Your ISBT Connection | June 15, 2020
Featured News from ISBT
Congratulations to ISBT's New Board Members and Officers!

It takes a lot of personal commitment to help guide an organization such as ISBT. Please help us recognize those members who were recently elected to serve as board members for the next term. You know them from their work on Technical Committees and during BevTech. Please welcome Gabriela Mejia Mecalco , Andy Reim , and Bob Yeoman as your new board members, and feel free to reach out to them with your own personal congratulatory note!
Gabriela Mejia Mecalco
Andy Reim
Bob Yeoman
Also, during our first Virtual Annual Business Meeting, it was the privilege of Manus Mitchell (now First Past President) to announce he was passing the ISBT gavel to Sal Calandra as your next President. At the same time, Jim Barker advanced to Vice President/Technical Content and the board-elected Maria Piedad Lopez was named Vice President/BevTech. ISBT is in great hands, and we look forward to exciting new times for the Society.
Please give a huge virtual round of applause to the new board and officers!
Sal Calandra
Jim Barker
Maria Piedad Lopez
ISBT Members Are Invited to a PFAS Workshop on July 8 at 11 AM Central

The Carbon Subcommittee of the Water Quality & Treatment Technical Committee is proud to present a unique forum on the topic of perfluoroalkyls (PFAS), which has peaked plenty of interest lately.  The chemical group contains several categories and classes of durable chemicals and materials with properties that include oil, water, temperature, chemical and fire resistance, as well as electrical insulating properties. Such characteristics are critical for use in important product applications across many industries. Today they are also found in everyday products like waterproof jackets and nonstick pans.  However, mounting research links PFAS to a wide range of health problems with links to kidney and testicular cancer, as well as endocrine disruption in humans. Scientists have also discovered unusual clusters of serious medical effects in communities with heavily PFAS-contaminated water. The scope of this session will be a webinar workshop on PFAS as it pertains to bottlers, with 30 minutes of presentation followed by a discussion. The topic will be divided onto the following segments with interactive Q&A in each segment:

1.        Definition
2.        Concerns
3.        Monitoring Methods
4.        Treatment Options
5.        Discussion

The goal of this session is to develop rich content with your collaboration and produce an educational resource for bottlers and BevTech members.

To register for this meeting, please click the button below .
Print Edition of the Beverage Industry Resource Guide Finalized

The print edition of the Beverage Industry Resource Guide has been finalized and can now be viewed online. The physical directory will be hitting North American mailboxes and desks within the next month. We thank everybody who participated in the guide for your help and input.
Beverage Institute by ISBT ® 
Become a Sweetener Expert:Take the Beverage Institute's New Sweetener Course

Sign up beginning July 6th for 33% off discount pricing! This offer is good through Labor Day . Registrants will have one year from their registration date to access the course. Regularly $360, now $240!
Why Sign Up?
Sweeteners are one of the most important ingredients in beverages, but they can also be the most controversial beverage ingredient.
In this course, you will learn about the technology and uses of HFCs, sucrose, stevia, and high-potency sweeteners.
Who Should Take This course?
Any beverage professionals wanting to increase their technical knowledge and help advance their careers.
If you work with or purchase sweeteners, this course is for you!
This course will allow you to upskill and create your “no-regrets” tool kit, so you’re prepared for any of the ways your role might evolve.
How To Sign Up?
Click on the links below to view course options.
Leverage the Beverage Institute by ISBT® Value with an Institutional Program

The Beverage Institute by ISBT® has provided education to over 100 companies and for more than 30 different job functions. Attendees have ranged from CEOs to supervisors.
84% of the students have indicated that the courses met their expectations, with a 4.25 average rating (on a 5.00 scale) awarded for achievement of learning goals, quality, presentation, and content.
The Beverage institute by ISBT® offers many benefits, including:
  • No travel or crowded conferences / classrooms
  • 24 / 7 availability
  •   Bite-sized micro-lessons that are easy to take and retain
  • Effective cost structure
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • A year to complete the course
Take advantage of the Beverage Institute by ISBT®’s programs for your company with an Institutional Program Agreement. Institutional Programs can be for a single course or module, or for any combination of courses and modules. You decide which of the following better suits your company’s needs:
  • The Beverage Institute offers discounts for companies that purchase 10 or more users / students at one time, with the discount increasing as the volume increases.
  • A company may obtain an unlimited-use license for a 1 to 3-year time frame for an annual fee. These courses can be embedded in your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) or accessed through the Beverage Institute’s site with The Packaging School.
This offer is available until October 1, 2020, so act now!
Visit or scan the QR code above to learn more about the Beverage Institute by ISBT® and the courses offered. 

