Your life begins to change when you change something you do every day.
– John Maxwell

A Note from Sonya


Hey there Everyone!

I Hope everyone had an awesome Holiday & Happy New Year and are ready to get motivated or recommitted to your health and fitness goals in 2022! 

I will be doing a little revamping to my schedule & packages. 

I will no longer offer Bootcamp ONLY packages. If you are currently in a package before January 31st. I will honor those packages for you moving forward. I will just not be selling those packages at this time. 

I decided to really focus in on those who want to commit to my full program. After much evaluation and realizing that the commitment level and coachability of those who are personal training and in group training programs is at another level. I feel I am able to coach and teach on another level and get you better results which fuels my passion and so rewarding for me to see you all succeed! So this year I am really focusing in on those who are coachable, teachable and trainable because YOU get better results and I can provide better service to you when you are committed to the program! 

I’m not focusing on growing my numbers substantially as I want to offer quality over quantity. Also with the pandemic still going on, I am trying to keep my numbers smaller as well for everyone’s safety.

You still can drop in there are spots available for BootCamp for $20 per class & Group Training $25 per class. 

Personal Training Packages will include unlimited Boot Camp as well. 

The meal prep & treat service has been a blessing and is helping so many of you eat better and stress less about what to eat so I will be continuing to offer that and more in 2022!

I am also offering infrared sauna packages again for those interested in adding it to your package. 

The Younique Physique label supplements have been proven to help aid in weight loss, waist reduction & maintenance and increased in muscle mass in addition to gut health and less inflammation. I Will be adding a few new Supplements to the line In addition to transformations for line of products along with protocol guide for most conditions, disease and illness. So if you have additional concerns to address with your Health I have the additional resources.


Thank you for your support & understanding as I work to provide more. I appreciate you all so much for all your continued support. I look forward to serving you even better in 2022!! 

Let me know if you have questions or want to set up your consult to get started back on Track for 2022!! 

“Aspire to Greatness….Always!!”


Group Training Classes and Bootcamp Schedule


In addition to Personal Training Packages, Coaching Packages I will only be offering 12 Group Training Spots at this time. 

Group Training times:

Monday/Wednesday 6pm (3 left) 

Wednesday/Friday 6pm (3 left) 

***Unlimited Bootcamp with Nutrition Coaching included

If your interested in one of the available spots left me know. I have a few training & coaching spots open. 

New Bootcamp Schedule

Monday/Wednesday 7pm 

Tuesday/Thursday 12pm

Saturday 10:30am

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Fitness Tip of the Month: Stretching


Here are some tips to get the most out of stretching:

  • Do dynamic stretching - high knees, butt kicks, air squats, etc. - before exercise.
  • Foam roll after exercise.
  • Do static stretches - in which the stretch is held for about 15-30 seconds - after foam rolling.
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Learn How to Dance Like The Stars!


Anthony Jackson is offering Private Dance Lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Swing & Country! Anthony has over 9 years of Dance Experience and his fun energetic and teaching style will have you wanting to come back for more!

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