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Last month we announced that we are opening an expanded space off our downtown showroom in Bozeman, MT that will serve as a Plumbing and Hardware showroom. It's only fitting that this month we announce we will be opening a location in Park City, UT in the spring.
There are a lot of things we are loving right now, but we could only pick two.
Washer and dryer
Miele isn't new to the washer and dryer game. They have been perfecting their washer and dryers for years. Like their kitchen appliances, they are continuously adding new technologies. Miele does it different, and there is a list of features to prove it. Their machine has features like; detergent dispensing components, a water protection system, a honeycomb drum for the gentlest of washes, an enameled front, last but not least they are clean and energy efficient. The list of features in this machine goes on, but the most impressive to us is that Miele has been taking responsibility for our environment for almost 120 years. Read more about their impressive features by checking out their website.
Triangolo Red Blend
Artistic Tile leads the field in innovative design. Their designs are unique and intricate, providing only the finest quality materials. They design and source their products with one goal in mind - to enhance the lives of their customers by making their spaces more beautiful. Their standards for quality and innovation are without compare. Their Triangolo collection is an artful blend of six complementary stones in a unique geometric pattern. It is part of the SPQR Collection that draws inspiration from Ancient Rome's timeless mosaics. There is just something about old world marble that we love.

Sticking with our Pantone theme, colors and light.
I Balocchi Collection
Fantini is precisely what you imagine when you think of an Italian design factory on the water. They are a family business looking to do good. Fantini designs with an immense creative intensity that combines great handcrafting skill with industrial technology and processes. Now let's talk about this collection. This collection is described as having a comic-strip name, pop-art forms and garish colors. This is the first series of colored taps that was met with enormous success. Today, this collection is the historical icon of the company. To top it off, the purchases from this collection contribute to the construction of water outlets in Masango, Burundi. You can read more about the truly amazing 100 Fontane program below.

Your light fixture should complement your room, not fight with it. If you are going to incorporate this year's Pantone color in any of your rooms, Visual Comfort has the perfectly paired light fixtures for the job. Visual Comfort uses natural materials of exceptional quality and distinctive, hand-applied, living finishes. They offer a broad assortment of lighting featuring many prominent designs synonymous with high style and functionality. Their fixtures are not only beautifully crafted, but they will make any room feel elegant and calming.

LET'S TALK . . .
Pantone Color

It comes around every year, changing the design game. It sets mood boards across the world incorporating it into everything, but to some, it's a complete mystery to what it is. So, let's talk about it.

The Facts
...color matters
Pantone, as it is today, was founded in 1962 when the company – at the time a small business which manufactured color cards for cosmetics companies - was bought by Lawrence Herbert. He almost immediately changed its direction, developing the first color matching system in 1963 calling it, you guessed it, The Pantone color matching system. This system is used by designers and printers all over the world today.

The Color
 ...the why
The 2019 color of the year is chosen for its "animating and life-affirming" hue which energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Any guesses as to what it may be? This this year's color evokes the beauty and fragility of our marine life and oceans. It's a little reminder that coral, which is brights and lively, is only possible if a healthy environment surrounds it. The year 2018 brought about many efforts to clean up the ocean and make more conscious decisions about the waste that we produce. If you haven't googled "Pantone color of the year" by now, check out our blog to see which color was selected this year.
Andrew has been with Earth Elements for 4 years, having joined the EE team in January of 2015. With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of cabinetry (construction, installation, design, and sales), Andrew feels he has found a dream job at Earth Elements where his skills and expertise are utilized daily in his role as cabinetry manager. Andrew is proud to call Montana home, and both he and his wife grew up in the Gallatin Valley. He is passionate about good craftsmanship and driven to provide quality service and product to his clients. Andrew is very much a family man and loves spending his free time camping, golfing, traveling, biking, swimming, climbing, or experiencing anything new and fun with his wife and their two amazing kids! Andrew is excited to be a part of a fast paced, rapidly growing company! 

Tory joined the Earth Elements Sun Valley team as a Sales Manager in May 2017. One of her favorite things within her role is learning about new technology and products being offered in the interior finishes industry. While not working, you can find Tory camping in the summer and skiing in the winter, with a little fishing mixed in year round. No matter the time of year, her adventures are always accompanied with her husband Jack, and two dogs Charlie and Otis. She has a weak spot for traveling to see live music, especially in unexplored or historic venues. If Tory had to pick a spirit animal it would be an antelope. Why? Because they symbolize high energy and communication, not to mention their beauty.
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