Tom Reimer
ISBT Director of Education
Upcoming Events
BevTech Europe Virtual Webinar to Take Place September 10, 2020

The 2020 ISBT European regional meeting will take place on Thursday the 10th of September from 14:00 to 18:00 Central European Time . Unlike previous years, we will meet and socialize on a virtual platform. 
Online registration will open soon so watch this space. All participants must be registered in order to receive a personal invitation. The BevTech® Europe planning committee would like to invite all current and potential members to share their industry insights and offer to make an online presentation during this fantastic event.
This year’s virtual conference will span a total of 4 hours, including:
·   Five presentations: each presentation will be 20 minutes (live or pre-recorded) + 10 minutes of questions/discussions live with the presenter.
·   One live panel discussion by some of the most influential specialists in the industry. This 50-minute discussion will highlight the knowledge gained from managing COVID-19 impacts at different stages of the supply chain. 
·   Two virtual “coffee breaks” with about 20-minutes allocated for each break.
For the live panel discussion, speakers are free to talk about their experiences in managing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic but other subjects are also welcome, such as:

• Sanitation of Fountain Systems in a Retail Environment
• Global Quality Standardization vs. Regional Approach Implementation
• Smart Use of Manufacturing and Quality Data
• Quality and Safety Management
• The need to launch new products/applications/packaging quickly versus proper testing
Join us for BevTech Europe 2020. Same exciting people – just a different room!

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please get in touch with our co-chair, Marie Pohler .
BevTech Europe 2020 - Call for Papers

Our 2020 conference theme is " Future Requirements, Solutions, and Uncertainties in the Beverage Industry: Lessons Drawn from Managing Global Supply Chains During the COVID-19 Pandemic."

If you are looking for an opportunity to spotlight the latest technology and innovations in beverages, consider presenting at the wildly popular BevTech Europe 2020 Conference! The BevTech Europe planning committee would like to invite all current and potential members to share their industry insights at this fantastic annual event.

We are specifically looking for presenters and papers in the following areas:

  • Sanitation of Fountain Systems in a Retail Environment
  • Global Quality Standardization vs. Regional Approach Implementation
  • Smart Use of Manufacturing and Quality Data
  • Quality and Safety Management
  • The need to launch new products/applications/packaging quickly versus proper testing

All presentation proposals (with a very brief summary of content) are to be sent to our Technical Program Lead, Dr. Joerg Zacharias,   or our co-chair, Johannes Angres before June 30, 2020 . Accepted presenters will be notified by July 10, 2020 and speakers will be expected to submit their presentations by August 10, 2020 .
BevTech Canada 2020 - Call for Papers

Due to current social conditions, this year's BevTech Canada event will be held virtually on Thursday, September 17, 2020 .
BevTech Canada is a great place to learn about the latest beverage industry technology!
Whether you are looking for an opportunity to speak on a specific topic or want to hear about and discuss the latest industry innovations, we invite you to join us at BevTech, Canada 2020.
This year’s theme is “Beverage Headlines: Beverage Industry in the News”.  
We are preparing for an interesting and informative meeting, and we look forward to breaking new ground as a virtual event in 2020.
We would love to have YOU join us as a speaker or guest!
Interested presenters, please send your abstract to our technical contacts, Stephan Frehner and David Watson, before July 15, 2020.
Stephan Frehner
David Watson
905 515 2878
Thank you for your interest in participating with the Institute of Beverage Technologists in Canada.
Best regards,

The BevTech Canada Team
BevTech Latin America ® - Virtual Webinar October 8, 2020 + Call for Papers

