Early Spring at the Flying U 
Gazette Monthly | June Edition
We have had a great May and June with lots of rain mixed in with sunny days. The air is clear and fresh the pastures are green and the forest trails are lush and filled with summer fragrance.  So all in all  everything is pointing to a wonderful summer at the Flying U.
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June 22, 2019

A Message from John Lovelace, President and CEO of the Flying U Ranch:

It struck me recently how guests tailor their Flying U Vacation for their own needs. We recently had a couple who didn't ride but instead were up every morning walking their dog. We have had several family reunions and bachelorette parties with lots of saloon time. We have also had people come alone from as far away as Europe to just take it slow and relax. We have had serious riders who ride out first thing in the morning and stay out all day. We have guests who don't ride at all but just want to fish. Others bring their bikes and some guests jog at 6:00 am. The Flying U is what you want it to be.

Here at the Ranch, we are proud to stay that we have and maintain a 5 Star rating! 

Waterfront "This is the best ranch ever!"

Recently two little girls walked out on to the dock and stared down into the crystal clear water. One girl announced to her friend "This is the best ranch ever". We have a great asset with our prime location on Green Lake and we are working hard to develop the lake facilities. We have canoes and a new sailboat at the main waterfront.  We have switched the power boats from inboard to outboards as this has reduced fuel consumption for tubing and waterskiing. There are 9 kayaks in three different sizes. We have added fishing poles and swim goggles. The morning Yoga has even been moved to the dock and we have a dedicated general swim every day at 4:00 pm. All the kids are offered tubing everyday during the.summer.  So a visit to "the ranch" is also a visit to "the Lake" and everything is included at no extra cost. 
Employee Highlights

Ali Barker 

The ranch is excited to announce the return of Ali Barker and her dog Buckley to our wrangling team. Many of our returning guests may remember Ali's knowledgeable help down at the barn. Just like our guests, it is hard for our previous staff members to leave the ranch! 

Wendy Pinchin

Wendy  is a new addition to our team this  year and we guarantee she will put a smile on your face. Wendy has been riding and working with horses for the past 30 years and has her own small herd at home! Wendy brings a wealth of equine knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to our wrangling team.

But our most important team member is YOU THE GUEST. We had 72 volunteers come up for work week in April and the ranch is in the best shape ever. We have opened up the old irrigation channel and the pastures have lots of fresh water. Also, the emphasis was in cleaning up dead fall and this has promoted growth around the home pasture for the herd. Thanks to everyone for a job well done and the work continues this fall work week. Check out our Summer/Fall Vacation Guide for our Fall Wrangler Week dates. 

Spring clean up and irrigation has created lush pastures.
Herd Update

Our Wrangling team has been hard at work training our new horses. We are happy to announce that 6 horses have graduated and have moved into guest services. 

Gamgee is in his late teens and is a sorrel gelding. He is suitable for our intermediate to experienced level riders. 

Simon is a younger hackney cross gelding that joined our herd last year. H e is the pe rfect fit for a confident kid or a smaller adult due to his small size. He is very "in your pocket" and loves to hang out and get as much attention from you as he can. 

Rawhide just recently joined us here at the ranch. This big solid gelding is suitable for a confident beginner adult rider. 

Bud came down from Prince George this year to join our herd. He is a handsome 10 year old quarter horse gelding who is ready to hit the trails with our intermediate level guests! 

Poppy is a p aint mare that came to the ranch at the end of the season last year. As s he is a very responsive horse, she is currently available for our experienced level riders. 

Magnum is a big 19 year old, 17hh Irish Draft horse cross! But don't let his size fool you, he is a very sweet guy. He came to the ranch from a wonderful family down in North Vancouver. He has spent his life in the show ring and helping teach kids to ride. He is ready for our confident beginner guests to ride and will be ready to take the kids out on the trails in just a few months. 

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