Your ISBT Connection | May 1, 2021
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Featured News
ISBT Thanks Our BevTech 2021 General Session Speakers!

We have just finished the first week and the general sessions of our 68th ISBT BevTech 2021 Conference – our first fully virtual conference! At earlier stages of planning this event, we expected to host a live conference as planned; unfortunately, the global conditions didn't allow it, so we ended up delivering this event in a virtual format. Looking back at that time, I must admit it was an unprecedented decision. However, the commitment and energy of all the event’s volunteers were consistent and encouraging, and I am grateful for that and glad that we could bring such amazing content from world-class speakers while maintaining the community spirit of the Society.
I want to thank each member of the Program Committee and all of our speakers for sharing their knowledge and providing great content in fantastic presentations. We know how much time and effort was put in behind the scenes.
The theme of BevTech 2021 is Innovation and Trends in Challenging Times and the general sessions held April 27-29 had a different focus each day: Trends, Sustainability / Quality, and Innovation & the Future. This gave the audience a glance at the current trends shaping the industry and what the future holds for new developments, consumer expectations, and the technology landscape.
Once again, thank you to our outstanding speakers for extraordinary general sessions and for delivering very informative, high-level content this week!
Thanks also to our participants for attending and for your feedback. We hope you enjoy the agendas prepared by the Technical Committees over the next two weeks.
Maria Piedad Lopez
ISBT, Vice President - BevTech
BevTech Asia Pacific to Be Held Virtually on November 10

We are pleased to announce that the first BevTech Asia Pacific will be held virtually on November 10, 2021. Please join us for this inaugural event! We would ask all existing ISBT members to spread the word to your counterparts and colleagues in Asia Pacific - please encourage them to engage with us by joining ISBT, presenting papers, and growing the ISBT presence in Asia Pacific.

The organizing committee for the event come from a diverse range of backgrounds, working in or supplying to the beverage industry in the region. To introduce ourselves, we have put together a video about this event and its committee. Please take a look and reach out to us if you would like to help, present, or have questions about BevTech Asia Pacific 2021.
Beverage Institute by ISBT®
Important Historical Technology Events in May:
  • The first modern sighting of the Loch Ness monster is reported in 1933.
  • Coke is invented in 1885.
  • The first McDonalds opens in 1940.
  • The earth passes through the tail of Halley’s comet in 1910.
  • John Harvey Kellogg patents corn flakes in 1884.

Visit the Beverage Institute Booth at the Expo
BevTech 2021 attendees can use the Whova app to visit the Beverage Institute booth at the Expo for the latest info on courses, seminars, and pricing.
  • All visitors receive a special 20% discount coupon good for any course.
New Course: PET: Resin, Preforms, and Bottle Technology
  • This new course explains the PET bottle-making process, from resin through preforms to the finished beverage bottle.
  • Learn test methods, process chemistry, and blow molding.
  • Click here to register.
Need to Delve Deeper into Packaging?
The Beverage Institute offers a great new course on PET: Resins, Preforms, and Bottle Technology (click here to register), and will be adding additional beverage- related packaging courses soon. But if you need to go deeper into other materials, especially the non-beverage type, check out our partner, The Packaging School, to see their many offerings. 
  • Click here to access The Packaging School website.
Complete Beverage Gases Course Special Offer Through June 30th
  • Learn about CO2, nitrogen, argon, and oxygen use in beverages.
  • List price is $125, but a special discount of 20% drops the cost to $100.
  • Use bevgas2021 as your coupon code to receive the discount.
When asked about his motivation for taking a Beverage Institute course, this student replied:
“I had joined a new group at my former job and was working on beverages, really for the first time. I wanted to strengthen my foundational knowledge of beverage technology to quickly get up to speed. When I joined the group, there was a desire to develop technical talent, and my employer was looking for someone who could learn quickly and work on some of the hardest technical projects for the business.”
Committee Profile
Beverage and Ingredient R&D Technology Committee
The Beverage and Ingredient R&D Technology Committee exists to promote the understanding of product and ingredient technology issues facing the beverage industry, while providing a technical forum for new ingredients, new products, and trends observed within the global beverage community. 
Click the button below for more information about the Beverage and Ingredient R&D Technology Committee, including a list of officers, current activities, and more. 
Beverage and Ingredient R&D Technology Committee Technical Committee Chair Emina Goodman, Archer Daniels Midland Company
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained 13 new members since April 15. Please join us in welcoming them to the association! To view the complete list of new members, click the button below. For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
If you have news (i.e., new hires, personnel promotions, facility changes, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email The deadline for submission for the next issue of the ISBT Connection is May 12.
PepsiCo’s Rockstar unveils "emboldened new look and attitude" - Having acquired Rockstar last year, PepsiCo is now giving the energy drink brand a new push in international markets.

Coca-Cola Appoints New Senior Vice President and General Counsel - Board of directors also elects two company officers and declares regular quarterly dividend.

Keurig Dr Pepper commits to cutting new plastic use in packaging - Keurig Dr Pepper has agreed to cut its use of virgin plastic packaging by 25% by 2025, according to a press release from nonprofit As You Sow.
Sponsored Resource Guide News
The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from Beverage Industry Supplier Members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT.
SUEZ Water Case Study: Beverage Plant Optimizes Operations - A customer reduces plant water consumption and reduces operational costs through Lifecycle Services Agreement.
ISBT Resource Guide Launches New Discussion Forum - Take part in a real-time forum with fellow Beverage Industry members in the new ISBT Resource Guide Discussion Forum. Post questions to fellow industry-members or discuss other topics from around the industry all from within the ISBT Resource Guide.
ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide Launches Brands Category - The Beverage Industry Resource Guide compiled a list of soft drink brands all in one place. Each brand has its own company listing on the Guide and will be listed in the print Resource Guide as well.
Sure Purity Introduces Carboguard Mini - Sure Purity launches Carboguard | mini . An effective low cost Multi-Barrier Polishing filter for the protection from unwanted impurities in CO2 specifically designed and tested for Fountain & beverage/beer retail dispense.
Dr. Manus Mitchell Discusses Benefits of ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide - Dr. Manus Mitchell discusses the numerous features and member benefits of the ISBT Beverage Industry Resource Guide.
CARBOSCAN 150 - UNISENSOR Provides Solutions for Precise &Automatic Online CO2 Monitoring
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