ISBT will host its 2020 Latin American Regional Conference in a virtual webinar format with 10 innovative technical presentations!
Join us in this alternative “venue" that will allow beverage professionals from all countries in Latin America and other regions in the world to participate in our conference, learn more about the ISBT Technical Committees, and understand what the Latin American beverage industry is looking for.
We invite all current and potential members of ISBT to participate as a speaker with a presentation in Spanish, spotlighting the latest technology and innovations in the beverage industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to present at the BevTech Latin America 2020 conference!
We are looking for speakers and papers related to the following topics and trends affecting the Beverage Industry:
·   How COVID-19 has changed food and beverage processes
·   The economic impact of COVID-19 in the beverage industry
·   Sustainability and trends in the packaging and beverage processes
·   New challenges of sanitation, microbial control, and water treatment
·   Non-invasive quality control solutions for processes, ingredients, and packaging
·   New challenges for fountain technology in beverages after COVID-19
·   Understanding sugar and sweeteners for healthy products
·   Learning more about the gases used in the beverage industry
Speakers and attendees will be able to offer comments and ask questions during the 50-minute live sessions. Everyone will also have the opportunity to “virtually” network with other industry professionals at the end of every presentation.
If you are interested in presenting at BevTech Latin America® 2020, send your application and a brief summary of the topic to our Technical Program Lead   Alicia Certucha before July 17, 2020.
Accepted presenters will be notified by July 30, 2020, and all final presentations should be submitted by September 14, 2020.
Registration: Online registration will open soon, so stay tuned for notifications. 
Featured Board Member Profile
Gabriela Mejia Mecalco

I am originally from Mexico City and currently spend half my time in Toluca, Mexico and the other half in Florida, USA. I love my job and enjoy traveling between our offices in the US, Mexico, and South America.
I have a technical degree in computer programing from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and hold a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico where I graduated with honors. I have received constant training in negotiations, leadership, customer satisfaction, business development, process analysis, and inspection and packaging technologies in different countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, and Italy.
I have more than 24 years of experience in electronic systems and applications of analysis, automatic inspection, quality control, and packaging technology in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. This experience included constant training and working with different companies throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Latin America. I speak both Spanish and English fluently in business and technical conversations.
I started my professional career working as a technical analyst in the construction industry with Grupo Omega-PYCSA, assisting in private and public infrastructure projects, cost and price calculations, and supplier and sub-contractor management. I worked with Beckman Instruments de Mexico as a technical service and after-sales coordinator for both the clinical and industrial divisions. Looking for greater growth in the commercial field, I joined the marketing management team of the Mexican Pharmaceutical Association. 
In 1997 I started with Custom Sales and Systems (CSS) in sales and projects to cover the Central Mexico region. In 1999 I was promoted to Sales and Project Manager for CSS Mexico and later on, I also took care of the key accounts for Latin America. In this position, besides addressing the sales activities, I got involved in the organizational and operational structure of the company as a partner in the company. I have played a fundamental role in the sustained growth and adaptation of CSS to the constant changes in the market, every day more global.
The interaction and activities with professionals in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries have been my focus and passion. I have gained extensive experience in the operation and implementation of various inspection and manufacturing technologies in the beverage processes, container manufacturing, PET recycling, water treatment, mixing, carbonation, deaeration, gas analysis, filling process, contamination detection, quality process validation, secondary packaging, and end-of-the- line equipment.
In addition to enjoying my profession to the fullest, I am a fan of sports (Steelers football team big fan!), love movies, concerts, dancing, reading novels and adventure histories, and spending time with my family and lifelong friends. I enjoy interacting with people and frequently volunteer as my way of contributing to my community and the ISBT. I believe that the way to be successful in life is by using my experience and knowledge to help others.
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained 4 new members since April 1. Please join us in welcoming them to the association. (To view the list of new members, click the button below.) For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
*If you have news (i.e., new hires, personnel promotions, facility changes, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email . The deadline for submission for the June 15 issue of the ISBT Connection is June 26 .
Coca-Cola Bottler to Invest $55M in New Facilities - The nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottling company has announced plans to invest $55 million dollars to build a new 400,000-square-foot plant in Whitestown.

PepsiCo Appoints Wern-Yuen Tan as Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and China Business - PepsiCo, Inc. announced that Wern-Yuen Tan has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and China ("APAC"), overseeing all of PepsiCo's operations in the region.

Coca-Cola and Carlsberg Will Switch to Plant-Based Bottles That Break Down Within a Year - According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, scientists estimate that eight million metric tons of plastic—approximately the weight of 90 aircraft carriers—finds its way into the oceans every year.
Sponsored Resource Guide News
* The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from Beverage Industry Supplier Members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT.
The Impact of Sugar Inversion on Soft Drinks with Sugar - Many soft drinks contain sugar (saccharose, sucrose) as a sweetener. Saccharose is subject to "sugar inversion" which changes the beverage composition.
Analytical Science & Technologies - The Future Today - When gas requirements are critical to your future, Analytical Science & Technologies can move you there, today.
CO2 Inline Polishing Filters for the Beverage Industry - Protecting carbonated beverages from Carbon Dioxide contamination.
If you have sponsored content (i.e., new products, case studies, white papers, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email or upload to the Beverage Industry Resource Guide by June 26.