"It hurt to eat. I was just trying to eat a sandwich at lunch, and it hurt so bad it made me cry. I couldn't even think in class, and I was afraid all the other kids were going to make fun of me." ~Noah
Will you help Noah get the dental care he needs today?

When you're in so much pain you can't think or eat, everything else takes a back seat.

Noah knows exactly how that feels.

The pain made school hard. He couldn't concentrate and was falling behind in his classes. He had trouble making friends; he was missing his own childhood.

Please, will you help Noah get the care he needs? Your gift today can remove the barriers to life-changing dental care and give a kid like Noah a bright, confident future.
Without treatment, Noah is facing challenges that will affect his whole life.

A kid like Noah, who is growing up in an area where it's not easy to see a dentist regularly, is facing serious health problems.
  • Tooth decay can make eating painful, leading to poor nutrition and slowed growth and development.
  • Pain makes sleeping difficult- and children need plenty of rest to grow and learn well.
  • Unhealthy teeth reduce self-esteem, self-confidence, and can hinder critical social development.
  • Poor oral health increases the risk of other illnesses like heart, lung, and brain disease.

So many caring people play a role in developing a child's future- parents, teachers, doctors and nurses, dentists and dental hygienists, and you!

Because of you, there is a brighter tomorrow-a future smile-for the thousands of children across Clark County who desperately need dental care.
Your gift makes a difference in protecting the smiles of Nevada's children!
Thank you for your kind consideration.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Terri Chandler, RDH

Future Smiles Founder & Executive Director
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Future Smiles is determined to end oral pain and suffering among NV's neediest children by partnering with the community to deliver essential preventive, restorative, and educational services.