Your ISBT Connection | May 15, 2021
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Beverage industry supplier members can get their products and services in front of professionals from global soft drink brands and regional bottlers year-round. Sponsorships include content-based Marketing programs, allowing suppliers the opportunity to control their message to their potential customers (instead of allowing their competitors to tell their story for them).  
Featured News
ISBT President Sal Calandra Recaps BevTech 2021

This week, the ISBT finished delivering BevTech 2021, which focused on Innovation and Trends in Challenging Times. Week 1 of this event featured two full Expo days and three days of excellent beverage industry content. The program gave the audience a glance at the current trends shaping the industry and insights into new developments, consumer expectations, and the technology landscape. Weeks 2 and 3 of this event provided our membership a deep dive into our Technical Committee activities, new developments, emerging trends and technologies, and insight into the current and future offerings from the Beverage Institute by ISBT. For more information about BevTech 2021, click the button below.
Confirm Your Listing for the 2021 Beverage Industry Resource Guide

Click the button below to view the PDF of the 2021 Beverage Industry Resource Guide listing section. If there are changes that need to be made to your listing before going to print, please contact Tim Hudson at

Supplier memberscheck your online listing to make sure you are in the proper business categories. In the next week or so we will circulate the category section to the suppliers for one last look. If you’d like to add your logo and company description in print contact us for sponsorship opportunities. All sponsorships include sponsored content in the ISBT Connection newsletter throughout the year.

If your company is not listed and you would like to be please let us know ASAP. Click to see the 2020 printed Resource Guide.
ISBT Scholarship Recipients Say, "Thank You!"

We recently reached out to a few of our more recent scholarship recipients to ask them how their scholarships impacted their time in school and what they’re doing now. Click below to hear what they had to say.
If you wish to learn more about ISBT’s scholarship program or make a donation, click the button here.
Jacalyn Barry
Jenna Miller
Megan Nalazek
Eric Brunk
ISBT Announces Emeritus Scholarship for Current ISBT Members/Family Members

It is the objective of the ISBT scholarship program to provide financial support to academically qualified students who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in the beverage industry, either by course work or through an internship with beverage companies or suppliers to the beverage industry.
Beginning in 2019, ISBT added an Emeritus Scholarship option for ISBT members, or any of their immediate family, who are interested in applying for a scholarship.
For general information about ISBT's Scholarship Program, click here. For Eligibility Requirements and Application Details, click the button below.
Emeritus Scholarship Timeline

June 30 — Deadline for ISBT Emeritus Scholarship applications and all supporting documentation to be received.

August 1 — Decisions to be made by the Scholarship Committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors for the Emeritus Scholarship.

August 15 — Checks to be completed and administered to the scholarship recipient(s) or their school(s).
Registration Open for PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Registration is now open for PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2021, which will be held September 27-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ISBT members and newsletter readers are invited to use comp code for ISBTCC to register for free.

For more information and to register online, visit
Beverage Institute by ISBT®
BevTech 2021
Great meeting and TC presentations! If you visited the Beverage Institute booth during the Expo and claimed a discount coupon, click here to sign up for a Beverage Institute course and use your coupon.
Click here to see the Beverage Institute presentation shared at the TC meetings. Download the PowerPoint.
Beverage Operations and Processing Seminar
We need presenters for Retort, HTST Flash Pasteurization, Blending, and Alternate Processing Systems. Contact Tom Reimer,, or John Mojonnier,, if you are interested.
What Students are Saying about the Beverage Institute
"What I loved about the Fundamentals of Technology course is that it showed you products and development from start to finish."

Complete Beverage Gases Course - Special Offer Through June 30th

  • Learn about CO2, nitrogen, argon, and oxygen use in beverages.
  • List price is $125, but a special discount of 20% drops the cost to $100.
  • Use bevgas2021 as your coupon code to receive the discount. 
PET: Resin, Preforms, and Bottle Technology
  • This new course explains the PET bottle-making process, from resin to preforms to the finished beverage bottle.
  • Learn test methods, process chemistry, and blow molding.
  • Click here to register or go to the ISBT website (
Did You Know?
"Did You Know?" is a series of interesting events and changes to the ISBT and the beverage Industry. If you have an ISBT tidbit or "fun fact," send it to
Did You Know... about the ISBT?

  • Logo: This design was used from 1997 to 2003. The logo’s text was updated each year to reflect the current “theme of the year” – Networking, Change, Innovation, Performance, etc. - and the logo’s colors alternated as well; gold was used to celebrate ISBT’s 50th anniversary.

  • ISBT: The organization’s name was changed at the 1997 meeting; the “Society of Soft Drink Technologists” (SSDT) was renamed the “International Society of Beverage Technologists” (ISBT) to reflect both the increasing international focus and the creation of “new age beverages”. The “Cola Wars” broadened into the “Juice Wars” between Tropicana and Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid/Simply Orange brands.

  • Process Improvement: Until about 20 years ago, alcohol drink tickets were sold at ISBT functions and could only be purchased with cash. (Try turning that in on your expense account!) Budget improvements by then-Executive Director Elizabeth McLeod later allowed the Society to offer complimentary beer and wine at these meetings.

  • Shipwrecked: In 1999, Executive Director Tony Meushaw failed to show up for the Sunday night meeting. It was later discovered that his boat for the fishing event had run aground and they were stuck for hours. The water was shallow so they could have walked back, but the Captain wouldn’t allow it!
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained one new members since May 1. Please join us in welcoming them to the association! To view the complete list of new members, click the button below. For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
If you have news (i.e., new hires, personnel promotions, facility changes, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email The deadline for submission for the next issue of the ISBT Connection is May 27.

PEPSI® Celebrates "The Mess We Miss" in Newest Ad Creative - New Feel-Good Pepsi Commercial Depicts a Future World Where Life's Most Enjoyable, Albeit Messiest, Moments Return

Nestle Introduces Plant-Based Milk Brand to Rival Oatly, Alpro - Nestle SA is introducing a plant-based milk brand to compete with Danone’s Alpro and Oatly AB in the growing market for dairy substitutes.
Sponsored Resource Guide News
The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from Beverage Industry Supplier Members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT.
What Will the Impact of the FDA's Proposed FSMA Food Traceability Rule Be? - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a proposed rule to mandate additional traceability recordkeeping requirements for some food products. We look at the potential effects of this change.
ISBT Resource Guide Launches New Discussion Forum - Take part in a real-time forum with fellow Beverage Industry members in the new ISBT Resource Guide Discussion Forum. Post questions to fellow industry-members or discuss other topics from around the industry all from within the ISBT Resource Guide.
ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide Launches Brands Category - The Beverage Industry Resource Guide compiled a list of soft drink brands all in one place. Each brand has its own company listing on the Guide and will be listed in the print Resource Guide as well.
Beverage Mix Making Challenges Solved by Semi-Bulk Systems Vacucam DBBS - SBS has demonstrated excellent performance of the Vacucam® technology with our Dynamic Beverage Batching System (DBBS), where traditional processes have not been as successful.
Dr. Manus Mitchell Discusses Benefits of ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide - Dr. Manus Mitchell discusses the numerous features and member benefits of the ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide.
If you have sponsored content (i.e., new products, case studies, white papers, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email or upload to the Beverage Industry Resource Guide by May 27.