VOLUME 1 2023

As we enter 2023 and look ahead to the New Year, it's time to consider what goals you'll set for your business and how you can prepare for the coming months. This month, we've got your "how-to" guide for what you can do to set yourself up for success this year.

First we have a recap of the tax tips you need to know from 2022 to help you prepare to work with a tax professional, as well as your guide to choosing the best tax preparer for you. You'll learn how visualization tools can help make your goals a reality and how you can put them to use. If you want to show your appreciation to employees and customers through gifts, we've also got your guide to tax deductible options. Lastly, if you're thinking of switching payroll partners this month, you'll learn the questions you need to ask during your search.


Recap: our top tax tips of 2022

We shared a lot of tax tips last year, so here's a refresher on some of the key points to help you prepare to work with a tax professional over the next few months.


How to choose the best tax preparer

If you choose to have someone prepare your tax return, it’s important to choose wisely. But how do you know if your tax preparer is right for you or your business?


How to set and visualize goals for the New Year

You've likely started setting 2023 goals for your business, but do you struggle to stick to your New Year's resolutions? If so, you're not alone—and visualization tools can help.


How to spread holiday cheer (and save money doing it!)

The holidays may be behind us, but it's good to know what's tax deductible any time you want to show your appreciation to your employees with a gift.


How to choose a payroll partner: 5 key questions

Many businesses are considering changing their payroll partner in 2023. As you search for a new payroll partner, it’s important to know the questions you need to ask.


ERC – it's not too late!

Did you know that eligible business owners can still claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? Since 2020, Padgett has helped hundreds of clients apply for the credit, and we've collectively received millions of dollars. If you want to learn more about your eligibility or get started applying for the ERC, contact us today.


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