VOLUME 2 2022

January 24 was the first day to file 2021 returns, so tax time is officially here. It’s shaping up to be another complicated and confusing tax year, so this month, we’re focusing on what you can do to get ahead of the tax time chaos.

We’ve gathered some helpful information about tax deductions, the documents you’ll need to file, accessing some of your documents in your IRS account, and finding a tax preparer who fits your needs. You’ll also hear from Erik Gledhill, owner of TrailBlazer Pet Supply, about how working with Padgett has streamlined his business’s accounting and tax filing processes. And in case you’ve already forgotten about your New Year’s Resolutions, we have a guide for making a vision board to help you stay on track with your 2022 goals.


Erik Gledhill is blazing new trails with his Padgett partners

As a business owner with a day job, Erik needed a tax and accounting partner who would be there for him when he needed them. “I know I can trust them,” he says.


How to choose the best tax preparer

Unless tax law is a hobby of yours, you probably need a professional to help prepare your tax return. Here are three key qualities to look for in your tax preparer.


Checklist: What tax documents do I need to keep?

With tax time coming, you're likely to receive important documents from the IRS in the mail. Here's a list of what to keep out of your "junk mail" pile.


IRS account setup guide

This year, having an online account with the IRS to access documents, make payments and check other records and transcripts is more important than ever. Here’s how to set up and access your IRS account.


7 tax deductions every self-employed worker should know

Knowing what you can and can't deduct on your taxes is difficult for anyone, but can get more complicated when you're self-employed. Here are seven common deductions to look out for.


How to create a vision board to help your business succeed

You may have heard celebrities like Oprah mention them before, but what exactly is a vision board, and how can it help you achieve your business goals this year?


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