VOLUME 5 2024

Now that Tax Day has passed, let's prepare for what's ahead during the second quarter of 2024. We'll review the 2024 Q2 Tax Calendar to ensure awareness of important upcoming deadlines. And if you've been feeling like your business could use a bit of a shake-up, we've got some tips on spotting the signs that it might be time for a strategic pivot.

Additionally, we’ll provide guidance on avoiding seven common payroll mistakes and explore the impact of AI on the business landscape. Finally, we've got an inspiring story to share – Luke Robison's journey to success with Padgett Klamath Falls.


How generative AI is reshaping business landscapes

Curious how AI can help your business? Dive into this article to discover the answers.


5 indicators your business could need a strategic pivot

Financial distress? Tough competition? You may need a strategic business pivot!


Are you guilty of these 7 payroll mistakes?

Don’t put your payroll on the back burner. Here are the top mistakes to avoid.


2024 Q2 Tax Calendar: Key deadlines to watch out for

With Tax Day behind us, pay attention to these upcoming deadlines.


Luke Robison’s spud success with Padgett at his side

Read how Luke’s partnership with Padgett Klamath Falls helped him grow his farm.


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