resurfacing. Click Here
It's Fall Back Season.

This November, I want to encourage you to cut some people off, hang up some bad habits, and simply FALL BACK. Let this November be a month of No Negativity, No Bad Vibes, and No Distraction. Whenever God wants to prepare someone, He often times draws them to a place of isolation. When Moses was being prepared to be the leader of the Children of Israel, God took him into the desert, behind a mountain. Often times after Jesus performed miracles, He would prepare himself and be restored by falling back - taking time to be by himself. Isolation is a key element in elevation. In order to go higher, sometimes you have to fall back to see how to spring up. This Month take some time to FALL BACK!
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The Word Of The Lord For November 2017

This will be the time of navigation and preparation. for even in the coming season new decision will be made that will paved the way for a new future. Exposure will come as the winds brings a new waves of storms. Hold to peace as this is a test - once passed. Prayer has be solicited heavily as it comes to a future Wednesday. This will also be the hour to cover other while you recover yourself. A new imagine will be seen before men as your newly found sense of silence will cause you to react slower to negative news. What was - will resurface, what seem to be lies and confusion will unfold. Shade will be remove and light will come to sooth the heart of the spiritually inclined. For even in this month frustration will raise again but this is no surprise to the believer. Shelter is always found in the safety of God. Political scandal will go to a new level as men are murder. Capitol Hill will see chaos in the form of violence and the cry for more agents will be noted. A fusion for governing and prophetic will come within the coming months, where the prophetic will be merge with secret services. There will also be an discussion on war in this region for even a call to crackdown on domestic terror will revealed. There is also a plan for another national leader to be separated from power, this leader is in another country. 

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"God, I just want to be Real. Make me real. Make Me Yours!"
- Omarious Fann.