March 2018 AMD UPDATE

Welcome Spring!

Every year people New Year's resolutions, but not everyone will follow-through. Here is a tip to keeping your promise to yourself to live healthier. 
Picturing AMD

Is this what you see?  This well-known image from the NIH is not exactly what was reported when individuals with AMD described what they saw to a graphic artist.   Read more here 
Smoke In Your Eyes

Does smoking really make a difference in AMD?   Read here to learn how smoking affects your eyes.

Welcome to the latest Jordy

Thirty years ago, fans of
Star Trek: The Next Generation met a blind crew member named Geordi.

Meet the latest Jordy,  wearable low-vision technology from Enhanced Vision.  Read more here.

Seeing the World 

Has low vision stopped you from experiencing new places? Don't let AMD interfere with your love of travel.  
Success with Wet AMD Treatment


During the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting, Novartis presented results of a clinical trial of their new drug,  Brolucizumab (RTH258).  Read more


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Do you have an AMD-related question?

Send your question to  Dr. Andrew Browne, M.D., Ph.D., retina specialist at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute may provide an answer in one of our videotaped segments, AMD Information Bites, which you can find on our Facebook page, or here in the AMD Update.

Q:   Will eating ice cream increase the amount of drusen in my eyes?
Dr. Browne:  Managing hyperlipidemia (blood lipids like cholesterol), like avoiding smoking, is a way that individuals can reduce their risk of developing AMD.  I recommend to my patients who have high cholesterol that they avoid rich or fatty foods and discuss their blood lipids with their primary care doctor.  

While hyperlipidemia is a risk factor for AMD, there is no direct evidence showing that eating a nightly dish of ice cream results in AMD progression.

Following a sensible and healthy diet is the best advice for decreasing the risk of AMD and other systemic illnesses. 
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