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Your Newsletter for August 2019
IDA - Oregon Branch is pleased to be able to offer 28 full scholarships to individuals wishing to attend the conference this year!

Cherida Collins Smith Scholarships:-
These annual scholarships are offered to help public school educators and administrators from our branch's geographical area attend the IDA national conference.

Richard B. Siegel Foundation Scholarships:-
These scholarships are offered to any parent, teacher, student, tutor, and other individual from our branch's geographical area who wishes to attend the IDA annual conference and requires financial aid in order to do so .

**Application closes on September 6 **
To learn more about either of these scholarships and to apply, please follow this link. 

Jared Blank and Jane Cooper of the IDA Oregon Branch are co-chairs of the pre-conference symposium "Dyslexia Spells Success" on Thursday November 7, 2019.

During this symposium a panel of 7 dynamic and successful individuals who are dyslexic and leaders in their respective fields, will talk about their challenges and unique skills as well as offer words of advice.

Last month we highlighted Sat Singh and Madelyne Clark . This month we introduce you to .......
LeDerick Horne was diagnosed as "neurologically impaired" in third grade and place in special education. Despite it being surrounded by family and teachers who were loving and supportive, "the culture and structure of that self-contained class and how it fit within the overall school dynamic left social and emotional scars." It wasn't until years later that he was diagnosed with dyslexia.
Now LeDerick Horne defies labels: he is a dynamic spoken-word poet, a tireless advocate for all people with disabilities, an inspiring motivational speaker, and a bridge-builder between learners and leaders across the U.S. and around the world .
Eric McGehearty has never, with his own eyes, read a book, yet he graduated from the University of North Texas with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in sculpture in May 2004. As a child, he realized how differently from most people he relates to the written word and to the process of reading. He has used his personal struggle with dyslexia as a n inspiration for his engaging and thought-provoking art which has been exhibited nationally in venues such as: The John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The Dallas Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Art at Florida State University, the Piedmont Arts Museum in Virginia as well as a number of schools and galleries. In the field of public art McGehearty’s "United We Stand" outdoor project in Fort Worth Texas was recognized by the Americans for the Arts as one of the forty best projects of 2007. 
When not creating art, Eric works as a consultant and spokesperson for Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.
Dare to Dream
'And so I dare you,
- I dare you to sit in your seat
and not feel moved
by the testimonies of these brave souls,
who come before you as examples of excellence'

An excerpt from the poem 'Dare to Dream' by LeDerick Horne. Find the full poem here
Our Student Panel playing disc golf in the Gorge
You are not alone - come join us!
Find out about how you can participate in the IDA - Oregon Branch Student Empowerment Group at our website .
Planning for Upcoming Events

Bridget Barnett (a student) together with Danielle Thompson and Michele Barnett ( IDA-Oregon Board members) are working with the Assistive Technology Lab in Portland. They are preparing for an upcoming event for dyslexic students and their families. 

IDA Oregon – Favorite Technology Links… and AT solutions can be found at our website .
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