Early Spring at the Flying U 
Gazette Monthly | June Edition
Guest Quote of the Month
When I drove up here my mind was on other things. But when I got to the ranch I saw the old cabins and a horse walked up to me and nudged my shoulder. I thought to myself "I'm not in Kansas anymore". 
June 9, 2018

A Message from John Lovelace, President and CEO of the Flying U Ranch:

Last year's dry weather caused us to rethink our pastures. Over the past few months we have worked on  a new range management program. Going forward with new fencing, and additional acreage purchased last year, the Ranch now has developed 7 distinct acreages where we can rotate the horses. This gives the herd a fresh supply of pasture while giving other ranges time to recover. Part of that review was to identify our natural water leases and we are clearing out old irrigation ditches to bring water onto the ranch. Also, this Spring we started to clean up dead fall and open up some of the acreages. The heritage of the ranch is our riding herd and going forward these steps will help insure a healthy herd. 

Here at the Ranch, we are proud to stay that we have and maintain a 5 Star rating! 

May Long Weekend Recap!

This year's May Long Weekend was a great launch for the 2018 season. We were so pleased to have the ranch at 100% capacity. The sun was shining for our riders while they were out enjoying the trails. The lake temperature went up to 18 C to allow for some great swim time and water sports. Our guests had a blast listening to the live band and there were boots scuffing up the floor during square dancing with our caller Dave Abbs. Our horses were happy to be out with some of their first riders for the season. Summer here we come!!! Yee-Haw cowboys and cowgirls!!! 

The view from your bedroom window.
JRFM Contest
We are excited to announce that we are working with THE Country Music Station in the Vancouver area, 93.7 JRFM.  We will be doing two back to back promotions starting June 11 and running all summer long. So stay tuned to find out how to enter to win a trip for 2 to the ranch. 
Youth Programs at the U
Vancouver Technical Secondary School, Duchess Park Secondary School and St. Michael's University School have wrapped up their annual trips to the Flying U Ranch. Each year we have schools bring up students who get to experience our Outdoor Education Program. Students learn to ride and care for their horses, and learn about the nature and gold rush history in the area. This year we expanded the activities to include canoe ing   and archery ! We will be using the same school program for the Wild West Adventure camp in July which is now sold out!

Sound like a fun time?  We still have openings for new schools wanting to join our program for Spring 2019 so promote the idea to your local school officials.

Employee Highlights

Tanisha Annett is our new Activities Manager.  This is a new position this year to consolidate all our new non-equine activities under one manager.  Tanisha starts her mornings with Outside Daybreak Yoga classes ~ 6 days a week.  In the afternoons she oversees our general swim at 4:00 pm and at selected times you can also find her instructing our Archery classes. After dinner it's into the saloon for some visiting with guests or catch the show in our vintage theatre where Tanisha will have the popcorn buttered. As our activities Manager, she will keep your day packed full of adventure and fun.

Debbie Blumauer has moved into the role of Hospitality and Events Manager. Debbie has worked as an executive with the Canadian Red Cross Management Team where she gained an extensive background in project management and team building. At the ranch she is leading our new team growth program integrating the various departments. Ready for an adventure?  Planning a wedding?  Debbie will help you through the process of making the memory of a lifetime at the ranch. Welcome aboard Debbie.

Tina Jensen is our new Ranch hand. 
Tina has moved down to the ranch from Smithers, B.C and will be working as our new multitasker. Tina has experience working with horses, in the kitchen and in schools. She is a very keen and hard working and we are excited to have her join our team. Tina puts the sparkle into everything she touches.

Guy Katona is our Facilities Manager. Did you know that The Flying U is actually a village and it's a full time job to keep it running. Guy is responsible for maintaining the smooth, efficient working order of the ranch equipment, watercraft and buildings. There is nothing better than a team member that has a passion for their role on the ranch and keeps everything as it should be. Thank you, Guy.

But our most important team member is YOU THE GUEST.  Did you know you are the U in the Flying U? We love our jobs because of you and the smiles on your faces when you come to our Ranch.  You have become family.  Sometimes you come as strangers to the Ranch...looking for that old fashioned experience where you can come to relax, learn, and settle into a slower pace for a few days. Yet you come back year after year.  As we witnessed this week, you come as a kid perhaps with your parents, perhaps with your school and you remember us at the Flying U Ranch and so you keep coming back to make new memories.  This month one of you came back to celebrate your pre-wedding gathering all grown up and getting married.  Come to the Flying U Ranch; you will leave as a part of our Family and keep coming back. 

Saturday Night Open House For Our Neighbours 

This summer we are launching a special Saturday Western Night and our neighbours are welcome to join in. 
Enjoy the round up, saloon, dinner and entertainment. Call the office for more information and reservations.  

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