ASDC News July 2019
In this issue:
  • Watch Signs for July video
  • Get the Parent Advocacy App
  • See #Wheels4ASDC progress
  • Attend ASL Weekend in AZ
  • Meet our new Board President
New Parent Advocacy App
Do you attend IEP meetings or 504 meetings? This new app is for YOU!

ASDC, NAD , Gallaudet , and Hands & Voices created a new app that will guide you through important school meetings so you can effectively advocate for the opportunities and outcomes your child deserves.

This new app helps you:

  • Understand and plan for for IEP, 504, and other school meetings
  • Take meeting notes
  • Track progress with checklists
  • Get answers and resources
  • Learn strategies for advocacy

Deaf cyclists Albert Baer & Conrad Blake are now about half way across the country and they just CRUSHED their $15,000 fundraising goal for ASDC!

Join the adventure!
  • Follow these inspiring Deaf cyclists at Baer & Blake Across America or #wheels4ASDC.
  • Share this link with friends and family on social media so they can meet their new stretch goal of $25,000.
A Message for You
Hello! As the new ASDC Board President, I want to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background.

I am deaf, born to two hearing parents who had never met a deaf person in their life before they had me! Research shows that the majority of deaf children are born to hearing parents. I am a product of that statistic. My parents were told to not teach me ASL as that would hinder my speech development, to give me a cochlear implant straight away (implants were a new concept at that time), and to stress speech therapy so I could speak. Luckily, my father was working with a deaf colleague at the time...
Meet our Board of Directors
** Thank you for your amazing response to our call for board member applications. We've received more than 30 applications! Watch this newsletter for announcements about new board members.
Upcoming Event:
ASL Weekend in Mesa, AZ
Attend our next ASL Weekend!
Mesa, AZ - September 28-29
All skill levels welcome
Need financial help to attend?
Monthly Sign Video
ASL Signs to use in JULY
Your July Signs video is presented by Edna Johnston, one of our ASL Weekend instructors. Edna also teaches ASL at the Maryland School for the Deaf, Community College of Baltimore County, and Towson University. Thank you, Edna!

Watch this video to learn this month's featured signs: July • pool • swim • beach • water • bike • picnic • cookout, and more!
2019 Conference a Success
We enjoyed meeting you and learning with you at the 2019 ASDC Conference at the Delaware School for the Deaf. See the conference program and download speaker presentations here .
Language First Donates to ASDC
Kimberly Sanz, SLP, and founder of Language First, is donating 50% of the proceeds from her online shop to ASDC! Visit and check out the fun items in her shop. Thank you for your support, Kimberly!
Donors Make a Difference
ASDC relies on members and donors like you to provide programs that support families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our June donors.
  • Aguillon Vale
  • Albert Roth
  • Ashley Tobias-Diakun
  • Donald I Swaner, Jr.
  • Geri Rios
  • Glenn Wolfangle
  • Stephon Olivas
  • Summer Shoucair

  • Exelon c/o Cybergrants
  • Pledgeling Foundation

In memory of Al Rozman
  • Jo Anne Reiling

In memory of David Caywood
  • Karen Morrison
  • Barbara Burn Family
  • Marvin & Carol Miller

In memory of Lupe D. Chagoyan
  • Jo Anne Reiling
  • Megan Hoar

  • Allen Markel
  • Amy & Bill Lange
  • Amy Ferrell
  • Anne Marie Baer
  • Beth Benedict
  • Bridget Glynn
  • Brittany Jones
  • Bruce Benjamin
  • Bruce Bucci
  • Chandler Guptill
  • Charles Katz
  • Christine Grymes
  • Connor Baeer
  • Dan Brubaker
Wheels4ASDC (continued)
  • Darriyan Thomas
  • Devon Bailey
  • Ethan Bernstein
  • Janey Greenwald
  • Jennifer Witteborg
  • John Monahan
  • Judy Shackelford
  • Justin Bergeron
  • Karen Root
  • Katherine Riolo
  • Kerry Shamaly
  • Lisa Jacobs & Allen Talbert
  • Luella Wilson
  • Luke Glaser
  • Marie Coppola
  • Marvin Miller
  • Mary Sue Boxer
  • Mike Cahill
  • Nick Nesis
  • Nicole Thisdell
  • Nicole Truxell
  • Patsy Hensley
  • Phyllis Brooks
  • Rachel Blake
  • Rachel Cane
  • Sean Markel
  • Spinosi Family
  • Stephanie Bettencourt
  • Steve Florio
  • Theresa Bugler
  • Thomas Blake
  • Todd, Cam & John Czubek
  • Violet & Gabriel Blake
  • William Heacock
  • William R. Gordon, Jr.
  • Yvonne Mattiell
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