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President Biden Moves Forward To Limit Individual Non-Affordable Care Act Options

Please note we are not making political statements, we are simply stating what has happened and how it will affect our customers.

As we previously wrote about, President Biden's proposal to limit Allstate and United Health Care "term" plans to 3 months from President Trump's 3 years, has gone through and will take effect September 1st, 2024 for new plans only. Existing plans will continue for the full 3 years. Many people have taken advantage of the term plans, myself included, to lower their health insurance premiums as much as 75%. The political rhetoric was thick with the President even calling people who enrolled in these plans "suckers." I guess that's me included!

Most of you have renewed your plans over the years as we were not sure when this new rule would take effect, but knew President Biden had signed an order to limit these options. We thank you for your promptness. If anyone would like to renew their coverage again for another full 3 years before this rule takes effect, please reach out to us in July and we will renew your plan for another 3 years effective from August 31st, 2024. Read the Federal document HERE.

Wellmark Blue Cross Initiates Reinstatement Fees

Effective February 1st, 2024 Wellmark Blue Cross will charge a $25 reinstatement fee for policies that cancel due to non-payment then reinstate. This does not apply toward Marketplace Affordable Care Act plans.

Premier Health Insurance of Iowa Receives Marketplace Award

Dan Walterman and Premier Health Insurance of Iowa were recognized by the Marketplace / Healthcare .gov as a leading agency and received the 2024 Elite Circle of Champions from Ellen Montz, Director of Center For Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight.

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