Your ISBT Connection | January 15, 2021
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Featured News
ISBT Officially Switched Our Primary Website Domain from to
Normally you will be redirected automatically to However, IF you are having issues with, just head over to If you are trying to access an older link (anything before January 4th, such as a link from a newsletter), just copy the URL and replace "" with "".

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the ISBT Office
Early Bird Price for Virtual BevTech 2021 Extended

One Year Membership + BevTech® 2021 Bundle - 2021 Special! $450 before Monday, February 15, 2021

This bundled price represents a discount of $675, compared to the regular fees for membership ($275 for one year renewal) and annual meeting ($800 for in-person, early bird registration). The bundle price will increase to $500 on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. This registration option is available to new and existing members. If you are an existing member, 12 months will be added to your current renewal date. New members will enjoy a full year of ISBT's member benefits.
Remember These Dates for the Technical Committee Sessions!

May 3      Packaging Technology
May 4      Beverage Operations & Processing
May 5      Beverage and Ingredient R&D
May 6      Beverage Gases
May 7      Sanitation and Microbiological Control
May 10    Sweetener
May 11    Quality
May 12    Retail Equipment and Fountain Technology
May 13    Water Quality & Treatment
BevTech 2021 Virtual Expo Opportunities NOW Open!

Show off your innovation, technology and latest products at the Beverage Industry’s premier annual virtual event.

This year, the BevTech 2021 Conference is going virtual! The expo event will also be virtual, and the format allows for more attendees to view your offerings. Show off your latest technology and innovations at the ISBT’s Technology Exposition. EXPO Registration is now open. This will be our 68th BevTech Conference and Expo. The expo will run TWO days, Monday, April 26, and Tuesday, April 27. This expo bookends the main conference virtual event,  thus ensuring a good opportunity to attract visitors.
We expect more than our normal 300 attendees. The new virtual platform will allow visitors easy access to promotional material and interactive sessions with you. There are event options to enhance your presence and attract interested parties with promotions and incentives. This will be one of the earliest industry- wide exhibition events in 2021 you’ll want to be part of it!
There are additional details posted on the ISBT web site at
Early registration pricing for Expo is $500 through February 15 and includes one VIRTUAL booth. Don't delay - reserve your booth now! Please note: at least one member from your company must register for the full BevTech event.
Be part of the industry's premier event!

  • The premier forum for scientific and technical papers
  • 3 days (2.5 hours per day) of a beverage-focused program designed with broad industry appeal.
  • Themes that cover Trends, Sustainability/Quality, and Innovation & the Future
  • Technical Committee meetings focused on key industry issues
  • Ingredients, Gases, Water, Sweetener, Quality, Sanitation, Packaging - you get it all!

If you have any questions, please contact the ISBT Office at office or 972-233-9107 x203.
Your ISBT BevTech EXPO Team
ISBT Call for Volunteers - WE NEED YOU!
ISBT Responsive Ways of Working - Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Now to Support Your Industry
Be a pioneer and champion of responsive ways of working! Join us on the first ISBT initiative dedicated to aligning and deploying a set of behaviors, processes, and practices that will drive enhanced collaboration across our society!
Across the industry, a system of behaviors and technology-enabled tools is being deployed to enable more agile and collaborative ways of working. They can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations to more effectively collaborate, evolve ways of working, empower teams, and encourage a “test and learn” mindset.
At ISBT, we urgently need assistance to define and implement best practices in this area, including promoting collaborative behaviors and better leveraging collaboration tools such as Basecamp. These responsive working behaviors will be a key enabler to implementation of our Society’s strategic priorities.
If you have expertise, a passion for, or would like to develop skills on responsive working/ collaboration best practices, we are interested in hearing from you for volunteer opportunities. Please contact Manus Mitchell ( or Gary Robson ( to learn more. 
Beverage Institute by ISBT®
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Kick the Year Off with an ISBT Membership!
Enjoy discounts on Beverage Institute courses as a member while increasing your knowledge and skills.
Winter Special Promotion
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Coming Soon: the New Beverage Operations and Processing Seminar
Click here to be notified when registration opens.

