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Your Newsletter for September 2019
Last week to apply!!!
IDA - Oregon Branch is pleased to be able to offer 28 full scholarships to individuals wishing to attend the Annual International Dyslexia Association Conference to be held in our very own city this year!

Cherida Collins Smith Scholarships:-
These annual scholarships are offered to help public school educators and administrators from our branch's geographical area to attend the IDA national conference.

Richard B. Siegel Foundation scholarships:-
These scholarships are offered to any parent, teacher, student, tutor, and other interested individual from our branch's geographical area wishing to attend the IDA annual conference and requiring financial aid to do so .
** Applications close on September 6 **
To learn more about either of these scholarships and to apply click here.
Did you know that the International Dyslexia Association offers a Public School District Membership for only $395?
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This membership allows EACH member of your district to register for the Conference at a reduced rate, saving up to $130 per person. 

In addition, all of the staff in your district will have access to IDA’s quarterly research publication, as well as monthly newsletters and informational briefs. For more information about this offer, see our recent letter to school districts HERE
In early August, Danielle Thompson, Jane Cooper and Teresa Falk joined Cyndi Powers and Kara Schoenberg (from the IDA home office) for a visit to the Portland Convention Center in preparation for the conference in November.

Only 2 more months until the National IDA meeting here in Portlandlll the countdown is on!

In order to get you excited, we would like to introduce you to two speakers who will be participating in the pre-conference symposium "Dyslexia Spells Success" on Thursday November 7, 2019.

During this symposium a panel of dynamic and successful individuals who are dyslexic and leaders in their respective fields, will talk about their challenges and unique skills as well as offer words of advice.
Pete Denman
Pete Denman i s the newest board member of the IDA-Oregon Branch having joined in June. He has been instrumental in organizing the upcoming pre-conference symposium.
Pete is a researcher developing exploratory prototypes in “Labs” at Intel Corp, where he guides ideas through the design process, working with developers, engineers, and ethnographic researchers to create future technologies. One of his most notable projects was helping redefine a user interface for Dr. Stephen Hawking. His passion for connecting the areas of disabilities and learning/education with technology continues to drive him. 
Natalie Tamburello
Natalie Tamburello is the Senior Manager of the Individuals Program at Understood . She manages and consults on a number of key projects across the organization and leads strategic planning for Young Adult user experience. She is passionate about engaging and empowering youth who learn and think differently through advocacy and community building.
Prior to joining the Understood for All team, Natalie served as the Manager of the Young Adult Initiatives program at the National Center for Learning Disabilities . In this role she managed the team’s efforts to develop and implement programs that prepare young adults for the transition from high school to college and/or career. Her key projects included the Anne and Allegra Ford Scholarship program, the Young Adult Leadership Council, and strategic planning for the department. Prior to working at NCLD she developed an empowerment program for incarcerated adults with learning disabilities and was the program director for Student Advisors for Education (SAFE), the student branch of the Parents Education Network (PEN). 

Concordia University Portland's Reading Interventionist Program Prepares
Strong Reading Teachers
Concordia University’s College of Education has a graduate level Reading Interventionist Certificate program for Oregon and Washington licensed teachers who want to add on a Reading Interventionist endorsement to their existing teaching license. The program includes five courses and a 90-hour practicum. It was revised in the spring of 2019 to align with the International Dyslexia Association Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading; and is based on scientific knowledge that informs reading acquisition.

Recently, Concordia received vendor approval from the Oregon Department of Education, allowing candidates who complete the program to meet the qualifications for serving Oregon school districts in the role of a reading and dyslexia specialist.  

Participants of the program not only learn about evidence-based practices for teaching reading, they also apply those practices through case study projects in which they work with children in ways that directly relate to identifying indicators of dyslexia and other reading problems and designing explicit and systematic instruction based on the assessment results. Furthermore, participants learn leadership techniques to support teachers, schools, and districts to engage in reading instruction that works! 

For more information about the program,  click here to visit their website  or contact  Dr. Cathy Lambeth.

October 10th
Back-To-School with Dyslexia: Assistive Technology Tools
at the
Assistive Technology Lab
in SE Portland

You are invited to attend this free, family-friendly event that is open to the community. Demonstrations of various audiobook solutions and other assistive technologies will be presented by by our IDA - Oregon Branch Student Empowerment Group.

Free 15-Minute Consultations with staff from FACT Oregon will be available for parents. Bring a copy of your child's IEP or 504 plan to discuss and receive advice.

Register in advance via Eventbrite,  here .
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