Sun Valley Bronze
The original solid bronze door hardware company.

Family owned and operated since 1992, Sun Valley Bronze offers an exquisite collection of solid bronze architectural door, window, kitchen and bath hardware, lighting, plumbing and home accessories. Innovation in their design and manufacturing process ensures great style combined with superior performance.

Here are a few detail images from Sun Valley Bronze's Lookbook. You can pick up a copy of the latest Lookbook at your nearest EE showroom.
Wolf Cooking and Coffee Systems.
“Coffee is a language in itself.”  - Jackie Chan

We at Earth Elements love our coffee. One appliance we are using lately is the Wolf Coffee System. 
Not only can the Wolf Coffee System make a perfect shot of java using your favorite beans with only the push of a button, it will also look perfect in any style of kitchen.

Available in Contemporary, Transitional, and Professional styles, making a perfect espresso has never been easier. With the touch of a button, you can become a java expert with your own Wolf Coffee System:

Espresso is the classic “shot” of java created by making a “puck” with finely ground coffee beans and running water (steam) through it to create a concentrated and aromatic cup. Press the button for espresso and the system creates the perfect ratio of water/steam to coffee (puck) for a delicious espresso.

Espresso drinks with Milk
Most other java beverages are simply a combination of an espresso with milk. Add the milk container to the System and now the system is ready to add froth, steamed milk, or both to your espresso. Simply move the switch to your preferred drink, and you are ready to go.

(Not-so) Basic Brew
Standard coffee is made by brewing hot water with ground coffee beans. While the espresso needs a finer grind because it is pressed into a puck, brewed coffee retains more complexity and flavor with a coarser grind. As with espressos, you can choose the grind of your beans as well as the strength of your brew from extra-mild through, standard, very strong. Then simply choose the volume of drink you would like from a short coffee (smaller) to a long coffee (larger), or, customize your own cup by selecting the exact amount of coffee you would like. The system will remember that when you choose “My Coffee.”

No matter your mood or taste, the Wolf Coffee System can create artisan coffeehouse style beverages instantly in your home.

We are excited to share that an upcoming episode of HGTV's Mountain Mamas features a scene shot at the Earth Elements store in Gallatin Gateway. The show typically airs at 9:30 PM MDT on Saturday nights, so be looking for it soon!.

Earth Elements is proud to be part of this cutting-edge development in Bozeman's Northside neighborhood referred to as Block 106. The project was celebrated with an open house-style tour last month and we were there alongside some incredible partners in the design and technology space including Studio AV, Envi Design, Studio Como, Minarik Architecture, and Visions West. The private residences at Block 106 boast elevated design and striking views while embodying a warm sense of a Western home.
What are the Dog Days of Summer Exactly? According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Dog Days of Summer are traditionally the 40 days beginning July 3rd and ending August 11th, which coincide with the dawn rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. This is soon after the Summer Solstice, and also indicative of the warmest days of the season. We've just past this, though it's looking to be a beautiful start to September and we hope to hang onto it for a few more weeks!

Some of our favorite guests come in with their furry friends. Here are a few Dog Days worth re-broadcasting from the past several months. If you stroll into the showroom on all fours, we will greet you with a treat, no matter the time of year!
Hello September!
-Earth Elements Team-
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