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Did You Know?
"Did You Know?" is a series of interesting events and changes to the ISBT and the beverage Industry. If you have an ISBT tidbit or a "fun fact," send it to

Did You Know... about the ISBT?
  • The organizational meeting of the Society of Soft Drink Technologists (SSDT) was in 1953 in Washington, D.C.
  • The SSDT later changed its name to the International Society of Beverage Technologists.
  • The American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages (ABCB) was instrumental in starting the SSDT.
  • Harry Korab was named the Secretary Treasurer.
Featured Board Member Profile
Philip Thonhauser

Why did I want to be elected to the ISBT board of directors?
I am striving to bring groups together and align their interests for the benefit of ISBT members. I bring a truly international flavor to ISBT with my experience in internationalizing an innovative company out of Vienna and selling it to a large US chemical corporation. I love working with people in the beverage industry for both the technical and the social aspects.
How long have you been a member of ISBT?
Since 2004
How has membership benefitted you?
I learned to listen to the specific needs of the different beverage industry stakeholders and learned how to achieve common goals. At ISBT I met great people from all over the world who inspired me during a very important phase in building my company. The membership opened doors to fruitful conversations with industry partners and customers. Also, some of the keynote speakers over the past years provided good answers to some strategic questions I had concerning my business.
Tell us about some of your contributions, projects, efforts or activities with ISBT.
2004: Fountain Committee: “New Standards for the Sanitation of Fountain Drink Dispenser Systems”
2005: General Session/BevTech: (with Don Sellers/ Carolina Canners):“CIP-Optimization”
2010: Fountain Committee: “Fountain Hygiene Verification with Smart Phone App”
2011: General Session/BevTech: “Verifying CIP- Optimization Potential”
2013: Fountain Comm.: BIB Beverage Concentrate Supply Lines Cleaning/Technician Guideline: UPDATE
2014: General Session/BevTech: “Sanitation Guideline Update”
2017: RE&FT-Committee: Cleaning Methods for Syrup and Water Supply Lines - An international View
Since Oct 2013: Chairman of the “RETAIL EQUIPMENT & FOUNTAIN TECHNOLOGY” committee
2011: Beverage Dispenser Cleaning Guidelines
2014: Beverage Concentrate Supply Lines Cleaning & Sanitation
2017: Ice Maker and Bin Cleaning and Sanitation Food Safety Guideline for Operators
2018: Ice Maker, Bin Cleaning, and Sanitation Food Safety Guideline for Technicians
2018: Dispensing Operations During a Water Quality Disruption
2018: Best ISBT Committee Award for the RE & FT Comm.
What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?
I would love to help newer members integrate into the ISBT group quickly and be a role model for them on how beneficial ISBT work can be. Another goal is to assist the ISBT leadership team with the specific tasks I will be given in order to help navigate the organization in the right direction. I want to learn how the ISBT leadership works and offer my skills and experience to the organization when needed.
Are there any goals you would like to help the ISBT achieve?
I have true passion for international business development and would love to assist on even better international recognition and networking. Also, with today’s rapidly changing communication methods, I would like to assist in keeping the perception of ISBT current with the latest standards.

What does being a member of the ISBT mean to you?
I am thankful to be an ISBT member; this membership has helped me shape my perception of the beverage industry and meet the technical decision makers in my specific field of interest. I feel the responsibility to represent ISBT in my business environment as a very valuable organization. AND I’ve met really great people, had a lot of fun, and found good friends at the ISBT!
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained 4 new members since January 1. Please join us in welcoming them to the association! (To view the complete list of new members, click the button below.) For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
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Coca-Cola Suspends Political Donations After Capitol Violence - Coca-Cola Co. is suspending political donations, aside from a previously planned contribution to the inauguration, as a result of the “unlawful and violent events in our nation’s capital last week.”

PepsiCo Selects 10 Emerging Innovators To Grow the Next Generation of Wellness Technologies, Services and Ingredients - The fifth annual PepsiCo Greenhouse program supports the acceleration of the latest innovations striving to transform the way consumers live their lives.

Mtn Dew Debuts New Watermelon Flavor - PepsiCo, Inc. is adding a new permanent flavor of Mtn Dew to its beverage portfolio for the first time in more than a decade.
Sponsored Resource Guide News
*The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from Beverage Industry Supplier Members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT.
Overcoming Water Treatment Challenges in the Food & Beverage Industry - Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems excel where other RO systems fail and can provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling, scaling that drives your organization towards exceeding sustainability goals.
Sure Purity Alternative Service Kits - Sure Purity manufactures a complete range of CO2 polishing systems from 400kg/hr up to 4000kg/hr, higher flow rates are available. With 6 months service life, carboguard provides the greatest levels of protection.
How Ecolab Supports The COVID-19 Vaccine Race from Invention to Injection - Less than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to roll out the first vaccines. Ecolab has provided vital support at every stage of the process.
Disinfection Byproduct Reduction With A Novel Multi-Contaminant Treatment Approach - Tune into this on-demand webinar presented by AdEdge discussing a novel multi-contaminant treatment approach.
Semi-Bulk Systems Manufacture Your Own Liquid Sugar Syrup to Control Quality and Costs - Semi-Bulk Systems has designed Process XStreamlining solutions to significantly reduce food and beverage manufacturing costs around the world.
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