Mar 29, 2022
Suzanne Hunt
Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Listening to Inner Wisdom
Hello spiritual friends!
Our inner wisdom is a nebulous kind of thing. Sometimes the answers we seek are crystal clear and we feel it in our mind, body and soul. We know which direction to take and feel confident moving forward. Or maybe an idea comes in out-of-the blue to solve a problem and open the doors to our dreams. But at another time, we find ourselves are searching, grasping for an answer and nothing feels right or solid. Clairity seems to slip through our fingers like sand. And we may feel frustrated because our inner guidance system seems to be just out of reach and always changing.

I'm here to tell you that your inner wisdom is a constant and natural part of your soul essence. It is innate within your spiritual dynamic. This connection pathway belongs to you and the connection is always open to support you.

If spirit is constant, what is constantly changing to cause our frustrations? Simply put, the experience of life on our planet today and the way we interpret those experiences -- that is what is constantly changing. We may feel expanded with joy and enthusiasm one day, or contracted with fear, worry or pain on another. Changes in our work, family, or the many demands and obligations bubble to the top of the day as a priority. We may lose focus on our gifts and soul potential as we get bogged down by the busyness of our minds. The "busyness of mind" clogs the energetic reception.

We might imagine our connection to inner wisdom like an antenna, reaching from our conscious mind to our inner spirit and source. The noise of too many distractions, a long to-do list, overwhelming feelings, falling into helplessness or despair tend to collect on the antenna like debris and create static. If the static becomes too loud, we can't hear the insights and messages coming in for us. We may become doubtful that our inner wisdom even exists, and feel unsupported by spirit, God or the universe.

How can we eliminate self-doubt, feel spiritually supported and keep the channel to our inner wisdom open, clear and strong?

Eliminate distractions
One of the most common causes of our self-doubt is the noise of daily distractions. Distractions fill up space in our minds and energy field. They keep us focused on the demands of life and create static in our wisdom channel. Static drowns out our ability to listen.

A great way to clear the channel is to find ways to eliminate distractions in your life on a regular basis. Create windows of open space for your inner guidance system to flow. If you have a busy life or full calendar, begin with a few minutes a day, or even a couple times a week to clear your mind. Give yourself the gift of space in your day to let the sunshine in.

Acknowledge resistance and let it go
If resistance to creating this space for yourself comes up, look to see what it is. Is the resistance valid or just a procrastination? A frequent distraction for me is my to-do list. I sit down to take quiet time and meditate and suddenly I start thinking about feeding the cats, that appointment I forgot to cancel, a phone call I need to return, etc. I like to create an imaginary to-do list, right outside my meditation room door. You could also keep a note pad handy and write those things down. This allows you to clear it from your mind and become more present to your inner awareness.

The practice of quiet time widens the receiving channel
Adopting the practice of quiet time may be a new skill for you. Give yourself time to step into it with loving grace and ease. Learning meditation skills is an excellent way create this inner connection. I offer some wonderful meditation classes that are listed below. Learning to build a quiet time practice does take effort but becomes easier day by day. It's like learning anything new such as riding a bike or driving a car. It takes time and patience.

Meditation is just one of the tools you can use to clear distractions. Other activities such as yoga, visualization, affirmations or reading uplifting material or even daydreaming can be effective. Certain repetitive activities like walking or running can stimulate our inner awareness and open the mind. Find a method that feels right for you. The goal is not to have a goal. Let your mind have space. Allow the goal-oriented side of you to take a break, while you open up space to receive.

Make time to listen
My busy life went on hold in a very sudden way earlier this year. I had a ski accident in January that required surgery and an extended time of recovery. I am still recovering. But during this quiet time when my body was resting and healing itself, I realized static had built up on my own inner wisdom channel. I had allowed too many demands on my time, which were amplified by the holidays. After the accident, the busyness of my life stopped cold. The static began to melt and dissolve away. I re-affirmed the preciousness of my health and my life. My priorities shifted. And I began to listen again. New insights about the direction of both my personal life and business began to surface and take shape.

We don't need a dramatic event like this one to start leaning into more self-awareness. You can decide at any time to shift your priorities. Why not nurture your inner wisdom with more quiet time for our soul connection today?

  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Acknowledge resistance and release it
  • Nurture your quiet space to receive insights
  • Make time to listen.
** Announcement **

Energetic Healing Arts is now Energetic Spiritual Ministries
I was recently approved for my 501c3 non-profit organization under the name of Energetic Spiritual Ministeries.

Our mission:
  • Empower and uplift individuals with spiritual insight, intuitive vision and energetic healing. 
  • Provide personal development, life-changing spiritual enrichment and energetic transformation through classes, social media forums, group workshops and other means, dba Energetic Healing Arts.

What is changing?
I have had a wonderful journey with Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged. These lovely souls supported the creation of my spiritual development program and hosted it over these past few years. Starting now, the class programs will be hosted by my new organization! Class registrations, booking private sessions and resources are available all in one place on my website.

What is NOT changing
My teaching program is primarily taught online over Zoom and will continue as such. I may be offering on-site classes at Althea in the future for those located in the Denver area. I cherish my affiliation with the Althea Center community and will continue to engage and volunteer my time to help it grow and flourish.

With the change to the new entity, my website and contact e-mail will remain the same for continuity. You can still reach me at the same e-mail.

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey!
Calm the Body Workshop
Choose a daytime or evening time slot
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

Release anxiety. Create more peace. Focus on goals.
Eliminate stress once and for all! Everyone can benefit from this workshop because we are all exposed to stress every day. It is how one deals with stress that makes all the difference. You will learn how to focus your intention and use positive visualization to accomplish your goals and create more peace and contentment in your life.  

Workshop will be offered on
  • Saturday April 9th at 10:30 am -12:30ish pm MT
  • Wed April 13th at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm MT
  • Cost is $30
Healing Meditation 1

Discover a more peaceful you. 
Learn empowering concepts and tools.

Now you can create the life you truly desire. Everyone can benefit from this 7-week class. Learn easy techniques to ground, calm and uplift the body, personal growth inspiring concepts, all about manifestation and connecting with your spiritual guidance and truth for clarity and direction.  Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. This is a great class for empathic and highly sensitive people!

Choose from a daytime or evening class
  • Saturdays mornings, 10:30 - 12:30ish MT, April 23 - June 11th
  • Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30ish pm MT, April 27 - June 8th
  • Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
  • Cost for the 7-week class is $150, or early registration pricing of $125
Healing Meditation 3

Create more personal growth. 
Empower yourself in relationship.

Discover yourself in the spiritual nature of your relationships. Look at how parental influence, family roles and dynamics of male-female energy impact your sense of self. Create healing in your most important relationships and deepen your ability to connect with others. Module 1 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.   

Class offered on:
  • Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30ish pm MT, April 14 - May 26th
  • Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
  • Cost for the 7-week class is $195, or early registration pricing of $170
I am available to schedule clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Click on the scheduling link below.

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