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January 1st
We wish you a Happy New Year!
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Thank you for a wonderful year. We are excited to see what 2019 brings. We do know one thing for sure, 2019 means expansion. Keep an eye out for our expanded showroom which will include plumbing and hardware!

This month we are here to talk about a couple different things you can do to your spaces to enhance your spirit. Let us help you create fresh, purposeful environments similar to that of a hotel. There are several well thought out aspects of a hotel room that you can bring into your own home.
Harmonious and natural flowing tile can make a world of difference in creating a space that has spirit. That's where GBI Tile and Stone comes in. Their Stellar tile brings a stone look, without the maintenance of natural limestone. It is rectified porcelain reinterpreted from a classic dense limestone. Carrying a traditional neutral style, this tile can go into any room and add a timeless feel. We think this is perfect for making your bathroom into a purposeful environment.
Zero Drain
From the company that describes their company culture simply as "yes" comes the first drain that pops down. Let us introduce you to the ZeroDrain . This drain is the revolutionary new, patented sink drain from California Faucets. In the open position, the stopper is level with sink, resulting in a superior “zero clearance” design. Sleek and modern, ZeroDrain is easier to install and service compared to standard pop up drains which saves significant time and money. This beautiful drain comes in 30+ artisan finishes. This drain is the new standard in sink drains.
Lighting, it's huge. Whether it's natural light or artificial, it can change the mood of a room in an instant. Here are some ideas to create that ambiance.
CTO Lighting
Lighting is so important when designing a bedroom with space and spirit in mind. Lighting can make a room feel larger and can make a big difference in mood and spirit. Both natural light and artificial light can contribute to this, but in this case we are talking about bedside lighting. Putting bedside sconces in a bedroom, especially, can bring this feeling about. CTO carries several that are both timeless and contemporary. Personally, we like the sleek design of the Heron, but we will let you decide.
Crown™ Bevel Collection LED Lighted Mirror
Lighting is just as important in the guest bathroom as it is in the guest bedroom. You want your guest to feel their best when freshening up. Electric Mirror is here to help with that. Their premium LED lighted mirrors offer natural-looking light and corrosion-resistant DuraMirror glass, making them the ideal form-meets-function addition to any bathroom. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these mirrors feature easy installation, and an outstanding warranty – making them perfect for virtually any hospitality, commercial or residential  project
LET'S TALK . . .
First impressions matter

First impressions are important, especially in small spaces that need to be as functional and effective as possible. Thin-slicing is when you make judgement about something in as little as five seconds and when a guest comes into your home this is exactly what they are doing. So, let's dive in to designing your guest bedroom to feel like a 5 star hotel room.
Guest bedroom retreat
...when too much is just too much
Quality over quantity is essential when we are talking about a small space. If your guest is familiar with what a luxury hotel is like, they should feel that same feeling when they walk into your guest bedroom. Aesthetics are the key to your guests heart - I think the saying goes; look good feel good, right? They are looking at everything with an extra keen eye, and feeling everything. When you put quality over quantity in your space you are going to provide them with the sense of luxury without even having to try too hard. Investing in quality materials can make any room feel luxurious. We talk more about this in the blog this month, go check it out!
Guest bedroom retreat
 ...serenity and relaxation
When someone is traveling and staying somewhere that isn't their own home, whether is a hotel or a home, they seek relaxation. Your guest bedroom should be designed with that in mind. This includes keeping the room simple and free of clutter and "stuff". Avoiding an abundance of stuff will provide your guest with more room for their belongings making them feel more at home in a space that isn't. Make sure you are providing them with the simple comforts of home while giving them a space that allows them to relax. Things like lighting and wall color can make a huge difference in this. To read more about lighting in your guest bedroom check out our blog.
Reese joined the Earth Elements team in October 2016 as the Receptionist and by December she was part of the Plumbing and Hardware Team. She grew up in Southern New Jersey before making her way to Maryland to attend Washington College, where she was the college’s first Mascot. She had a career in Real Estate before deciding to move across the country to Bozeman. Reese loves fly fishing and anything she can do on the water. She spent 11 years on a rowing team before trading her oars for hiking crampons. Reese tries to experience everything Montana has to offer, especially if it involves animals – like the local Alpaca Farm!

Benjamin joined the Earth Elements team in September of this year. He serves as the trouble-shooter and work-flow optimizer within the showroom. He provides assistance to Earth Elements platform users and research support to the administrative team on the daily. Benjamin is originally from Loveland, Colorado and moved to the valley in 2008. He's loved it so much that he decided to stay. He lives here with his wife and 3 cats, Skadi, Freja, and Ruth. In his free time he enjoys all the "Montanan" things that include, but aren't limited to; camping, hiking, snowshoeing, etc. If hes not enjoying the outdoors hes enjoying a scotcheroo cookie and sipping on his favorite cocktail, a Rich Mahogany from Copper in downtown Bozeman. If he were to have to pick a spirit animal it would be a bear.
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