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President Biden Limits Non Affordable Care Act Plans To 3 Months

President Biden has limited the lower priced Non-ACA term plans to 3 months effective September 1st. This means a person's health insurance will cancel automatically after 3 months. This is ONLY for new plans effective September 1st and after. If you are currently on a term plan through Allstate or United Health Care this will affect you at your renewal date as you will be "grandfathered" until then. We will be calling and emailing those affected by this change. Please do not delay replying if we try to contact you. If you currently have Allstate or United Health Care and do not hear from us, please contact us right away.

Wellmark Announces Formulary Changes for July 1st

Wellmark will be sending letters to approximately 2600 members in June with prescription formulary changes effective July 1st. This primarily affects the higher cost prescriptions. If you receive this letter, please review the prescription change to see if this affects you. Your healthcare provider should also be receiving this information.

Healthcare. gov / Marketplace Extends Medicaid Unwinding

The Federal government extended Medicaid benefits for many people, whether they qualified or not, due to the Covid pandemic. As we have previously written, they are now terminating Medicaid benefits for those who no longer qualify. They have also extended the Special Enrollment Period to enroll onto an Affordable Care Act plan for those losing Medicaid or Hawk-I. If you or family members are losing Medicaid benefits, please let us know and we can assist you in your Marketplace enrollment. Be aware of the Medicaid Estate Recovery rule in which the Affordable Care Act mandates your residential state to seize a person's assets at time of death to recoup any claims paid by Medicaid. Many Medicaid recipients are unaware of this. See Medicaid Estate Recovery details here. Special Enrollment Period details here.

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