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It is no secret that June is the season of outdoor hosting. You've probably spent all winter thinking of how you are going to transform your outdoor space into a summer haven for both you and your guests. And if you haven't, after reading this newsletter we hope you reconsider re-doing your summer outdoor space.
If you are familiar with Fantini's indoor MilanoSlim, this one is for you. The outdoor shower stand is made of Burma Teak plywood, which is resistant in outdoor environments including salty areas. The showerhead and the body jets are in 316 stainless steel (suitable for use near the sea), with two hidden fixing systems to safely secure the product to the wall by means of specific anchors or iron fixing systems to lay under the foundations.
Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet brings old-world pizza oven cooking to the modern outdoor kitchen with this stainless steel gas-fired pizza oven. The countertop design requires no installation, and cooking temperatures are reached in as little as 20 minutes. After just a 45-minute pre-heat, this powerful backyard pizza oven can bake a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes.
Ideas are what we are here for and when it comes to being creative we have you covered. We wanted to give you fresh ideas for this summer on products that you didn't think you could bring into an outside space. You wouldn't realize it, but these things will make a huge difference when it comes to the feel of your space. Let's dive right in.
Lighting is one of those things you hate to love because unfortunately it comes with an electricity bill. However, we promise you that adding these lights to your space will be well worth it this summer. The Carson Collection by Hinkley will carry your inside out, seamlessly. Adding warm mood-setting light, along with a bold statement design, lets you make it an accent in any space.
We are all about bringing the outside in this summer- and that includes your flooring. With over 70 options on color and size, Architrex has definitely got your outdoor space covered. Pictured is their WoodSide Nut. It creates the perfect warmth for those summer nights.
LET'S TALK . . .
You want an awesome summer outdoor space, we all do, but finding a material that will stand the test of time outdoors is proving to be quite the process. Dekton has just the material to make that outdoor space a reality - without having to replace materials every time summer comes back around after that long winter. Let's talk about just a few things that make Dekton the perfect match for your outdoor space.
Living in a cold climate makes this first one a pretty big deal. Dekton’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it thermal shock proof from both extreme heat and extreme cold. It’s natural resistance to ice and thawing, and expanding makes it perfect for use in cold environments, while also keeping it safe from the damages of UV rays. This application is great for indoors or outdoors.
Stains, we all dread them. Especially when you have guests over and the stains are just out of your control . While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely stain proof. Since Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemical resistant. Common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm the surface.
Just when you think fading is the inevitable, Dekton makes a surface that doesn't. Their process allows them to control the pigmentation and decoration of the material, thus giving better color consistency from slab to slab, resulting in a long lasting product that will not fade over time. The surface you install today will maintain the same new appearance for the life of the product.
Garrett O.
Fabrication Manager
Garrett has been with Earth Elements for 3 years, recently moving the fabrication sector over to the Gallatin Gateway location. In his free time he loves to find the silence of the outdoors, no matter the activity, he loves it all. Another fun fact about Garrett is that he is a newly-wed. He will be celebrating his first anniversary with his wife Sarah this coming August. Congrats Garrett!
Alex G.
Lighting and Appliances
Alex has been with Earth Elements since February of this year, and was recently promoted to Lighting & Appliance Sales in Gallatin Gateway. Outside of EE, Alex is an amazing photographer, who will be starting to shoot weddings again this June in Bozeman. Alex has always had visiting Glacier on her bucket list and is finally going to get to visit there this summer.

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